615 The Upper Realm Immigration

On this day, the Vigilante A was patrolling the higher altitudes. All of a sudden, he stopped the flying sword and looked down at a desert oasis.

"Hey Mr. Rich Boss, stop snoring, why is there an oasis here all of a sudden? There seems to be a lot of people living up there too. They look dark, very robust and on the floor worshipping something…" the System was surprised.

"Isn't that normal?" Fang Ning casually swayed. "As long as the water beneath the ground rises a new oasis will be formed."

He was sitting upright and practicing the "Dragonization Ability" and lowered his head from time to time.

Last night the System was busy so he secretly played all night long.

He thought it would be as Zheng Dao mentioned before, to use cultivation to replace sleep. Too bad not all methods are as basic as the "Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique"…

At the very least the "Dragonization Ability" could not be easily done. After all, it was the ultimate divine ability. The process requires full concentration of the mind and body. The longer the cultivation, the more tiring it would become. It was one that was tough to resist falling asleep. 

If his soul had not become immensely strong, he would have only been able to last a night.

"You're trying to fool me again, what's this about water rising from the ground to make such a huge oasis? Keep your dog eyes wide open and see. This oasis is just shy of half of Qi City." the System said with dissatisfaction.

"Hey, what're you talking about?" Fang Ning was suddenly wide awake. "Qi Province has a land area of 150,000 square kilometers and you're saying that oasis down there is tens of thousands of square kilometers? I read a lot and I know the Earth has never had such a large oasis."

"I've never lied to anyone," the System said seriously.

"What place is that down there?" Fang Ning asked curiously.

"The Great Sahara Desert," the System said concisely.

After Fang Ning heard that, he opened the system's map and an image entered his mind.

He found the region of the Great Sahara Desert on the system's map and realized a black spot appeared on it.

It was important to note that the map of the entire world was open after Vigilante A reached 'World Myth' status.

Now there appeared another black spot again. No wonder the System stopped the flying sword and specially ordered him to inspect this matter.

The Era of Vitality was as such. All kinds of strange incidents would happen frequently.

It was possible that all of a sudden, a region would disappear into thin air, and some areas would suddenly emerge with new settlements.

In the past, everyone still wanted to use scientific methods to give one or two explanations. After that, a lot of news reported on this matter and none of it could be given a legitimate reason. Then only did they understand the peculiarity of this Era of Vitality.

Now, there was a need for a new theory to explain the various peculiar incidents that happened. 

Fang Ning exited the System Map and looked down from the System View.

I saw this huge oasis down below which was surrounding a lake.

This lake was huge and circular, and could not have possibly been formed by nature.

Beside the lake was a large, red poplar forest, filling the beautiful scenery with red.

The water was really clear. It was breezing and rippling the surface of the lake.

On the lake were some fishermen rowing their boats.

Some on the boat were using their powerful arms, exerting their strength outwardly while spreading something far apart. 

Every time it unfurled, it would extend a hundred meters apart.

When he zoomed in, he realized that there were some flies, snails, and also some aquatic plants, with some unique species thrown in. It was thrown out with such strength, and yet they were alive when they touched the water.

Obviously this lake was quite barren and required external help with its ecology.

Some distance away from the lakeside was a low area filled thoroughly with shacks. Among these shacks, was where the System had identified people worshipping something.

Countless dark-skinned men and women were there on their knees bowing.

"Oh…" Fang Ning was silent for a while after spectating this event.

"Why aren't you talking?" The System curiously asked.

"Did you not realize that those people below aren't locals?"

"Oh, I didn't. I noticed that they're indeed dark skinned, aren't they just from the indigenous tribes nearby?"

"You really learn nothing. They are indeed black-skinned, but compared to the black tribesmen they are much stronger. They can easily handle the nets and throw them hundreds of meters away. Do you think this is possible with the local tribespeople?"

"It's possible. They know a lot of witchcraft and they have such abilities. You sleep like a lazy bum all day, how would you know anything about foreign customs?" the System scorned.

"Nonsense! I have Zheng Dao's intel and Anderson's weekly report; I took a good look at all of those." Fang Ning quickly retorted. "On the contrary, it should be you who knows a whole but only understands a half. Those tribesmen who know witchcraft, among the local tribes within the community, are all treated as Gods. How is it possible for them to be similar like those people down there doing rough work?"

Maybe they felt bored so they wanted to come out to do some work?" the System blindly made a wild guess.

"You really don't understand the nature of human beings. A wise man once said humans would never give up the slightest hint of power just as how nature never wastes the slightest amount of organic matter. These powerful people will only order the lower peasants to work. How is it possible for them to do the hard work themselves?" Fang Ning said with contempt.

"Hey, I'll take that saying' as an argument. So who actually said this 'saying' actually?" the System avoided the topic and instead raised a question he wanted to ask a long time ago.

Fang Ning was dumbfounded for quite some time, then he said, "If you really can't search for these wise men on the internet then that wise man might just be me."

"…" The System was speechless for some time. After a while he said, "Well then 'wise man host', take a good look down there and why don't you tell me your thoughts of the situation?

"What situation? The Upper Realm has moved!" Fang Ning said seriously. 

The System's new title really sounded bad. It sounded like he had passed away…

"Ah, I see. No wonder they are black on the map. Maybe they still don't know my reputation," the System suddenly realized.

"How can your attention to detail always so prejudiced?" Fang Ning was really speechless. "Why don't you think about it. On Earth, there are seven to eight billion people, which already makes it extremely crowded. If the upper realm migrates down again this would cause so much trouble! How many security issues would we have on our hands!"

"Oh, now I understand. You're such a brilliant wise man. Only you can grasp the whole situation now," The System sounded excited. "It seems that next time I can gain experience points at a higher speed. These newcomers certainly don't know about the existence of the Vigilante A and do whatever they want. The amount of bad they do might not be small."

"Wow, the only thing you're really concerned about now really, really makes me speechless," Fang Ning was speechless.

"Right, you finally admit that I've surpassed you," the System felt proud.

"Surpass my foot. I need to quickly pass this information to Zheng Dao and let him notify the relevant agencies."

Fang Ning entered into the System's Internet Cafe, opened WeChat and started sending messages.

"Hold it, lend me your 'brothers' for use first," the System said hurriedly.

Fang Ning stretched out his hand and threw the Divine and Earthly double monuments. He was not bothered by the System.

At this moment, the Vigilante A's eyes lit up and he flew downwards.

Now, above the oasis, a bloody event was happening.

At the lake front's residential area, the lower shacks were stacked upon each other.

In the middle of the shacks, there was an open space laid with coarse slates.

Countless dark-skinned people were kneeling on the slate and bowed to a simple altar in front.

On the altar stood a group of old men, all who wore white robes with tall red hats. They walked in circles on the altar as if carrying out a ritual.

Not long after, there was an old skinny man who walked down from the altar.

On his hand held a sharp, white, glowing sword as he walked along the group of men on the ground, as if he picking a lamb from a herd.

He slowly walked to the middle of the group of people who were worshipping and stopped abruptly.

A few brawny men kneeling on the slate, suddenly started to tremble all over their body.

However, none of them got up and fled. Rather, they continued bowing and worshiping but in a more diligent manner as though it would stop whatever horror that was coming their way.

The skinny old man was silently reciting something. He reached out and lifted a strong black man.

Both of their body sizes were obviously different. However, the black man did not resist and had a look of death on his face.

The skinny old man was indifferent. His left hand held onto the black man while the right was poised to stab the person into the chest with the sword.

At this moment, a voice can be heard from afar, similar to the large bell, and it was terrifying.

"In broad daylight among the throes of a peaceful society, there are innocents being slaughtered, and precious life brought to waste! I demand you to stop right now!

The voice was unfaltering, the heavens and earth changed color, thunder clapped, the clouds covered the sky. A golden shining figure was seen flying from the sky. 

The countless people who were worshipping suddenly scattered and immediately stopped bowing. All of them looked up.

Above the altar, the few old men in white robes and red hats, were equally shocked and looked at the incoming figure.
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