649 Still Alive

Sir was insistent on getting the help of the Double Atmospheric Plaque, even saying things to display his weakness such as 'weaker attack'. Fang Ning was quick to realize something was not right.

He remembered once, a long time ago, that Sir had killed an opponent was also an Inland-Sea Level Powerhouse, the Spiritual Lunar Devil.

He has used the Divine Blessing Attack – Azure Dragon Goes to Sea.

That stance was like a boundless sea, immeasurable and unstoppable. It was like thunder and lightning, capable of destroying mountains and rivers.

This was the truth of what happened, the great Spiritual Lunar Devil was killed in one maneuver.

Fang Ning decided to question it, "You still have the Divine Blessing Attack. It's a strong attack. Why not use it now?"

"Are you being silly?" Sir was speaking as if talking to someone who was mentally challenged.

"Um, are you unable to use it because it's too destructive?" Fang Ning was testing it.

"Yes, that's right," Sir replied bitterly.

"You're truly foolish, truly…" Fang Ning was speechless.

"You're maligning me for no reason again. If I used this maneuver, lives will be sacrificed and my Chivalry Points will drop drastically. Do you think you will gain freedom if the system is destroyed? Let me tell you this, it would not happen. You will suffer more than I…" Sir said with conviction.

"Wait a minute. I'm saying, why don't you just lure him to outer space… um, to Lunaette, to settle this? Hey, now that I'm suggesting this, I'm understanding what that mooncake is used for," Fang Ning realized.

At this moment, Sir had no interest in Fang Ning's brainwave.

The four dragons reunited, turning back into Vigilante A's true form.

He stood in front of the green mountain and watched it coldly.

The green mountain was also watching him.

"What's happening? I heard that the Venerable Dragon God was known for vanquishing the enemy to gain victory. Your maneuvers today seem to be perfunctory. Have you exhausted all your skills?"

The green mountain was buzzing with the words.

"Hmph, you needn't be so glib, this is not a fight with words. I have yet to show even ten-thousandths of my power. Would you dare to have a battle me on the moon above?" Vigilante A said lightly.

"Hoho, if you had invited me to your territory, the Celestial Dragon Realm or Morality City, I would not be so stupid as to agree to go. But if it's on Lunaette, why not?" the green mountain quivered in reply.

Vigilante A transformed into a rainbow not long after, heading towards Lunaette.

The green mountain followed suit.

The passers-by who surrounded the clouds to watch this battle were at a loss, sighing at this outcome.

"Sigh, it used to be easier to be an onlooker. All you needed was to be a Bucket-level and able to fly. Now that they've gone up to that mooncake for a fight, you need to be at least a Lake-level to be there."

The crowd was unwilling to face this situation. Watching a battle between two Powerhouses even once would have greatly benefitted them.

Someone suddenly said, "We're too pessimistic. Ordinary people would be able to walk on the moon with an astronaut's suit. We can borrow a few to fly up there."

"Hoho, if you are not afraid of death, feel free to wear those fragile suits to watch this battle of the Powerhouses…" someone replied condescendingly.

Many who understood the situation shook their heads.

A fight like that would see asteroids flying about. In space, there was no drag and it was silent. If the suits were cut by any asteroid debris, it would be an ugly death…

One might as well write on their gravestone… Death by being a spectator on a random year and month.

"In this case, if we made some sort of treasure that was able to transport us to space, strengthened it with a defensive formation and we would able to create a market for it," someone had a sudden brainwave.

At this point, some had already started to fly toward Lunaette with the help of their masters and seniors.

"Hmph, looks like we are only capable of providing useless ideas. Others are already riding on the coattails of other…" many said jealously.

Lunatte was indeed a forbidden zone for any form of life.

In another manner of speaking, it was also the best battlefield.

Any demonstration of ability would not hurt any ordinary people by accident. At the most, only the spectators might get hurt in the process…

Fang Ning started to join the spectators to watch Sir's battle. He was probably the only spectator that was not worried about getting hurt…

Vigilante A was a fast traveler, reaching Lunaette first.

The huge green mountain was not slow either, being slightly behind.

It landed on Lunaette heavily but did not affect Lunaette much as only a handful of dust was disturbed.

It was hard to tell how solid Lunaette was without a comparison.

Now that this humongous green mountain had landed, the spectators came to the realization that it was a ball compressed into a piece, giving it a much higher density.

Not to mention of course that it was encompassed in vitality and was altered by Earth's Heavenly Axiom. Its level of solidity would have to be far from imagination.

"I understand now. This is not a piece of mooncake, it's a moon shield… Sigh, Lady Moon had always been rotating earth and now that it has upgraded in this mythical era, it is still working for the earth as a shield."

"You are wrong, the moon is not a lady. It is obviously a man," Sir suddenly retorted.

"Stop sprouting nonsense to me. The Sun is Yang and the moon is Yin. The moon has long been a symbol of the beautiful female…" Fang Ning was speechless.

"Er, Mr. Rich Boss, this is where you are wrong. You humans always have wishful thinking. You've been referring to the earth as Mother Earth, why not Father Earth? It's a male after all," Sir said with contempt.

"Stop talking so much, just take care of this and come home to eat. I want your comment on my current culinary skills," Fang Ning revealed his reason for the conversation.

"Er, let's not put your health at risk with these meals you are preparing. Why don't you keep it for Daqing…" Sir immediately made his escape the moment he heard the words.

Outside, Vigilante A watched the towering green mountain land on Lunaette as his eyes lit up.

"You rejected Heaven's Gate to step into Hell's Door. I'm going to teach you a lesson today, your family's life is precious, but so are other lives!" he picked his words carefully.

"Hoho, aren't you the one who invited me into Hell's Door?" a spiritual energy resonated from the green mountain.

"Stop your glibness. You are reliant of your clan and think that no one is capable of dealing with you. I am about to let you know today that you are ignorant when it comes to true power!"

Vigilante A disappeared on the spot after finishing his words.

A thousand-foot Azure Dragon circled the sky.

"Grrr!" One growl from the dragon shook Heaven and Earth!

A boundless sea appeared behind the Azure Dragon.

The appearance of the sea created a great power that came crashing down toward the towering green mountain!

The Azure Dragon circled in the endless sea. The dragon used the water flow while the water rode the might of the dragon, giving it three times the impact.

"No wonder you have set the so-called rules of the Dragon Clan to be divided by the rivers, lakes and seas. So this is the source of it all…" The green mountain did not panic but replied calmly instead.

Listening to Shang Ruoyu, he seemed to be at ease despite this show of celestial prowess.

Several rapids passed through the green mountain, washing away sand and stone.

The mountain that was made of stone and flaming with lightning was supposed to be unbreakable. But now, it was being torn down like a fragile piece of tofu.

Fang Ning was watched puzzled in the System Space and could not help but asked, "Sir, why is he not saying 'This is impossible!', does he have something up his sleeves?"

"Nonsense, my gut is telling me that he is a better actor than you… In fact, he is about to be done!" Sir said with disdain.

"Er, are you going to just kill him?" Fang Ning said disbelievingly.

"Do you think I'm stupid? With Qi Mei as a precedent, I won't beat him to death. I'll just teach him a lesson, lock him up a few years and get them to bail him out with money," Sir asserted.

"Er, this doesn't seem right. How can a hero do such a thing?" Fang Ning was speechless.

While the man and the system were having this conversation, the green mountain had already broken apart and was no longer stood towering.

It now looked like an old man about to die and would disappear from the galaxy at any time.

"Great Azure Dragon…"

"Venerable Dragon God…"

"Please spare him…"

Two female voices from below were delivered with spiritual energy.

A thousand-foot Azure Dragon was not moved by them and continued to circle the endless sea and created multiple impacts at the green mountain.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to wait where you were?" A panic-stricken voice came from within the green mountain.

"Venerable Dragon God, we will never sacrifice any living creature from now on. Please let my husband go." Qi Hui did not listen to her husband but was begging the tremendous Azure Dragon.

She was feeling deep remorse. Only now did she understood the formidability of Vigilante A.

Their disciple's Divining by the Clouds was indeed accurate. It was probably on par with 'Precognitive Divination' in certain locations.

Vigilante A's true battle level must be far higher than the 150 points limitation on paper.

"If a 'promise' can really be trusted, what would we need jails for," said the Azure Dragon coldly.

"Then… Then we will offer half of our property to the celestial dragon as compensation," Qi Hui clenched her teeth in answer.

Her sister has already become a spirit, she cannot let her husband turn into one too…

She might as well pay up now rather than bail her husband out from the Draconic Penitentiary.

"Oh, okay… Seeing as you are sincerely offering to turn over a new leaf, I will give you one last chance." the Azure Dragon bent down his head in reply as he took back his words.

While they were conversing, the green mountain transformed into a sorry figure.

Qi Hui was about to run towards him when the figure was flung heavily by the dragon's tail and flew off.

She did not have time to argue about the dragon's action, but treated it as letting off some steam…

She placed full strength into her Diversion Technique to hold the sorry figure in her arms.

Her husband was barely breathing and lost his demeanor, but luckily he was still alive.

At the same time, Sir was excited, "Mr. Rich Boss, I found a way to be rich. Why didn't you tell me earlier or could it be that you were unaware of it. I must have overestimated you."

"Oh, do you mean beating someone up, gaining his experience and then getting him to pay for his atonement? How would I not know this shortcut? But then, what difference would this be with a robber? Doing it once might be acceptable but to turn it into a career? Can you still consider yourself a Hero system?" Fang Ning questioned.

"Er, you are right. Looks like I can't really go into this. All these stupid rules have set so many traps around. Why can't I ever find a loophole?" Sir was very dissatisfied.

"Just be content. It's a trap but it's also protection. Otherwise, you'd be creating big trouble with nothing to hold you back," said Fang Ning lightly.
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