678 Finding Someone

"Our followers are the black and yellow dogs, Zheng Dao, Anderson, Cang Gongzi, Clan Leader Shi Gan, and Shi Da… That's it!" Fang Ning suddenly clapped his hands.

"What're you shouting about? You almost gave me a heart attack." The System said angrily.

"Scram, that's my heart you're talking about. Banks attach the greatest importance in trust. It's a job that's absolutely made for Clan Leader Shi Gan. I remember when they first descended, they were recruited by many businesses because of their natural characteristics and the honesty of their clan, but they were just too lazy to budge and just wanted to farm instead." The more Fang Ning spoke, the more he believed his candidate was perfect.

"Can that group of stone heads really open a bank? Aren't you afraid they'll lose all my capital?" The System nitpicked.

"What do you know? I'm sure other people can't do this. Who are we? We have the golden signboard of Vigilante A, who has powerful strength and the most important position to monopolize. As long as the person in charge is honest and trustworthy, and abides by the rules and operates step-by-step without any market tricks, we can grab huge profits." Fang Ning said gleefully.

"Thought I have no idea what you said, it sounds pretty awesome. Alright, we'll just do as you said. Besides, Shi Gan doesn't have any presence… He spends a lot of time idle and never gets down to business." Sir System said angrily.

After a while, Fang Ning entered the Draconic Realm and arrived at the herb garden.

The System really did know all about the situation here.

A group of Whitestone people was busily going about their business, but Clan Leader Shi Gan was nowhere to be seen.

"Shi Da, where did your Clan Leader go? Why didn't I see him working in the herb garden?" Fang Ning called out to fat and broad Whitestone person.

"Oh, Clan Leader is busy building little stone people outside. There are only two to three hundred people in the clan now, and the area of the herb garden has increased by a lot. Besides, the ordinary herb garden is also being built outside, so we're in urgent need of manpower." Zhi Da said while rubbing his head. 

"What? Your Clan Leader still has those welfares?" Fang Ning grew envious.

"Huh? What welfares? Venerable One, are you misunderstanding anything?" Shi Da asked.

"It's nothing. Where is he? I have something important to discuss with him." Fang Ning said.

Shi Da rubbed his head again and hesitated, "When our Clan Leader is making people, we're not allowed to disturb him."

'You're really an honest stone…' Fang Ning sighed heavily. 'If only Sir System were this honest as well.'

"You're insulting me again. I've always been an honest System, okay?" The System said unhappily.

"You spy on my privacy every day and think about rebelling all day long. How is that an honest System?" Fang Ning said disdainfully.

"..." The System was left speechless and hurriedly changed the topic, "What do you want to do now? I can't find Shi Gan from the System Map, and it seems that Shi Da won't tell you either."

"It's very simple." Fang Ning said confidently.

Then, he said to Shi Da, "Shi Da, your Clan Leader just said that you can't disturb him, but that doesn't include me, so you can just tell me."

"Oh, oh, you're right… The Clan Leader is at the large snow mountain in the Southwest. He said he wanted to choose the best local stone to make Whitestone people." Shi Da obediently replied.

"The specific location?"

"I don't know that. The Clan Leader just said this general range." Shi Da said honestly.

"Alright, go busy yourself then." Fang Ning was about to leave.

"Please wait, Venerable One. I know where the Clan Leader might be…" A tall and square Whitestone person walked over.

"Hm, you're Claus, right? You know where whereabouts of Clan Leader Shi Gan?" Fang Ning asked.

He had long realized this guy was hiding undercover, but he had been working hard for almost a year without uncovering anything much… He must be quite depressed.

"Well, I overheard the Clan Leader say that there's a special Whitestone that's the best for making new people. That stone seems to be called the Millenium Ice Stone. It's white as jade and is formed by soaking in ice and snow for tens of millions of years… The Clan Leader should be found at the place where this stone is produced." Claus seriously recalled.

"Hm, not bad. I understand. When I find him, I'll remember to give you credit. Work well, you have a bright future here." Fang Ning patted him on the shoulder.

"Yes, yes, thank you, Venerable One." Claus said with gratitude.

He stayed with these stupid stone heads for nearly a year. He still remembered his original identity as a heliotrope, but if he went on like this, no one knew when he would just become a head.

Originally, he wanted to take back the secret of the Yin Energy Realm through undercover work, but now he was confined to this small world and had no chance to return. His goal was far away.

This undercover operation was indeed hard. In the Upper Realm, many people went undercover for tens of thousands of years...

He thought, 'I should stand out more.

'Didn't that Black Cat Tom manage to get out that way?

'I heard he has to take charge as chief and returned to the Yin Energy Realm to preside of the herb garden. It might even be ahead of me.

'I also need to slowly show my skill and strive to move there, and then slowly plan.'

He was very clear of his identity. He was a Clan Leader of an Upper Realm Heliotrope clan, not some kind of great god, not Vigilante A, and not an Upper Realm Heavenly Treasured Child. To be able to find an arcane realm to settle down was already a great fortune.

Fang Ning smiled and nodded, and left.

"You heard him, go and find him."

"No way. That guy doesn't carry a mobile phone. Since when have you seen me aimlessly look for a person? How inefficient would that be? I'd rather use that time to train and farm monsters." Sir System refused.

"Damn it, you're not obedient at all. You were so much better back then." Fang Ning could not help but remember the past and sighed. "Long gone are the days when we first met, present is the hand fan left forlorn by summer..."

"Stop reciting poetry and quickly ask Ren Ruofeng and the others to help you find him. That Old Shi Gan is really secretive about making people. He hid so deeply that he probably went underground." Sir System said disdainfully.

"You really are full of nonsense. Of course people would want to find a secret place. He's not a shameless black dog…" Fang Ning was speechless.

Southwest China, at the border between Sichuan and Tibet, at the great snowy mountains.

A group of people was searching back and forth in the air.

"Brother, how long do we have to keep searching? The snow-capped mountains are boundless, when will we be able to find it?" Qiao Zijiang looked down at the snowy mountains and scowled.

"Well, the task was handed down from above. He's someone the Venerable One is looking for, so it's definitely of great importance. We must treat it as a top priority since it's very likely to affect the safety of China and the world." Qiao Zishan said solemnly.

If they knew that it was just that the System was to lazy to search, they would definitely feel very cold.

However, this was the reality. A small matter in the eyes of a big man would become a big matter if it is placed below and magnified layer by layer.

Unconsciously, Vigilante A's status was clearly revealed from such a matter.

"The Venerable One has given all the physical features of the Whitestone people's Clan Leader. The Venerable One has always been the best in finding people, so if he cannot find him, that person must be hiding in the mountain." A cold-faced young man said.

"Oh, that's right. Uncle Hai Cheng, your Divine Eye should have evolved to a higher stage. You should be able to see through the mountains…" Qiao Zijiang said excitedly.

"Ah, I can, but the consumption is a little much. I'll have to ask for reimbursement from Zishan then…" Hai Cheng said helplessly.

"Do it, do it. I haven't seen you use your Divine Eye since you reached Lake-level." Qiao Zijiang said excitedly.

"Then I'll let you feast your eyes." Hai Cheng smiled lightly and opened his forehead.

A blood-red eyeball immediately emitted a blue light and swept across the vast mountains below...

Half an hour passed, and that blue light finally swept through the entire mountains.

"I found it. He really was hidden so deep…" Hai Cheng finally stopped his Divine Eye and held his head, as if exhausted, "He's very deep in the mountain range in the East. It's no wonder we couldn't find any trace of him. You can tell the Venerable One now."

"Alright, I'll send the message straight away."

 An excerpt from a famous poem written by Nalan Xinde
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