679 Technological Monopoly

Vigilante A arrived in a split-second. He immediately learned from the Special Investigations Unit where the specific location was, and flew to the eastern mountain range.

The others all tactfully did not keep up with him...

"I never thought that old man Shi Gan would shrink deep in the mountainside to make people. It's no wonder that I couldn't see his green dot on my map. Why would he go so far just to be careful? What a waste of my time." Sir System said angrily.

"Stop saying nonsense. Who wouldn't find a secret place to make people?" Fang Ning said disdainfully.

"Hmph, you humans don't. Since ancient times, you've had a long tradition of making people in the outdoors… Then there are the black dogs." Sir System scoffed.

"F*ck, you even know about that. Looks like you definitely saw a lot of things while flying in the sky every day. I'd like to remind you that it's not child-friendly to do so. See no evil. Careful your chivalrous virtue doesn't drop." Fang Ning retorted.

"Hmph, in my eyes, that's just boring and time-wasting action… A person's life should be devoted to training, learning, and creating wealth, not making people every day. A month is enough for making people." Sir System was very disdainful.

"Sigh, it really is impossible to speak to a person of limited experience." Fang Ning decided not to continue to talk about this topic with a mentally disabled System less than two years old.

"It's like this. Next time, I need to tell Shi Gan to make people out in the open, so as not to waste my time looking for it." Sir System said angrily.

"Suit yourself." Fang Ning expressed indifference to it.

Vigilante A landed on a snowy mountain top. It was June and China's plains had already entered summer, but the climate here was still like winter, with nothing but high terrain.

Arriving at the specific location, Sir System walked around the mountain top and became anxious again.

"Damn it, Hai Cheng said that guy was inside this mountain, 1,200 meters down from the peak. However, how am I supposed to get it?"

"Just go in the way Shi Gan did." Fang Ning said matter-of-factly.

"No sh*t, do you think I'd be worried if I could find the entrance in the first place? He's a stone person, so he must have a natural trait that makes him proficient in hiding in stone… I'm a chivalrous System, I don't have that kind of natural trait." The System snapped.

"Ei, can't you transform into a dragon? You trained your current Dragonization Ability to have four different attributes, wind, fire, ice, and water, corresponding with green, red, purple, and blue. Can't you just train an earth dragon now? This is your strong suit. Young man, it's time to top-up…" Fang Ning said decisively.

"Oh, you really do understand me. Unfortunately, I don't want to rush now… It's just finding a person, not fighting some critical Boss. Why do I have to top-up?" The System said righteously.

"Ahem, that sounds reasonable. So, how do you plan to enter now?" Fang Ning said doubtfully.

"Haha, there's a saying, if you don't want to go to the mountain, make the mountain come to you." The System said proudly.

"Huh… you, what are you planning?" Fang Ning was shocked, "You can't be planning to move the mountain, right?"

"I'm too lazy to top-up, so do you think I would move the mountain? Call your Earthly Monument out. You've only discovered a portion of its use and only know how to protect yourself." Sir System said firmly.

Fang Ning summoned the macaw and threw it to the System.

Before long, the Earthly Monument appeared in Vigilante A's hands. He whispered a few words and threw it directly at the mountaintop, which immediately disappeared. 

"F*ck, you better not have lost my baby…" Fang Ning said anxiously.

"How would I throw away my own treasure? You really have groundless fears…" The System scoffed.

Then, the mountain began to shake.

Before long, a large hole appeared on the mountain top, and a tall white and square stone person crawled out. It was followed by a group of small, square, and white stone people.

The one leading was Clan Leader Shi Gan.

Sure enough, the System was right. It did not have to go to them, they just had to come to it.

"I've let the Venerable One wait. I was too busy making people earlier, so I was unable to spare time." Clan Leader Shi Gan said apologetically.

"Finding you really was tough. Next time you make people, you don't have to hide so deep. Just make them on top of the mountains. No one will look at you anyway." Vigilante A said lightly.

"Uh… the Venerable One seems to have misunderstood. I went inside the mountain to use the leylines in the mountain to facilitate the collection of vitality stone materials to make the people on the spot, not because I was worried about whether there were others snooping." Shi Gan helplessly explained.

"Ah, I see. Putting that aside, I have an important matter to hand to you." Vigilante A lightly said.

Then, Vigilante A repeated the matter about opening a Magical Energy Bank.

"Oh, this is a great thing for the people. Thank you for this honor, Venerable One, I definitely won't decline." Shi Gan immediately cupped his hands and agreed.

"Oh, you agreed so easily? This matter is very troublesome. I've always had a headache because human banks are full of tricks." Vigilante A said suspiciously.

"Isn't it simple? Some will deposit, some will withdraw, some will buy, and some will sell. I'll just be the middleman to facilitate the transactions, and collect some handling fees from it. Don't I just have to do these two things?" Shi Gan said seriously.

"Hm, you're right. Besides, we don't lend money nor earn interest. I'll leave this to you." Vigilante A nodded.

"Yes, please rest assured, Venerable One. We'll definitely treat others with integrity and honesty, and promise not to deceive a single customer." Shi Gan said earnestly.

"Hm, that's good. Go then. Let me know if you have any difficulties. Right, add me on WeChat first…"

"Ah, okay, okay…" Shi Gan said, dumbfounded.

Vigilante A then parted with Shi Gan. Shi Gan took the group of small stone people and went to Hainan Island, where other Whitestone people lived.


In the System Space.

"Hm, I keep feeling like this Magical Energy Bank will be very troublesome in the future." Fang Ning sighed.

He was most afraid of trouble, but it seemed that from the beginning, trouble had been increasing more and more.

"Didn't Shi Gan say it was very simple? What are you worried about?" Sir System was nonchalant.

Contrary to Fang Ning, the System was never afraid of trouble. If anything, it was afraid that the trouble was not troubling enough...

"Sigh, although I said before that we are a monopoly, in front of benefits, people tend to turn into beasts and lose their reasoning. They'll definitely set up their own Magical Energy Bank. Some will operate normally, some will attract customers with high interest rates, some will cheat others… I'll definitely worry about it. I had been too optimistic before." Fang Ning was distressed.

"You humans are always like this, always looking back and forth. What's there to worry about? There are different solutions for different situations." The System was still unfettered.

"Well, I do envy children like you who never consider the long-term…" Fang Ning shook his head and sighed.

The next day, Fang Ning received a WeChat message from Shi Gan.

An honest person really was honest. Vigilante A asked him to mention any problems he faced, and he really did mention quite a lot...

"Where should the first Magical Energy Bank be located? Of course, my hometown."

"How do you plan on storing the magical energy? Sir, you'll have to build a super large container. Remember the Bodhisattva Spirit King gave you an Element Replenishment Sarira pearl before? Model it on a larger scale… Right, this can also be used as a part of the monopoly advantage. Not everyone has the ability to create such a large artifact. This is called technological monopoly." Fang Ning was slightly excited.

"I can model it, but in order to create a similar artifact would cause quite a lot of materials. Find them for me." The System immediately demanded.

"What do you need? Make a list." Fang Ning said weakly. He felt slightly odd. 'This is obviously Sir System's forte, so why do I have to be the one looking for materials?

'Forget it, after all, wool still comes from the sheep's back. The System would be the one paying in the end anyway.'
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