683 Cracking by Imitating

Another half a month passed, and it was now the third year and seventh month of Shenyuan.

In a joint venture, the second Magical Provenance opened on the busiest street in New Netherlands on the other side of the ocean, 305 Street. The Business Intelligence Headquarters and 'America Special Affairs Joint Investigation Bureau' skyscraper was located just opposite it.

Chief Hook stood before the French window in the director's office on the 33rd floor and looked down at the newly-opened building.

Several long lines had been formed outside, stretching for thousands of meters. Most of them were local Americans who liked novelties and were currently waiting in anticipation.

Outside the line, people walked back and forth, handing out pamphlets to everyone in line.

On the streets were large outdoor screens showing advertisements for 'Magical Provenance'...

For him, this was not a novelty. Detailed information had already been placed on his desk as early as half a month ago.

This was yet another plaything made by that Eastern Pharos.

'Damn it, the Robocop project that I had painstakingly constructed with the alliance with Devil Saint Zhi Nan was completely ended by that guy just because it used human souls.

'Fortunately, the public doesn't know about these mysterious things, and I managed to cover everything up.'

However, the Robocop project, which had so much potential, has fallen into a standstill.

He could only carry out maintenance and renewal on the Robocops that had already been manufactured and dared not build any more new ones casually.

At least, this kind of project could not be carried out outside until the new arcane realm was developed.

Who knew when the Eastern Pharos would descend from the sky again, decide that this matter of transforming people was 'evil', and destroy it in the name of justice?

'Damn it all. Deciding if something was evil or not used to be a right that only America used to have, but now that right actually fell into a vigilante's hands?

'It's not just hateful, it's ridiculous.'

He deeply understood that this was the greatest failure of the Era of Vitality. It was no longer an organization or a country that symbolized the highest power, but individuals with supreme strength. Each of them represented a formidable force."

Of course, the disadvantage behind this was that when that person was gone, the corresponding forces would disappear as well and be absorbed by others. In contrast, a country was more stable.

"Magical Provenance, hah! Is Vigilante A that assured? Doesn't he know that cracking by imitation isn't something that only China can do?"

Thinking about this, he picked up the phone on his desk and started dialing.

Opposite, in the Magical Provenance shop, Robert sat in the general manager's office, watching the newly recruited employees expertly receiving various customers through his monitors.

The power of capital was terrifying. With a high salary, emerging industry, and extraordinary mysterious bonuses, he easily recruited the most highly rated employees of major commercial banks.

As far as business ability was concerned, these employees were a hundred times better than those stone people, but the risks were also much greater. What they were handling was a hundred times more valuable than money; 'magical energy'...

Those stone people would never have any thought of stealing it, but he could not guarantee the same for these employees.

This thing could make the weak strong, the strong stronger, give them long lives, and even help a person reach a position.

In comparison, the operation process of this second Magical Provenance was much more complicated than that of the first one in China.

That was because of how the shrewd Americans ran more businesses, and were naturally good at all kinds of financial tricks. They also had the most blunders, subprime mortgage crises, and future contract crises.

"Magical energy loans", "magical energy habitat", "magical energy funds", "magical energy insurance", "magical energy investments"... Those were all not available in the first Magical Provenance.

A dark-skinned teller girl was politely and eagerly introducing the business to a Basin-level master.

"Mr. Rennes, for your you and your team, since your strength has reached Basin-level, you can use the magical energy loan service in our bank."

The middle-aged white man was slightly puzzled, and asked, "What's the process like? I've read your guidebook, but I still don't quite understand. I'll borrow your magical energy, but how am I supposed to store it?"

"That's very simple, we will give you some small magical energy storing items. You can use it to borrow or lend extra magical energy. You can think of it as a magical power vial in games. When your party carries out various missions, you'll have some extra magical energy to use. When the mission ends or the loan period expires, you can return the magical energy value we agreed upon." The black counter girl gave an example. 

"I see, so the key is in this magical power vial, I understand now. Alright, we do need this very much, I'll handle this business during the next mission. Please handle a storage business for me now first. I want to deposit 320,000 Dan unit of magical energy points.

"Very well, Mr. Rennes, I'll handle that for you right away. In addition, we'll rent you a magical power vial free of charge. When you finish magical energy cultivation each time, you can store the extra magical energy inside this magical power vial and entrust someone else here to handle the deposit transaction. That way, it'll save you a lot of precious time…" The black teller girl blinked.

"Oh, that sounds good. However, it would be better if you could make more branches, or if you could turn magical power into electrical energy, and make a network transmission…" Rennes suggested.

"Very well, sir, I shall forward that suggestion back to our manager. Now, please let me handle the deposit transaction for you. I'll take you to the VIP room to meditate and deliver the excess magical energy to the 'Provenance Crystal'." The black teller girl smiled.

Looking at this scene with satisfaction, Robert picked up the cup of coffee on the table and took a sip.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

"It's you. To think you'd have the guts to call me." Robert's anger surged as he heard the voice on the receiver. 'This despicable person was the one who ordered my good friend to stab me, that SBI Director Hook.'

'Why the Pharos of the East hasn't punished him for all those evil things he did is beyond me.'

"Why wouldn't I dare? Everything I've done was for this great country, the hope of mankind, the center of the world…"

"Hmph, what a nice way of saying it. I don't believe that there were no selfish desires included as well." Robert said hatefully.

He should have retaliated, but he calculated the power he had in his hands and found that he really was helpless compared to this guy.

"You're not the one to say if there was selfish desire or not, history will be the judge."

"Forget it, I'm not going to talk nonsense with you. What do you want?" Robert knew that he could not win against a politician in a debate.

"I want you to cooperate with us to break the secret of the crystal inside the Magical Provenance."


"Hmph, you set up a company, but freely gave away 35% of the shares to the Chinese. Do you really have the heart to watch the blood and sweat of Americans being taken away from the Chinese?"

"You did your homework. However, I didn't freely give it away; I'm investing in their technology." Robert held back his anger. Since the other party was talking about benefits, he could put aside his personal grudges.

"Hah, don't you want to own your own company?"

"Stealing technological secrets from partners is immoral, and I will not partake in it." Robert rejected resolutely.

"That's hilarious. What a senseless ethical obsession. It's precisely because of this that'll you'll never reach the peak and see more of the scenery."

"Say what you like, but don't bother me with this again." Robert hung up the phone.

In the opposite SBI building, the director's office.

"Ridiculous, he's really a fool. Well, even if you don't cooperate, do you think I wouldn't have any other methods? Don't forget, this is the land of the great USA, and I, have special authority!" Hook sneered.

After laughing, he made several other calls.
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