684 No One Can Steal My Baby

Three days later, the new Magical Provenance bank newly opened in New Netherlands was suddenly seized by a group of men in black suits...

Many customers who came to conduct business or visit were extremely astonished.

Reporting to the police was invalid because the men in black showed the police officers that arrived at the scene the Special Affairs Investigation Bureau's warrants. 

They had special investigative authority, including but not limited to sealing up suspicious locations, arresting suspicious people, and seizing suspicious items. As for what was considered as suspicious… This was all defined by them.

Yes, this blatantly went against America's tradition.

However, in this dangerous era, the superiors had to give the SBI the power to facilitate solving problems quickly. This already had precedence.

All the personnel was taken away and all the articles were sealed up. Their efficiency really was amazing.

"Damn it, Hook. You'll regret this!" Robert bellowed angrily as he was escorted to a car.

It was beyond his expectations for Hook to be willing to sink so low.

He actually used his special authority to target a commercial company that had received official approval and was operating legally. This simply was just too much.

"Hmph, you'll regret it before the Director does. Robert, you were also an SBI agent before, t you dare to disobey the Director's orders.

Robert subconsciously looked at the sky, but only saw a long rainbow crossing above.

What made him disappointed was that the other party did not stay.

'It seems that the Venerable Dragon God won't interfere with attacks from within the system, because the other party is going through fair and square procedures… rather than personal grudges.

A group of onlookers were pointing and commenting.

"Damn it, such a convenient organization was sealed up after only three days of operation. Are the SBI lawless?" A bald, elderly white man peeked his head out of a luxury car and said angrily.

"Hush, Old Mr. Ross. The power they have was conferred by a special bill personally signed by the president…" His driver dissuaded him.

"Hmph, they're only ever so overbearing to civilians. When they meet evil demons and devils, don't they just rely on outsiders to quell the disaster? It's simply a waste of our taxpayers' money. It'll be more convenient to hire outsiders." The elderly white man was still mad.

He was a multimillionaire who was trying to borrow some magical energy to speed up his cultivation so that he could break through more transformations before he died of old age.

When the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique was cultivated to the fourth transformation and the Golden Core was formed, one would be able to live till 800. This was something clearly written in the ability.

This was a source of great temptation to a rich old man. In order to achieve longevity, they had adopted various methods.

In the Netherland's underworld, there was once a popular method of killing demons and taking pills for humans to use. That could rapidly let people possess a magical energy cultivation base.

He used to pay a high price for it, but it did not last long. The underground business of hunting and killing demons was wiped off by the ubiquitous Eastern Pharos within a few days.

Now, a legal place where magic could be traded had appeared. Most importantly, it would not be wiped out by the Eastern Pharos because this was something he invented.

However, now, it had been seized by the local Special Affairs Investigation Bureau...

"Milo, go through the formalities for me to go to China. I want to fly to China tomorrow." The rich old man said angrily.

"Understood, Sir." His driver was helpless.

At the same time, Vigilante A, who had just been cruising over the USA, was currently under a summit and training while seated.

"Damn it, how dare they seize property I invested in. I can't step in, either…" The System was gloomy.

"Heh, even you know that you can't intervene. It's really convenient to act publicly." Fang Ning shook his head.

"I never felt this before, but now I realize that one's own home is the best. At least in China, no one will seal my property. These ungrateful Americans would have destroyed themselves dozens of times already if not for me!" Sir System said furiously.

"A great fighter wins no glorious honor. You nipped so many evil devils in the bud, but they never truly realize your importance. Moreover, they're certainly not willing to let a foreigner be their hero and win over their people's hearts. This is different from the Truth Department. Position and origin are the root causes of all of this." Fang Ning was not surprised.

Things like this happened too many times in human history. The Americans were known for their ingratitude. For example, when the country was founded, the French helped them a lot. But in the end, they denied it anyway and went so far as to not repay their loans...

"What do I do now?" The System fumed.

"Haha, haven't you say this before? If we can't go to the mountain, then make the mountain come to us." Fang Ning pretended to be profound.

"I don't get it, can you speak clearer?" Sir System grumbled.

"Huh, are you playing dumb again? You were quite smart when we were looking for Shi Gan." Fang Ning was speechless, "They can seal up all the Magical Provenances in America, but they can't seal up those in China or under China's jurisdiction. We'll just open it in another place. Those people's needs won't change. For example, in the southern Caribbean Sea near America, there are a few islands that are beyond their control. However, the distance is still quite near to America, so civilians can still afford to travel."

"Mr. Rich Boss is wise." The System suddenly realized.

"However, before that, that System bound Provenance Crystal of yours must be retrieved first." Fang Ning reminded.

"I don't need you to tell me that. I've already retrieved it…" Sir System said triumphantly.

"Ah, guess I didn't have to say it. No one can steal your baby." Fang Ning rolled his eyes.

"You really do understand me. No one can ever steal my baby." Sir System stressed again.

In a secret hall on the 24th floor of the America Special Affairs Investigation Bureau Building.

Hook was currently flying into a terrible rage.

"What's going on? Didn't you clearly move that huge crystal into the car? Didn't everyone watch it all the way? How could it have disappeared?"

"Our sincerest apologies, Mr. Director. However, this is exactly the mystery of the Era of Vitality. Otherwise, our organization wouldn't have been established and wouldn't have had this much power." A subordinate defended himself.

"Damn it, it's no wonder that Vigilante A ignored you. He already had the means to retrieve his core technology at any time. I really underestimated these top figures." Hook massaged his head.

He already understood Vigilante A's behavioral pattern. As long as it was not a private robbery, and formal procedures were taken, the other party could not enact justice and publicly stop his subordinates.

However, he was still able to recover his treasure unnoticed, which made him understand something again, and that it was absolutely impossible to use common sense to speculate on the methods of powerful beings.

"Forget it. Investigate for a few days and then find an excuse to let them all go. Go find a brilliant specialist in psychological techniques and attack that Robert's heart. Let him take the initiative to find out the secret of the Magical Provenance. I have a feeling that whether or not we can rise again in the future or work for China for the rest of our lives will all depend on the excavation strength of this thing. We can't pin our hopes on those gods or evil devils and even less on that wretched God. The only hope we have are the taxpayers." Hook said clear-headedly.

He was cunning and vicious and had very high IQ. He was able to sit in this position for years without being overturned, and his eyes were naturally keen.

Gods were unreliable and only knew how to deceive lambs with empty words, while devils were capricious. Real, reliable power could only come from the lowest rung.

He saw this very clearly, and the Magical Provenance was the best artifact to bring the lowest rung together.
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