685 A Small Matter

Another ten days passed, and it was now the end of July.

In a tropical and scenic island on the Caribbean, butterflies danced and bees roamed. There was lush vegetation but no venomous snakes or insects. It was a warm and pleasant scenic spot.

Occasionally, a few flies and mosquitoes would fly about. There would inevitably be something dampening the atmosphere.

In the past, this place was full of primitive scenery, but today, rows of exquisite wooden houses had been erected along the coast of the island.

The wooden doors faced the north and were arranged in the shape of a fan, as if saying 'come back to my arms'.

Four tall flagpoles were set up in front of the wooden houses, and a large word hung on the flagpoles respectively. Collectively, they read 'Magical Provenance'.

"Mr. Robert, please rest assured. By opening the company here, you'll receive absolutely no interference from the SBI. With the Bodhisattva's protection as well as the Venerable One watching over, it's impossible for their dirty hands to reach this place, even if this place is their backyard." A large butterfly the size of a fist surrounded a middle-aged white man and said.

"Sigh, I was too thoughtless. I should've chosen this place to start the company in the first place. If I did, there wouldn't have been so much trouble." Robert clutched his head and frowned.

"It's not too late now. However, Mr. David really is a man with a sense of justice. He would rather give up the convenience of the USA and offend the powerful SBI to not betray the Venerable One's technological secrets. You're really admirable." The large butterfly praised.

This was the first large customer their Spiritual Insects Clan welcomed. He had only paid 30 million USD for land purchases in the early stage.

Followed by that was the arrival of a large number of customers that would surely bring about numerous business to the island.

This large butterfly was a kind and honest businessman before, but he died in a disaster, and was reincarnated into a butterfly by the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

A few days ago, the Bodhisattva Spirit King wanted to find a person who was good at management to improve the predicament of not being able to make ends meet, and so it was chosen.

When Vigilante A passed through the sky, he came down to have a look and said that it was a reliable character. Thus, it was decided that it would be responsible for the Spiritual Insects Clan's economic affairs. It could be considered to hold the role of finance minister.

As for the Insect Prime Chong Daqing, it was only king of the Spiritual Insects in name. It never asked questions about the Spiritual Insects Clan. As long as it could manage its own eating and drinking problems, it already made things too relaxed for the others.

Now, the Bodhisattva Spirit King was responsible for the Spiritual Insects Clan. However, he was an aged man after all, and not good at the modern economy, so this butterfly appeared.

Hearing the butterfly's compliment, Robert smiled bitterly, "This was the bottom line of being a human. The Venerable One trusted me and was willing to work with me. If I were fooled by that villain's empty talk, I would have revealed the technological secrets, and even God would never forgive me."

"Most importantly I don't believe that Hook person. He's a vile person with no bottom line. The Magical Provenance can gather all of America's magical energy in the future. If such a thing were to fall in his hands, it's hard to imagine all the terrible things he would do."

The butterfly nodded and said emotionally, "Yes, in this era, power belongs to the individual. In these circumstances, it's too hard to find a trustworthy and strong person."

Robert nodded and continued, "The location here is quite good. It can radiate the whole of North and South America. The SBI may block our branches in America, but he has no way of blocking these customers. However, advertising might prove to be troublesome."

"Rest assured. We Spiritual Insects are everywhere. Recently, a Spiritual Ant that could order all the ants in this world joined us. When the time comes, it'll be easy to advertise for you. Moreover, there are many Americans among the Spiritual Insects. It's possible to mobilize them to rope in their former family members and relatives." The butterfly said excitedly.

"That's the best. With this type of mysterious advertising, it'll be easier to attract attention. I will not shirk on the advertising fee." Robert laughed.

"Well said, well said."

A few days later, various auspicious signs appeared in the suburbs of many big cities in the prosperous USA...

Ants formed words on the ground and ads on the wall, and butterflies formed commercials in the air… They told everyone that the recently sealed Magical Provenance had reopened, and was located on an island hundreds of kilometers away to the south.

You could reach by boat, or by air.

After discovering these auspicious signs, the SBI agents immediately reported to Hook.

"Director, this Robert really is stubborn. He unexpectedly ran abroad to reopen the bank. Doesn't he know when to give in? What an idiot. He even came up with a way to use insects to advertise for him. He should know clearly that there are no media channels in the country that dares to cooperate with companies targeted by the SBI." A subordinate said fawningly.

"Hmph, if he weren't this stubborn, that Vigilante A wouldn't have chosen him as a partner. Rumor has it that Vigilante A can distinguish good from evil, loyal from wicked. It seems that it's true." Hook growled.

"Uh, then do we need to deploy manpower to clean up the bugs that are advertising?" That subordinate asked.

"No, the insects themselves aren't terrible, but behind them is a great Bodhisattva. We can't blindly make enemies." Hook considered for a moment before shaking his head.

"Why? That Bodhisattva isn't a devil, so he won't act rashly, right?" The subordinate questioned.

"Hmph, then you don't know the ins and outs of the Spiritual Insects Clan. They were all good people from all walks of life. Intelligence reported that at least thirty dead philanthropists were reincarnated as Spiritual Insects last year, including three Americans." Hook said coldly.

"I see, it seems the Spiritual Insects are deeply intertwined and have complex relationships before their death. They're very different from the lone wolf Robert. They can't be easily touched." That subordinate suddenly realized.

The Special Affairs Investigation Bureau was used to quell incidents, not create them. This was fundamental.

If the Spiritual Insects Clan was angered, with their abilities, it would definitely bring about big trouble.

"However, even if he doesn't cooperate with me, does that mean I don't have any other methods? I will not give up on the Magical Provenance." Hook said darkly.

"Then what should we do? The foundation for opening a Magical Provenance lies in the props and artifacts for storing magical energy. Plus, we don't have the technology to refine those kinds of artifacts. Are you planning to turn to other gods for help?" The subordinate suddenly asked.

"That's right. The world is so big, and there are so many mighty beings around. Are you afraid I won't find any? Vigilante A is amazing, he actually managed to derive a supreme technique that can be universally used. It's too bad that he's too foolish and decided to publicly share it… As long as we also issue a magical energy prop to store the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique, he'll be making bridal dresses for others." Hook said coldly.

That subordinate did not comment for a moment as he felt that something was not quite right.

The Director of America's Special Affairs Investigation Bureau made a fool of a person with selfless dedication.

Although he had the same thoughts, he would never openly say them.

That was because words like that were wrong.

"Oh, I actually do admire his spirit. However, because America must not be controlled by others in the future, we have to control this magical energy in our own hands." Hook realized his mistake and quickly disguised. 

He accidentally said his inner thoughts, but he forgot that these kinds of words could not be said in public by a person of his status

Ordinary people could say so, but a big character like him with official status could only praise the other party for his selfless behavior.

In any case, the willingness to share a technique that had a low cultivation threshold, great potential, and could also share magical energy was the embodiment of the noble spirit of human beings. A big man with official background must never say anything derogatory.

"Forget it, you don't have to worry about that. I have my ways. You should first look for some powerful and interested banking groups." Hook finally gave his order.

"Yes, Director. Right away." The subordinate hurriedly left.

After he let, Hook took out his phone and dialed a secret number.

"Mr. Black Robe, can your master be contacted?"

"What do you mean? My master has always been well, why wouldn't he be contactable?" A deep voice sounded from the other end.

"I have something to ask for, but in front of the wise and generous Devil Lord, it should just be a small matter." Hook humbled himself and said, completely discarding the prestige he had in front of his subordinate.


"Is there an artifact that can be used to store magical energy?" Hook finally stated his true motive.Magical Provenance is written in 4 words in Chinese - 万法之源
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