1 Prologue

[Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the first-ever Ultimate Championship World Cup tournaments of Bloodline Wars!]

A big voice of a man on the stage of arena filled the surroundings. Behind him is a huge screen, with a bloodline war logo. Surrounded by four Chinese Mythological Creatures. They are the Azure Dragon of the east, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the west, and the Black Tortoise of the north.


Inside a massive arena, the crowd of crazy fans of the Bloodline Wars erupted as they screamed out in unison.

[HAHA. What a wonderful audience]

"BOO!!! Let's start the championship!"

"Enough of rubbish!!!"

The audience immediately rebuked the host of the tournaments, as though they would eat the host if he did not start quickly.

[HAHA. You guys sure are excited like me. Well, without further ado, 'It's Showtime!']


Confettis exploded out after the host's last word and the crowd instantly hyped up. Then, the bright stadium suddenly became dark leaving the only lit up massive screen. Then, the huge screen changed to an endless desolate place.

A man clad in dark leather armour standing a dozen meters away from the other man wearing an azure warrior armor.


The crowd got hyped up once again when they finally saw the appearance of their dearest idols.

"Go! Go! Go! Demon Monarch!!!"

"Win! Win! Win! Azure Lin Long!!!"

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"


[Now, let me pass the role to our commentators or critics for this ultimate championship! The famous game analysis Mr. Fang, and one of the well-known player, our very own Mr. Gutierrez]

Inside the highest room of the stadium, two men in formal attire could be seen sitting on a hovering chair before a long table, looking through the glass window, directly at the massive stadium's screen.

"Thank you, Mr. Chan." A man in his prime age with grayed hair and round eyeglass responded to the host, Mr. Chan. Followed by word of appreciation by the browned- hair man in late twenties right beside him.

"You're welcome, Mr. Fang and Mr. Gutierrez!"

< WOOOO!! I love you, Daniel Gutierrez! Please, marry me! >

< KYAAAAAH! DANIEL GUTIERREZ make me your woman! >

"Hahaha. You sure are famous Mr. Gutierrez." Mr. Fang chuckled as he teased the embarrassed good-looking man beside him.

"No, no. I'm not." Gutierrez humbly replied while waving both of his hands. "Anyway, I'm glad to meet you once again, Mr. Fang."

"No, it's my pleasure. Okay, let's stop this. We are also live right now and I'm sure the crowd out there are dying to see the championship battle now."

"Yes, yes. Indeed, even me, I can't wait to see the fight of both formidable players."

"Wow, we already reached 500 million viewers!" Mr. Fang exclaimed in disbelief.

"It's expected, even the huge financial companies around the world are betting in this game." Gutierrez replied while nodding his head. However, deep inside, his hissing in the craziness of the people nowadays.
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"I agree. Anyway, it seems like the game was about to start. Who do you think will win, Mr. Gutierrez?"

"If I could be biased, then I will proudly say that my countrymen the demon monarch will win. Haha." Gutierrez laughed with his answer.

"Oh, that's right you're both from the Philippines, while the Azure Lin Long is from China. I see. However, what is your unbias answer?"

"Well, to be honest, that will be difficult to answer. Although, I believe that Demon Monarch is powerful, it's the same with Lin Long." Gutierrez paused for a second and continued with confidence. "But, I still believe that the Demon Monarch will win this championship!"

"Then, I think, I will bet my win to Lin Long." Mr. Fang laughed after his statement and followed by soft chuckled of Gutierrez.

"It's about to start!" Gutierrez's words caught Fang's attention along with the audience in the stadium and the viewers in various countries.

A big number 5 shown in the massive screen, followed by the voices of the audience, as they countdown.






Every audience and viewers who were watching exclaimed in unison as the two-men in an endless desolate place rushed to each other.

Fwoosh! Shing!


In the blink of an eye, the demon monarch and lin long instantly appeared before each other as their weapons collided. The demon monarch was armed by a dark shadow exquisite daggers, while Lin Long was armed with a silver lance.

Boom! Boom!

Explosions erupted when Lin Long thrust his lance directly to the demon monarch as an azure dragon projectile penetrated the demon monarch chest.

"Woah, Piercing Dragon! Although it's one of the lower skills of Lin Long, it has a quick activation and has an additional 150% critical damage if it hit." Mr. Fang commented in admiration. "The demon monarch is probably surprised by it."

But then, as Mr. Fang's words ended, the pierced body of the demon monarch suddenly turned into a dark shadow and vanished into thin air.

"Shadow Leap!" Gutierrez commented as the fight continue.

After penetrating the shadow of the demon monarch, Azure Lin Long reflexively raised his head and discovered the rapidly falling demon monarch, in a diving motion.

"Shadow Strike!" The demon monarch covertly uttered as his speed instant increased, with a dark flash, sparks scattered everywhere when Lin Long successfully defended the demon monarch strike with glowing azure aura around his body. Still, the ground Lin Long stepping on became a huge crater by the heavy impact.

"Watch out! The Azure Lin Long is starting to get serious." Mr. Fang commented with a tone filled with excitement.

'Nine Piercing Dragon!' Lin Long thought in his mind as his lance shone with deep azure light and thrust a nine combo attack toward the silent demon monarch.

"Stay silent until your death. Die!!!" He bellowed as his lance sucked all the light after the 8th attack before he thrust it with all his strength.


A deafening roar reverberated kilometers away as an azure dragon came out of Lin Long's lance and flew straight to the demon monarch.

"Oh no! Demon monarch's shadow leap is on Cooldown! I don't have any idea how he planned to evade this special bloodline skill of the Azure Lin Long." Mr. Fang commented.

The Demon Monarch couldn't move as he was swallowed whole by the massive azure dragon.

"Did you see that?! Did you? Haha. The demon monarch got swallowed by Lin Long's dragon!"

"Demon Monarch's health is rapidly decreasing!" Mr. Fang continued to comment as the dragon flew up in the sky and the demon monarch's health continue to fell.

'Is he going to die just like that?' Gutierrez thought while narrowing his brows.

But then, when the demon monarch's health reached half of his bar, the azure dragon suddenly convulsed.

"W-What's happening?" Mr. Fang wondered in shock.

Lin Long watched his dragon continued to shake uncontrollably until his dragon became bloated and explode in the air.


Sea of black fire bathed the sky as the Demon Monarch appeared, hovering in the air, and covered by black fire.

Cough! Cough!

Lin Long coughed a mouthful of blood when his azure dragon died by the black fire explosion. But then, when he just raised his head and wanted to look upward, a two-ball of black fire fell beside him out of nowhere.

"Oh, shit!"


"What? The demon monarch used a powerful magic skill, what is this?" Mr. Fang wondered in disbelief. He's not aware that the demon monarch could use magic. Since, he never witnessed the demon using magic in the early stage.

"Lin Long's health is quickly decreasing." Gutierrez simply commented. Still focused in the battle, he too was surprised at the skill of the demon monarch.

Demon monarch never used this even when he faced him before. Thus, he felt frustrated about it. Why he doesn't use that skill when they had a battle?


A wild and furious roar of a dragon filled the stadium as Lin Long's health stopped decreasing. Then, in the middle of the black smoke on the ground, a blinding white light suddenly broke out as a 100-meter azure dragon appeared out of nowhere.


The dragon roar shook the endless desolate place as it also brought powerful shockwaves that fluttered the demon monarch leather armour.

"W-What the hell is this now? Where is Lin Long?" Mr. Fang wondered in utter disbelief with wide eyes. His question immediately answered by a menacing voice.

"You're truly incredible, demon monarch. So, I guess you're worthy to see this secret of mine." Lin Long in azure dragon form said as he looked down at the demon monarch.

"Woah, you became a giant bug now!" Demon monarch ridiculing voice resounded which dumbfounded the dragon, Lin Long.

"Hmph. So, you can just ridicule me since you know that you're going to lose? Haha. Hilarious."

"If I say you're a bug, then you're a bug!" The demon monarch spoke as his voice grew bigger.


After his words, a black lotus tattoo appeared on his forehead, as his eyes became pitch black, along with the sinister dark aura leaking out of his body that caused powerful shockwaves.



With a loud exclaimed, 120-meters dark shadow in a figure of a dragon with crimson eyes appeared behind the demon monarch.

"Now, it's showtime!"
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