2 Bastard Son

In the dark narrow alleyway, everything is silent except to the groaning of man who's in pain.

Bam! Thud!

"Ugh…" A black and blue beat faced man fell on the ground after a heavy punched hit his face.

"HAHA. That's what you get for thinking that you're in the same stand with our young master like before.." A brawny bald head man in a black suit scoffed at the man on the ground as he wriggled his right hand. "You're quite tenacious despite your frail appearance.."

He never expects that the skinny man he beat could stand his strength and stay conscious. Furrowing his brows, he was about to give the man on the ground a kick, however. Before he could do it, a sudden mechanical ringtone rang in his pant's pocket.

"Tsk. You seem lucky today." The brawny man said to the person laying on the ground after he answered the call. His young master already wants him to go back, despite the desire to beat the man once more, he couldn't disobey his young master's command.

The man laying on the ground kept his eyes closed as he could hear the brawny man getting closer to him. He doesn't have any strength to receive more beating, or he might die in an instant if he received more. Well, this is how he lived his life, he always kept his mouth shut even if he doesn't like something.

He's a coward. No, to be exact, his mother doesn't like him to get into a fight. And the day his mother passed away, he starts distancing himself from his friends that could potentially cause a fight.

Tap! Tap!

Suddenly, he felt a tapped on his head. Then, the brawny man moved closer to his right ear and said. "I know that you're a son of the current head of the Belos Family. However, you're just a bastard son, you are not on the same level compared to my young master. So, if I were you, I won't ever show again my face before the real young master of the Belos Family."

Then, the brawny man left after leaving the threatening message.

After confirming that the brawny man already left, the man who's laying on the ground, groaned in pain as he forcefully stood up.

'Aw man! That's sure hurt like hell!' He exclaimed in his mind and brushed off the blood gushing out of the corner of his lips. He then wobbly walked out of the dark alley and stared in the distance where the brawny man left with a black car 'Bugatti La Voiture Noire' which cost 19 million credits.

Furrowing his brows, the man vowed in his mind. 'I, Rain Alfonso won't die until I destroy the Belos Family and all the people who mistreated my mother. Especially to the person who killed my mom! Watch me up there mom, I, Rain, your son will enact vengeance by my own hands.'

Rain deeply thought as he raised his head and looked at the starry sky, imagining the gentle face of his mom smiling at him.


A quick car passed by him and a beam of light hit his face by the car's headlamp which showed his appearance for a split second.

Despite the battered face of him, Rain's good-looking couldn't hide that it was definitely from the above-average gene of his parents.

His pointed nose which had a small cut on its bridge, his thin rosy natural lips, and dark crystal eyes. Rain could be evaluated as a campus escort.

He's wearing a tattered black hoodie jacket, under it is a white shirt, black pants, and worn-out leather shoes. On his back is a gray backpack which consists of a pair of clothes.

After being kicked out of the Belos Family household, Rain has nowhere to go. He only has a few pesos in his pocket. "Ha... Now I'm homeless."


After releasing a heavy breath, Rain walked unsteadily toward an uncertain direction while reminiscing his past.

Rain Belos is his name in the birth certificate. However, after his mother died, he already stopped using his father's surname. The doctor said that his mother died from an illness. However, he knew that there's something deep behind it. Since, his father also stopped caring about him when his mother died. Although they never talked that much before, he, and his father had some conversations when his mother still alive.

Rain couldn't do anything about it since he's only a son from a mistress.

When his mother died when he's 12, his father continuously giving him a monthly allowance even after disregarding his existence. However, now that he's already 18, and legal age. His father stopped giving any cent to him.

'Mom…' Rain thought sadly in his mind as he looked at the translucent aquamarine bracelet on his left wrist, the last gift of his mother. Though it looks similar to other bracelets, this is entirely different. This item is one of the world-shaking development that humanity ever made.

A full dive equipment.

Virtual reality is one of the impossible things but the most desirable thing that humanity wanted to have. But then, when the huge comet fell and destroyed number of cities in America, everything changed. Technology rapidly leveled up. And one of that quickly changed is the making of Full Dive Virtual Reality.

The Virtual Reality Chip or VRC in short. The VRC is a versatile item. Except for using for full diving, the VRC could be used by scanning the blood, connecting to the internet using the chip inside the bracelet, and checked the heartbeat of the person.

Since then, the world rapidly changed. It's been 6 years since the VR entered humanity lives.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

A loud horn of the car jolted the reminiscing Rain as he found himself walking near the main road. 'Oh, no!' He exclaimed in his mind as he hurriedly jumped sideward, evading the speeding car. With all the strength left in him used, Rain lose his balance and fell on the ground before slamming on the glass door of the convenient store.



The glass door of the convenient store immediately opened when it sensed Rain and the woman in the counter reflexively greet. However, the woman left her mouth wide open when she saw the appearance of Rain, and she thought that Rain is a robber.

But then, before the woman could talk, Rain immediately stood up and spoke that instantly erased the woman's bad impression of him. "Ugh… I'm here to apply." He said with a stiff smile.

Rain instantly thought about this without expecting anything from the woman. However, to his surprise, the woman replied the opposite of his thoughts. "Why would I accept someone like you?"

"Eh, you're hiring applicants?" He answered unconsciously.

"Huh? What's wrong with you? Didn't you say you're here to apply? And yes, I'm looking for a part-time cashier."

"Ah, yes. Forgive me, I think I'd hit my head pretty hard on the door." He quickly responded and hurriedly apologized. Bowing his head, Rain discovered his unpleasant outfit.

'Damn!' He cussed in his mind as he felt how unfortunate he is.

Since, he's homeless now, he needs a job to feed himself. And now that a job is already before him, he instantly caused a bad impression to his employer.
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"Yea. Who's in the right mind will accept someone like me.." He subconsciously spoke out loud, which clearly heard by the woman.

Furrowing her eyebrows, the woman felt something weird inside her as she unconsciously stopped Rain who's about to leave. "Wait!"


"Don't go. It seems it's your lucky day. I'm actually in need of a part-timer right now. I will give you a chance, I will leave the store to you tonight, and if you perform well, then, I will certainly accept you."

Upon hearing the woman's words, Rain felt it was an angel's voice. "Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance ma'am. I won't disappoint you."

He couldn't believe that there's still an angel in this sick world. Although he didn't know why the woman's mind suddenly changed, all he thought is, he's grateful to her.

"Also, get yourself a first-aid kit and fixed yourself, looking at your face, what happened to you?" The woman asked in worry as she continued. "Don't call me Ma'am. You can call me big sister Mae."

"N-Nothing, it's just a group of thugs, beaten me for fun." Rain quickly responded as he observed Mae's face. 'She's really concerned about me…'

She had an oval-shaped face, white-glassy skin, small but pointed nose, rosy red lips, and big brown crystal eyes. She's totally a hot woman, with a height of 1.7-meters, and wearing a light make-up. Mae is certainly has a number of men courting her.

Mae is wearing a dark purple business coat, beneath it is a white fitted shirt emphasizing her abundant chest, dark purple skirt, and black high heels.

"Do you remember their faces? We can report this to cops."

"You don't need to worry, Sis Mae. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am. Anyway, it seems you have an appointment, Sis Mae." Rain immediately replied and changed the subject.

"Ah! That's right. I almost forgot. I'm going, I'll be back before 6 in the morning. Take care of the store. Goodbye then."

Rain watched Mae left with a dumbfounded expression. 'She just left like that? Without asking for his i.d or application form? What a reckless woman.'

He thought for a second before grabbing some first aid kit. After patching his battered face with a band-aid, Rain stood before the counter as two men entered the store.

"Welcome." He greeted with a small bow.

"Dude, are you planning to play this biggest vrmmo they will release tomorrow?"

"Only insane will not going to play that game. I also heard that even the giant financial company will join in this upcoming game."

"Haha. We think alike man! I'm planning to quit my job and focused on playing. Since I can sell items for real money, I don't need a white-collar job."

"Loser. My goal is to be a professional gamer now. You know how much a professional gamer this day could earn."

"Haha. You're too ambitious, you can't even beat me, how can you become a professional player."

"Hmph. Just you wait! We all have the same start and stats. I don't believe that I can't do it. Hmph, let me see your laughing face sooner or later when I become a professional gamer and has a beautiful wife by my arms."

"HAHA. You're talking rubbish!"

Upon hearing the conversation of the men in-store, Rain couldn't help but also think about it. 'Professional gamer?'

'Should I go back playing again? I wonder how my friends doing now. Are they going to play this upcoming game?'

'It seems like I need to go back playing once again…'
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