11 Lonely Flower's Bloodline

In the south gate direction of the Inocencio Town, Rain and Lonely Flower just left the town. They were immediately greeted by a swarm of players, occupying the wild plains where the Level 0 Green Slime and Level 1 Yellow Slime are located. Players were having a heated battle as they attempted to get the last hit of the monsters nearby them. Since the respawn rate of the low-level monsters are not enough to accommodate the number of players.

"You, b*tch! Get off my area! I'd come here first! Find your own spot!"

"Shut up, weakling!"

"W-What did you say?"

This kind of situation is normally happening right now around the Bloodline Wars Continents. Using an underhanded method just to level up quickly, this results in different kinds of arguments and cursing. Thus, as though they expected this kind of situation, Rain, and Lonely Flower looked at each other for a second before nodding in silent agreement. Continuing on their way, Rain followed Lonely Flower from behind until they reached the area of Level 1 Yellow Slime and Level 2 Wolf Cub, where the number of players lessened.

Looking around in his surroundings, Rain discovered a lone Yellow Slime not far from him. Then, without further ado, he immediately sprinted towards it before Lonely Flower could prepare. "Hey, wait!" She called out in surprise.

However, Rain instantly crossed the 5-meter distance in a span of milliseconds as he lunged forward in a thrusting motion, activating his [Pierce] skill. Puchi!

'So, quick!' Lonely Flower exclaimed on her mind as she was astounded by Rain's speed. It's the result of adding his free attribute points all to his Agility reaching 27 points. Not only that, if Rain also used his new unlocked skill [Speed Flexibility] his speed could be compared to those wuxia cultivators.

Stabbing deep his dagger in the sloppy body of the Yellow Slime, Rain felt as though he missed his attack because of the lack of obstruction but, the system immediately opposed his thoughts as it showed the big red 25 damage number he dealt on the monster. Cutting its health in half.

The Yellow Slime made an inaudible noise as it was knocked away by Rain's attack. It jiggled on the ground as though it was preparing to make a counter-attack. However, before it could manage a comeback, Rain swiftly pushed himself towards the monster, and execute a cross slashes, dealing a total of 25 damage, killing it without difficulty.

System: You've killed a Level 1 Yellow Slime. Level difference is too high, unable to receive EXP.

"Wow! You killed it in just a few seconds!" Lonely Flower spoke filled with amazement which heard by the other players nearby as they turned and looked toward Rain with different emotions. Some of them are admiring him while most of them were curious about his level and identity.

"Oh, I received an entire 10 EXP even though I didn't do anything. " Lonely Flower wondered in confusion as she walked closer to Rain. "Hey, do you know why I received the whole 10 exp instead of sharing it by half?" She inquired as she lifted her brows.

"The level difference is high for me to receive EXP. So, you got all of it." Rain responded as he glared at the players who were still staring at him as though he was an animal in the zoo. Upon seeing his glare, the players around immediately withdraw their curious eyes from him.

"High-level difference? Then, what is your level now?" Lonely Flower asked with her eyes filled with anticipation, eager to know Rain's current level. However, Rain ignored her and turned around, looking for another Yellow Slime. "Search the slime body, I'm going to hunt more." He said before quickly running towards another Yellow Slime he spotted.

"Hey, wait! You're still not answering me!" Lonely Flower yelled out as she pouted while glaring at Rain. 'Hmph! Snob!' She scowled on her mind while frowning. But then, without any choice, she eventually complied and searched the sticky body of the Yellow Slime.

After an hour, Rain eventually gathered a total of 20 [Sticky Mucus] and a couple of [Slime's Core]. A material used for forging equipments. In addition, Lonely Flower's exp bar was filled by a huge chunk. Afterward, Rain brought Lonely Flower on the Level 3 Twin-Tailed Foxs area. Which he gave Lonely Flower another surprise.

"Now, I'm truly curious about your level. Why don't you tell me?" Lonely Flower asked once more as she lifted her head, staring at Rain who's facing two Twin-Tailed Foxs at the same time, after searching the body of the 2nd Twin-Tailed Fox. However, she met again the snobbish attitude of Rain. Why he's always ignoring my question?

Rain, on the other hand, focused on the battle, despite the continuous question and blabbering of Lonely Flower. He already regrets accepting her invitation. Although he doesn't mind her not helping him to kill the monsters, he doesn't like the stubbornness of this girl. She's not giving up questioning him despite ignoring most of the time.

Another reason is, he's not the type of person to get close immediately to a stranger he just knew for a few hours. While Lonely Flower is the opposite of him. She's acting as though they were already close friends.

Jumping backward to avoid the pouncing attack of the Twin-Tailed Fox, he then delivered an upper-cut slash towards the belly of as it passed over his head, before thrusting himself toward the other Twin-Tailed Fox that rushing at him.

Thud! Thud!

System: You've killed a Level 3 Twin-Tailed Fox. Level difference 3. Exp obtained increased by 300%. Obtained 45 EXP.

System: You've killed a Level 3 Twin-Tailed Fox. Level difference 3. Exp obtained increased by 300%. Obtained 45 EXP.

A 'Hua!' sound rang out as Lonely Flower's figure emit light for a second indicating she just leveled up. "Yay! I finally leveled up!" She exclaimed in happiness as she jumped around before halting, lowering her head in embarrassment when she realized her behavior. However, it didn't take long as she got back to her bright character. "Anyway, I'm level 1 now!"

"Well, good for you. Now, search their bodies." Rain indifferently responded as he commanded and was about to look for another Twin-Tailed Fox. However, when he was about to turn around, he suddenly sensed a quick impending danger behind him. 'No, I can't dodge it.' He thought on his mind as he prepared himself for the impact.

But then, Lonely Flower's voice resounded, "Cover!"


A loud explosion rang behind him as he immediately took a distance before turning around, discovering a huge pink lotus leaf who blocked the monster who attempted to sneak attack. It was a 6ft tall and 2-meter long Twin-Tailed Horned Fox, a Level 5 Elite type monster.
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The elite fox howled at Lonely Flower while glaring its crimson eyes, as though it was furious at her interference. "Hmph. You owe me one!" She proclaimed as she looked at Rain, seemingly proud of her achievement. 'Hmph. You're ignoring me earlier, huh. Let me show you what I've got.'

"Yea, yea. Thanks, prepare yourself it's about to attack!" Rain nonchalantly replied as he warned her when he saw the elite fox preparing to move. Awooo!

With another howl, the elite fox immediately rushed with a speed of 15m/s towards Lonely Fox who's right beside Rain. Swoosh!

Thus, it instantly reached Lonely Flower without a second and was about to lunge its fangs toward her petite body. Rain, on the other hand, was surprised by its speed as he stuck motionless on his ground and watched the fangs of elite fox nearing Lonely Flower's body. However, before it could feast Lonely Flower's soft meat, a huge lotus flower appeared before Lonely Flower. It then exploded to pieces, transforming to a 6-ft tall lotus shield, blocking the lethal strike of the Twin-Tailed Horned Fox.

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