12 Chameleon Looking for Trouble


Faint shockwave occurred when the fangs of the elite fox landed on the lotus shield summoned by Lonely Flower, causing the fox to yelped in pain as it was knock back for a couple of feet away. And surprisingly, Lonely Flower didn't take any damage but instead, the monster who received the damage. She dealt a 50 damage, which astounded the motionless Rain.

Lotus Torn Shield (Active) – Summon a lotus flower to block a single attack with a 25% chance to deflect the attack. Can be used twice a day. Skill level: 1 (Proficiency 1/350)

Lonely Flower couldn't help to lift the corner of her lips when she witnessed Rain's reaction at the corner of her eyes before she turned her attention back to the elite fox whose seething in anger. 'Fortunately, I leveled up and learned a new skill, or else, I might die in an instant.' She thought on her mind while cautiously looking at the fox. This is insane, she just leveled up now they're already facing a level 5 Elite monster. Thus, despite the anxiety dwelling on her mind, Lonely Flower strengthened her will. Raising her right hand in the air, the lotus shield once again broke into pieces turning to a single 1-feet long lotus petal before it flew and hovered on her palm.

"Hah!" With a soft yell, the 1-feet long lotus petal swiftly flew towards the elite fox the same time she waved her hand forward as though it was remotely controlled. Darting at a high speed, the elite fox immediately prepared itself and jumped away, dodging Lonely Flower's assault. However, despite that, the elite fox was still late for a single second as it received 10 damage, slashing its left rear legs.

Soaring Lotus (Passive) – Use lotus' petals to attack. Dealing a base magic damage. Skill Level: 1 (Proficiency 25/300)

Lonely Flower did not stop there, by waving her hand to the right, the lotus petal quickly followed the elite fox, wounding it as the fox growled furiously in pain. With Lonely Flower's attack method, the elite fox starting to get annoyed. Rain, on the side, watched the swift like a bird but sharp like blade lotus petal of Lonely Flower in amazement. 'At least she has something like this.' He thought on his mind while still wondering at Lonely Flower's defensive skill before dashing forward when he saw the third strike of Lonely Flower that missed. Indicating that it's already accustomed to Lonely Flower's attack method.


"Oh, It seems you actually have a conscience. I thought you're just going to watch on the side while me, a low-level player, woman at that fighting alone a Level 5 elite monster until I die." Lonely Flower sarcastically said upon seeing Rain began to move and help her, which once again ignored by Rain.


Rain fiercely dove himself on the fox's attacking parameter as he accurately attacked with penetrating skill, piercing its shoulder, dealing 30 damage. With Lonely Flower's distraction and his Agility, Rain successfully caught the fox with surprise, causing to be enraged as it bit Rain's left arm, dealing 36 damage.

Damnit! I'm too squishy!' He grumbled on his mind as he saw his health dropped by almost a half. Thus, without hesitation, he pulled his arms as he jumped away, before summoning the small grass of weed on his left palm. He then silently muttered [Heal]. Fwoosh!

Lonely Flower's lotus petal immediately flew towards the fox, distracting its attention from Rain. Utilizing this chance, the glowing spiritual weed on his left palm continued releasing a pale green light as his health recover by 5 every second. Lonely Flower slightly lifted her brows when she saw this, 'Is that his bloodline? A weed?' She wondered but, despite her curiosity, she never stopped attacking the elite fox.

Then, as his health completely recovered, Rain once again lunged himself forward executing a flurry of slashes, dealing a series of damage, causing the elite fox to went berserk when its health down by 10%. "Be careful, it's about to unleash its skill!" He warned Lonely Flower. However, he, instead of distancing took a step closer by running in circle towards the back of the elite fox, where a thick tree stood on the ground.


The Twin-Tailed Horned Fox unleashed a deafening howl which also brought a shockwave. With a swift turn, the elite fox instantly faced Rain who was standing several feet away from the thick tree. Growl! Fwoosh!

As though its growl was the cue, the elite fox powerfully pushed its paw on the ground, pouncing with a high speed towards Rain. However, at the time before the elite fox made a move, the space before the tree faintly distorted as a pair of sharp eyes flashed fiercely. 'Haha, now is the right time!'

Out of nowhere, a man fully clothed in a novice armor suddenly appeared on the tree with its blurry figure starting to change back to normal from copying the tree's bark. He then jumped towards Rain with his short sword with an intention to kill, the same time the elite fox made a move. "DIE!!!"

Lonely Flower was caught by surprise as her eyes widened before narrowing it as she screamed out in anger. "Shameless bastard!"

However, as though Rain has eyes behind him, he turned around and faced his assailant flashing a mysterious smile before suddenly vanishing into thin air. 'Oh no!' The man exclaimed on his mind as his eyes widened in bafflement watching the elite fox getting closer at him with lightning speed. Thus, he forced his body to turn around, hoping to make a run. But then, vines of weeds sprout out of his ground, strangling his feet. It was followed by the sound of the system.

System: You've been stun. Unable to move for 3 seconds.

"I'm dead…" The man mumbled dazedly as the elite fox bit on his neck, dealing 86 damage. It was followed by a swift strike of its long and sharp claw on his chest, sending the man back to the respawning point. Then, Rain who suddenly vanished with [Speed Flexibility] and appeared behind the fox didn't let the chance slip, as he threw a [Shadow Cut] sending three sharp shadow projectile to the tail of the fox, dealing a series of damage before quickly pounce in a diving motion with his new, found speed as he then [Penetrate] its flank, causing a huge damage.

His attacks didn't stop there. With his body free from the game restrictions, Rain Agility multiplied to almost three times. He performed several attacks until the fox's health dropped to zero, falling on the ground lifelessly.

System: You've killed a Level 5 Elite Twin-Tailed Horned Fox. Obtained 100 exp.
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"W-WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" Lonely Flower blurted out with dumbfounded expression. She doesn't understand a thing. From the sudden appearance of the player who's intention was to kill-steal until the death of the elite fox.

Running closer to Rain, Lonely Flower did not hold herself and immediately ask him. "Tell me what just happened? Did you already know that man was hiding there all the time? A-And how did you became so fast suddenly? What is your true level? Who actually are you? Are you a professional gamer?"

Rain's brows twitched with Lonely Flower's questions as he kept his silence. In reality, Rain kept his vigilance the time he left the yellow slime area. Thus, he already discovered that man since that time. That is also the reason why he failed to sense the appearance of the elite fox. He focused his entire attention on the man hiding on the tree.

"Also, did you know that man? Especially, how come you didn't become a red player? It's your skill right? The vines who stunned the man, so it was counted as an attack." Lonely Flower continued to question despite not receiving any answer.

The reason for that was, Rain let himself get hit before he activated his [Speed Flexibility]. Thus the system counted it as the man's initiation.

[System: Prima initiated a battle. You have 5 minutes to retaliate without becoming a red player.]

"Hey, answer me!!!" Lonely Flower yelled in frustration.


In the front of the massive building like church of the Inocencio Town, Prima, the man who attempted to kill-steal just respawned back after dying from Twin-Tailed Horned Fox's assault.

"Damnit! My newly bought pair of shoes actually dropped? I also turned back to Level 0, damnit! I will remember you guys!"
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