13 Discovery

In the middle of the bustling street of the Inocencio Town, a girl dressed in a light blue dress could be seen mumbling to herself, seemingly furious to someone as she stomped her feet on the ground with imaginary smoke coming out of her ears.

"Damn that jerk! After saving him, he just discarded me like that when he finally got what he wanted! And what is the use of having a lot of Rock Tortoise's blood?" Lonely Flower couldn't stop grumbling on herself without care of her surroundings which caught the attention of the players around her, when she remembered Rain's face. Realizing her action, embarrassment immediately hit her but despite that, she lifted her head proudly, and walked forward as though nothing happens.

After killing Prima, the man who wanted to kill-steal, the elite-fox, and collecting enough amount of Fox's claws, Rain also handed the Hard Ore which he also got from the Rock Tortoise, and all the Rock Tortoise's he had to her. For the reason that he doesn't want to reveal his current level to others and burden at the moment. She's not totally a burden after he witnessed the quick response of Lonely Flower to the sneak attack of the Elite-Fox, though it's still not enough to let her fight a high-level monsters.

'Hmph. He's going to pay one day for dumping me!' Lonely Flower vowed on her mind before waving her left hand downward, deciding to log-out for a moment.

Fwoosh! White light of pillar enveloped her as she vanished into thin air, waking back in the real world.

In the Rock Tortoise Area of the Inocencio's Town Forest, roar of pain reverberated in the surroundings as it was followed by explosion and faint shaking of the ground, as though a heavy thing fell on the ground.


System: You've killed a Level 5 Rock Tortoise. Obtained…

The system strange voice immediately notified Rain after killing the Rock Tortoise that made him smile pleasantly as she admired the new dagger in his left hand which he got from killing the Elite-Fox. Although it has a plain appearance, Rain liked its properties.

[Horned Fox Claw] (Dagger, Inferior-Rare)

Level 4

Item requirement: Str 7

Additional 10 Attack Power, 2 Strength, and 5% Critical Damage!

Durability 25/25

At first, he thought he still needs to wait and three more points in his STR attribute before he could use it. However, as though heaven's luck smiled on him, Rain got another nice loot. Looking on his left-hand's forefinger is a copper ring, which he also got from the Elite-Fox.

[Brute Ring] (Common, Ring)

Level 4

STR + 3 and Evasion + 3

Durability 15/15

His eyes then landed on his brand new pair of shoes, which he obtained after killing Prima. It's only a level 1 item but uncommon quality with requirements of three strength, an additional 5 movement speed and 1 agility, which gave him a little surprise. Never expecting to get something like this from that man.

Thus, with his new equipments, killing Rock Tortoise became a piece of cake for him. Hence, acquiring enough Rock Tortoise's blood and Hard Ore became easy as well. However, Rain immediately shook his head, clearing the happy thoughts on his mind. He can't be contented with these low-level items, it wasn't enough to make money. This is just the start of his plans.

System: You've obtained Rock Tortoise's Blood.

The system rang out once again as he searched the Rock Tortoise body, receiving his fifth Rock Tortoise blood. After that, he looked at his EXP bar which only filled 1/8th of it. He needs sixteen thousand EXP to level up to 5. Thus, he came to realization that leveling in this game wouldn't be easy. And his current hunting location could only give insignificant EXP which greatly slowed his leveling speed.

Hence, without so much deliberation, he decided to go deeper into the forest. Looking for better hunting location or maybe chance upon the cave where Douglas lost his insignia. Rain constricted his eyes and observed his surroundings when he arrived at the waterfalls.

The scenery was truly breathtaking, however. As he was observing the scenery, he caught a glimpse of small rock tortoise on the corner of his eyes, swimming in the water as it suddenly gone when it finally passed the falls. At first, he thought nothing about it. But then, his gamer's instinct immediately hit him hard.

What is behind the falls? He's curious now. But, despite the curiosity, he carefully thought about what's going to happen next if he ventured recklessly. Being reckless will not do good, thus, after a few moments of thinking the pros and cons, Rain eventually decided to take a peek what's behind the falls. If anything bad happens, he's certain that he could escape with his current Agility.

Rain then scrutinized every nook around the falls to find a method to pass the falls, except by swimming. Diving in the water is not a good choice for him. Since he doesn't have any idea about what kind of monster could suddenly jump and attack him from underwater. Recklessness was the cause of the early death of many lives.

Then, unsurprisingly, he couldn't find a way how to pass the falls. 'Is swimming only my choice?' He questioned on his mind as he kept looking around the falls. Along with these thoughts, Rain suddenly arrived at the weird question. "Is it fine to use the [Intertwine] in another way?" He muttered to himself.

With those lines of thought, Rain immediately turned back and locked his gaze on the thick tree in the distance. Lifting his left hand forward, he then simply uttered. "Intertwine!"

Crack! Crack!

Out of nowhere, long vines appeared out of one of the branches of the thick tree where he intended to appear, it then hanged on the branch before evaporating into thin air after two seconds. After that test, Rain then raised his left arm in the sky after the [Intertwine] cooled down. Uttering, "Intertwine!" He voiced out hoping for a miracle. But, as he thought, it's impossible to use his [Intertwine] if he doesn't have a target.

Now that his experimentation is complete, Rain then prepared himself. He took a few meters distance, before narrowing his eyes and locked on the half-circle shape waterfalls. He was silent for a moment, before stepping on his gas the same time a leaf fell on the ground. Then, as he reached the left side rock wall of waterfalls, he quickly activated his [Speed Flexibility] increasing his speed with a large degree, and forcefully pushed his feet on the ground jumping in the air, causing the ground to crack a little bit.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Gale of wind immediately hit him that made his long white hair dance along in the air. Then, without wasting even a millisecond. Rain reached his hand forward, towards the rock wall which covered with moss as he then quickly uttered. "Intertwine!"


With an instant, long vines immediately broke out of the rock wall as it immediately pierced in the air. However, since it doesn't have a target, it eventually lost its force and about to swing down. But then, as though he already planned it, Rain who's falling in the air immediately hold the vines, and swung on it, sending him to surface of the rock wall.

Tap! Tap!
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With quick reflexes, Rain immediately ran through the rock wall like a ninja as the vines disappeared. Then, as he took his third step, he then forcefully pushed his feet on the rock wall, pushing him high up in the air as he performed a backflip before spreading all his limbs on the air. With this, his falling considerably slow down. 'Haha. This is amazing!' Rain exclaimed in his mind. However, unbeknownst to him that he's being reckless. If not for his Agility and [Speed Flexibilty] he won't be able to execute what he just did. Or, if he ever took his fourth step he was bound to fell because of the moss on the rock wall. While enjoying himself on the air, Rain suddenly discovered the looming shadow on the water, as though something fast is about to jump out of the water.

Splash! Splash!

Then, it did not take long as a humongous monster came out of the water, it's a purple cavefish. Water exploded out as though a grenade toss in the water, which caught Rain in surprise as his eyes widened, along with the wide-open mouth of the cavefish. 'Oh, come on man!' He grumbled on his mind before he narrowed his eyes and looked at the [Intertwine] skill that's still in Cooldown as he felt his impending death.

His mind rapidly works, thinking for a way how to escape this situation. Then, before the huge purple cavefish could swallow him whole, he used [Shadow Cut] that swiftly hit the cavefish's huge mouth, making a faint explosion as it grunted in pain forcing its mouth to shut. Utilizing this moment, Rain moved his body into a ball, increasing his weight as he then immediately fell on the cavefish's mouth. Then, without a second thought, he forcefully pushed his feet, pushing him high while the cavefish was forced to fell back in the water.


The same time the cavefish fell back in the water, Rain quickly used [Intertwine] on the rock wall, above the place where the small rock tortoise went in. Crack! Swoosh!

Without wasting more time, Rain quickly held the newly appeared vines and swung on it passing through the falling water while exclaiming. "Haaaaaa!"

Just he passed through the falls, Rain immediately discovered the narrowed crevice, seemingly a hidden tunnel. 'Haha, my intuition is always accurate!' He ecstatically exclaimed internally as he prepared himself to jump down. However, as he just preparing himself, the vines his holding on suddenly vanished without notice, causing him to crashed on the crevice, and slid down on the seemingly wet slide.


"Aww! It surely hurts despite the low sensitivity…" Rain bitterly muttered to himself as he rubbed his aching head that slammed on the wall after he sat on the ground. The narrowed tunnel turned left after a short slide. Lifting his head, Rain discovered that in the distance, there was a source of light making the supposedly dark tunnel perceptible to his eyes.

Thus, he immediately stood up and jogged towards the source of light. Then, after a couple of minutes of running, Rain eventually arrived in the small cave room with a featureless white statue a few feet opposite of him.

'What this strange statue doing here?' He thought on his mind when suddenly, out of nowhere, a pair of crimson eyes appeared on the strange statue which caught him surprise. Startled by it, Rain was forced to take a step backward.


System: You've discovered the entrance to the tomb of one of the Thirteen Martyrs. Rewarded 4 Free Attribute Points.
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