14 Inheritance?

"What?!" Rain blurted out in confusion as he cautiously stared at the statue that already retracted its crimson eyes back to featureless. He felt it, the dangerous aura that came out of the statue eyes, as though a powerful being is before him that made his breath stop for a second.

Rain then took another step backward but, at this time, the statue suddenly spoke with a strange voice, which startled him once again. "Don't be afraid Young Man. I won't bring any danger." Magically, he could hear its voice despite having no mouth.

Needless to say, Rain didn't take the statue's words and keep his guard high, ready for whatever may come. Upon seeing his reaction, the statue couldn't stop itself from letting out a sigh, as though he was already tired of it. "You don't need to be so cautious about me. I won't do anything bad to you. Instead, I maybe bring fortune to you."

The statue continued to speak which pique Rain's interest as he immediately responded, saying. "What do you mean about that? How can you bring fortune to me? Are you a jinni?"

The statue was taken aback by Rain's weird question as it fell silent before replying, "No, I'm not."

"Then, how can you bring fortune to me?" He inquired as he narrowed his brows, seemingly disappointed at the statue's answer.

"Would you mind listening to this story of mine for a moment?" The statue asked not fully aware that he was tactfully lead by Rain's intentions.

"Go, ahead." Rain quickly answered, still wearing the same expression even though he's already smiling deep inside his current expression. 'Haha. I'm waiting for this. Don't waste my time. Give me all what've you got in your pocket."He thought on his mind discreetly.

"This story is about the thirteen young adventurers. Long ago, there's a thirteen young and full of vitality adventurers who're decided to build a mercenary guild to do what they desire when they're still young, thus, with the same goal on their mind, they eventually decided to venture the world. Along the way, they faced a lot of adversities, they experienced numbers of life and death situation. However, despite that, they hold it until they became well-known throughout not just the city but the entire kingdom. Proud at their achievements, their group then decided to venture the Forbbiden Land which rumored habitat of the Gods a long time ago. It was named Forbidden Lands because of the rumors that anyone who took a single step inside the Forbidden Land will never be able to get out. Thus, before they embark on their journey, every one of them decided to build their early tomb before leaving since the place they're going to has the high possibility of death. They left a fragment of their power in their tomb for the future generation to continue what they left. Afterward, they eventually infiltrate the Forbidden Land, however. Since then, the proud adventurers was never seen again for a long time. Everyone who knows them considered them dead. But then, one day, one of the thirteen adventurers managed to come out of the Forbidden Land which shook the entire kingdom. A lot of people tried to take a glimpse of or wanted to get some time with this person. However, that person rejected every invitation it got even the invitation from the King himself. And that person eventually hid itself from the surface. That's where the story ends. Aren't you curious about what happened? And who is that sole survivor of the group?" The statue ended its story which greatly pique Rain's interest.

Rain went silent, as he thought about the story, thinking for some answer to the statue's question. However, before he could open his mouth, the statue spoke once again. "If you're curious about it and wanted to know what happened, I recommend you to take the trial inheritance of Inocencio, one of the Thirteen Martyrs."

'Inocencio? Trial Inheritance?' Rain thought on his mind before asking. "Do you want me to take the trial? Why me?" He questioned it filled with curiosity.

"Why, don't you like great power from one of the well-known Thirteen Martyrs?"

"Hell no, I'm just curious."

"To be honest with you, It's been a hundred years since the last person took the trial inheritance but he failed to complete the test."

"About that, what is Inocencio? Left?" Rain questioned with uncertainty. He then continued. "What is the test? What if I failed?" He calmly inquired despite the good opportunity before him which changed the statue's impression of him.

'He's different.' The statue thought on its mind. Compared to the previous people who took the trial, Rain's manner of analyzing the situation was greatly different. If it's a normal person they would certainly jump in ecstasy just by hearing trial inheritance but, Rain reaction is different. He firstly asked what would be the consequence of failing.

"I can't tell you what he left behind. However, I can make sure that it would help you greatly with your future. And you don't need to worry about failing. You will only lose a level and unable to log-in in the game for 3 days of time in the real world." The statue stated as though what it said is an insignificant matter.

'3-days? That's 6 days in-game time?!' Rain exclaimed on his mind as his brows twitched in annoyance upon hearing how the way the statue said it.

"Hmm. Can I think about this for a while?" He's not prepared to take this kind of significant quest. What if he failed and lost the opportunity to get a great power? He will certainly regret it without a question. Thus, preparing is a must. However, Rain's plan was immediately crumbled by the statue's words.

"No, you can't. There's no use, even if you level up higher, your test will also increase its difficulty." The statue then paused for a seconds before continuing, saying. "Hence, this is actually the best time to take the trial."

Rain furrowed his brows as he turned silent, processing what the statue said. 'My gamers intuition is tingling, it seems hinting me something.' His mind rapidly working, analyzing the statue's words. However, in the end, he still failed to uncover a good reason. Despite that, he felt that it was alright to heed the statue's recommendation.

Letting out a sigh, Rain then eventually answered, saying. "Fine, I will follow your advice."

Upon hearing Rain's answer, the statue's made of marble eyes seems like lit up for a millisecond. "Good. That's a wise decision. Are u prepared to go?"

"Ah, wait. I'm going to check something." Rain responded and quickly opened his bag. 'Damn, I don't think I will last long with this bread and water left in my bag.' He thought on his mind before looking at the statue with an embarrassed expression as he scratched the back of his head.

"Ah, forgive me. But could you give me a few minutes? I just want to buy something before taking the trial." He requested, hoping to buy a few more loaves of bread and water in the town.

Upon hearing his request, the statue went silent as though it was contemplating before it answered, saying. "I understand. Alright, I will send you outside of this place." Rain was about to turn around when he heard the statue's first word. However, he was immediately stopped by the following words, remembering the huge cavefish guarding the waterfalls.

"Here, you can have this." Ping! An old scroll appeared before Rain as he reflexively caught it. The statue then continued, saying. "Just tear it if you're done. It will bring you instantly here. Don't think about anything, that teleport scroll only has this place as its destination."

Rain could only nod his head in response. "Alright. You can send me now."

"Alright, please come back quickly." With those words, the statue's crimson eyes flashed before Rains's head to toe, as though his figure was slowly swallowed by it.

After a few milliseconds, Rain's figure was slowly revealed from head to toe, arriving in front of the massive cathedral, where he arrived first when he just entered the game. Looking in his surroundings, he also discovered an occasional pillar of light descending around him. Then, revealing a downcasted expression of the players.

"Sigh… I died again, this game is freaking difficult."

"Argh! My newly bought armor! Darn it!"

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Rain could hear different voices of the players around him, remembering his first death in a virtual game back then, making him smile as he reminisced his past experience, friends, and rivals. 'Are they going to play this game as well? Haha, they certainly will.' He thought on his mind as continued his way toward the market area.

Afterward, Rain bought a few pieces of bread and a bag of water, which cost 10 copper each. Fortunately, he accumulated few silvers after hunting Rock Tortoise. On the way outside of Inocencio Town, Rain noticed the strange behavior and action of the players passing by. As though they hurrying toward something. Curious by it, Rain immediately reached the left shoulder of a man who was about to rush in the same direction.

Before the man could open his mouth, Rain immediately stated his reason. "Forgive me for stopping you but, do you know what's happening?"

"Follow me, I'll tell you along the way." The man responded as he quickly turned around and ran with haste. 'Hmph. Try if you can chase my speed. I invested my entire points to Agility, let's see how you eat my dust.' The man thought proudly on his mind before deciding to look at Rain. However, to his surprise, Rain was already beside him.

"Now, you can tell me." Rain calmly spoke while still running. But then, as though the man can't accept what he's seeing, instead of answering, he increased his speed with all he could muster. 'Haha. In your dreams.' He thought.

Upon seeing the man's action, Rain immediately increased his pace, passing the man with ease. "Stop wasting my time. I'm asking you nicely!" He said as he blocked the path of the man which caught surprise by his sudden appearance.

"W-What? H-How, impossible!" The man stuttered, utterly confused at Rain's sudden appearance as he tried to look behind him. Just to be hit with a realization, he played with the wrong person. Thus, without wasting more time, he quickly replied, saying. "F-Forgive me. It's in the east direction of the town. The Tyrant guild is currently preparing to hunt a Level 5 mini-boss."

"Is that all? Why are you all hurrying toward there?"

"The Tyrant guild is asking for assistance, any helpers will be paid 5000 credits if they succeed, and 2500 credits even if they fail. That's all I know." The man answered as though he was afraid to incite Rain's anger.

"Alright. Thank you." He replied before quickly turned around, immediately dashed toward the east direction. 'Mini-boss? Tyrant guild? Let's see what's waiting for me.' He couldn't help but smile with these thoughts.
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"Please, line up. All the players with plant bloodline please come over here! Hurry! We don't need lazy people!"

"All the players with mythological creatures bloodline, line up here! Immediately!"

"If ever there's anyone there with God's bloodline, please kindly line up here!"

Rain was immediately greeted by a number of players, lining up before an overbearing member of the Tyrant guild, revealing their tyrannical attitudes, as he just arrived the east plain. On the right side, a few yards away is a group of 10 players, surround a shoulder-length blonde-haired man in bronze armor. And huge broadsword on his back. Seemingly the master of the so-called Tyrant Guild.

"Hey, you!" While Rain is looking towards that group, a loud voice of a man suddenly buzzed his ears, turning his head, he found that it's actually calling him. He replied. "Yes?"

"Are you also here to apply? What's your bloodline?" A skinny tall man who's calling for plant bloodline users asked him.

"Ah, yea, that's right. It's a plant." Rain responded as he lifted his left hand, before revealing his plant bloodline.

Upon seeing it, the man couldn't help to furrow his brows before raising it as he chuckled. "What is that? A weed? What can you do about that? Feed horses? HAHA." It was followed by the laughter of the players who heard the man's words as they look at Rain with mocking eyes.

Despite the laughter of players around him, Rain didn't react at it but instead, pulled out his plain dagger and unhesitatingly slit his palm that quickly left a mark, before uttering. "Heal!" Then, in just an instant, the mark quickly gone recovering his health completely.

The crowd went silent upon witnessing his healing ability. "Hmph. So, you can heal. That's good. You don't need to line up. You're accepted." The man said after snorting. No one questioned the man's decision. Since players with healing ability is quite rare in this game.

After almost 20 minutes, the preparation has been complete. In total, the Tyrant Guild accepted 40 players, which consist of 10 players with healing abilities. And the rest consist of ranging to Level 1-2 players. Since Rain is a healer, he doesn't need to show his Level to them. Even with this set-up, Rain felt that this is insane. Hunting a Level 5 mini-boss in this new game wouldn't be easy as they think.

Another thing was, he was team up with another 9 players since the party system could take 10 players. And he was the sole healer of this party, which he immediately understand his role.

"Yo kiddo, don't you dare get lazy, or I'll promise to kill you back to level zero! Do you understand?!" A bald man in padded armor asked him with a threatening voice. However, Rain just ignored it, as though he was already used to this kind of situation.

"Hey, are you deaf?!" Upon seeing Rain's reaction, the bald man was about to erupt in anger. However, he was interrupted by the loud voice of the Tyrant's guild master.

"Enough! We're going now! Before we go, I just want to clarify that I am, Joaquin, the guild master of tyrant will be the sole leader of this group. So, I need you all to follow whatever I command! Do you understand?!"

The crowd frowned at Joaquin's overbearing attitude. However, since they here for extra money, they could only reply with affirmation.

"Let's go!"

"Hmph. Don't try to be lazy!" The bald man said to Rain with a threatening stare before following behind Joaquin's party.


On the way, the group killed few low-level monsters. Then, 15 minutes passed, the group started to feel pressure when they finally arrived at the Level 5 monster area. Some of them already died by the fatality of the Level 5 poisonous snake.

"Keep your guards high, we're about to arrive!" Joaquin's voice resounded in the surrounding which clearly lessen the pressure on the face of other players. Rain, on the other hand, was leisurely following the group, he didn't move too much since he was protected by his party.


Upon hearing Joaquin's command, the group immediately halted and curiously looked at the distance. Rain also constricted his eyes as he stared in the distance. Then, he discovered in the middle of a circle shape flat plain that was surrounded by trees was a giant green boar with its two long and sharp tusks, deeply asleep on the ground.

[Bowling Boar Lv. 5] (Rare, Mini-boss)

HP: 10,000/10,000

"With that absurd HP, its only mini-boss?!"
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