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"Good evening Mr. Gutierrez, Thank you for accepting our invitation."

"It's my pleasure to be here.."

A good-looking man in mid-twenties wearing an elegant black suit, and a pale-skin woman in a gray dressy suit were in the holographic screen hovering before him, that came out of Rain's VRC.

Rain knew this man, Gutierrez is one of the famous professional gamers. Having a good-looking appearance, money, and talent, Gutierrez is destined to be a well-known celebrity.

"You're really handsome as your avatar in-game. Anyway, without further ado, Mr. Gutierrez, let's go to the main topic of this show." The woman immediately got back to her professionalism after admiring Gutierrez's appearance.


"Okay. Mr. Gutierrez, I guess you already know about this world-trending, upcoming, and hottest VR MMORPG that developed from the company who made the first full dive VR MMORPG way back then. The Bloodline Wars." Gutierrez then responded with a simple nod of his head.
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'Bloodline Wars, huh?' Rain thought when he heard the interviewer's words. He got too busy back then and stopped playing games. It's been a couple of years since he stopped. This, he doesn't have any idea about the latest news In gaming entertainment these days.

"So, what can you say about this game? What do you think about the assumptions of the people about this? Are they accurate that this is will be the best game ever compared to the past VRMMO games?"

"Hmm…" Gutierrez paused for a moment before he continued. "Well, to be honest, I'm also uncertain about it. The Scientific Miracle Company doesn't even release gameplay about it except that little video that someone leaked out."

"However, I'm certain that the Scientific Miracle Company will create another miracle like what they did before."

Ending his answer, the interviewer immediately spoke out another question. "Haha. You're right. However, Mr. Gutierrez, what about you? Do you already have a plan for yourself? To your career?"

"Hmm. Yes, I already decided about it thoroughly. It's my time to leave the Fairy Battleground. Since, I don't have any rival there."

"Do you mean—"

"Yes. I'm joining the Bloodline War and hoping for new, and better rivals."


The audience around the studio exclaimed in unison when they heard their idol's statement.

'Rivals?' Rain smirked as he thought about Gutierrez's answer. Since, he too had a few rivals in-game before. Although they are rivals, Rain treated them not bad as his in-game friends.

"Did you guys heard that? Our country's professional player decided to join this upcoming game developed by the one and only SM Company!" The interviewer faced the camera as she stated filled with excitement.

Rain then closed the live report and opened the world net where he searched the website of the SM Company.

A holographic keyboard appeared before him as he inputs the URL.

Click! Ding!

Pressing the enter button, Rain was immediately brought in the SM Company's main website in an instant.

And a huge glittering slogan showed at the top of the page.

< We are scientist but we make miracle, we make the impossible to possible, We are the Scientific Miracle Company! >

'Why I feel like their slogan is a bit shady? Hmm.' He wondered as he scrolled down and found the topic about the upcoming VR Game, Bloodline Wars Online.

Bloodline Wars Online! Free to Play!

Release date: February 1, 2030

Details: A virtual reality game developed by the renowned SM Company. After a couple of years of being silent, the SM Company is back again to create another miracle for mankind.

There is no in-game detailed explanation yet about the game. However, for some reason, millions of people are actually getting excited about it after a couple of seconds leaked out gameplay of the said upcoming game.

It only showed how a player could travel to another world by flying, and how a player could transform into a gigantic creature to destroy the world.

It was reportedly said that there are no limitations in this game. You can become someone who you wanted to be. And for some reason, the SM Company will release the game for free.

Just by downloading through the VRC bracelet, anyone could play the game.

And the most important about this game being the hottest upcoming game in the century was the equality of the players. There's no credit system to buy premium items to be stronger. Though items could sell for real-world money, which truly caught the interest of the poor players who can't play the game that ruled by a premium player.

Other than that, there are no justifiable reasons yet about why the game named Bloodline Wars. Although there are a number of assumptions, no one is certain about it yet.

After reading the topic about the Bloodline Wars, Rain felt weird about the action of the SM Company, he couldn't guess why the SM Company giving away the game for free. It's too suspicious.

Is there free in these days? Rain doesn't believe that the SM Company has no ulterior motives in their action.

'Haha… What is it to me? I'm just a homeless teenager, why should I worry myself about that?'

He shook his head in helplessness as he shrugged his thought before he downloaded the Bloodline Wars full client.

Then, it did not take long before the download completed.


'Ugh…' Rain yawned with an exhausted expression as he groaned in pain when he slightly stretched his body.

'Ah, that damn bald!' He grumbled bitterly when he remembered how he got beaten so badly.


"Welcome!" He greeted while holding his aching right arm when he heard the store door open, indicating that a customer is coming.

But then, a familiar heavenly voice of a girl jolted him out of his sleepiness.

"Eh, is that you Rain?"

Upon hearing this voice, Rain slowly looked at the girl with astonished expression. His eyes widened when he saw the girl who just entered.

A 1.7-meter tall, jet-black shoulder-length hair teenage girl in pale-white dressy-skirt called him. She has pretty crystal pitch-black doll eyes signifying her innocence and purity. She also has perfect shaped natural eyebrows, long eyelashes, pointed nose, pouty pinkish lips, and diamond-shaped face. Added with her flawless glassy skin and moderate chest, the girl is top-quality beauty.

"Lily Harris…" Rain subconsciously spoke the girl's name.
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