4 Lily Harris

"Lily Harris…" Rain subconsciously spoke out her name.

Lily Harris was his high school classmate, university schoolmate, and the apple of his eyes. She's also a daughter from a prominent family.

Realizing his action, he hurriedly averted his gaze and looked down. If this is like a usual day, he will not hesitate to get her attention. However, it's different now, he's just a homeless teenager. He couldn't imagine what would be her reaction if she found that he got kicked out of the Belos family. Especially, he doesn't like to be discovered in this state by her.

'Darn! Did I used all my luck?' He couldn't stop cursing his luck. Kicked out of the house, got beaten by the servant of his step-brother, and now to be discovered by the girl he liked in a poor state. Today is an extremely unfortunate day for him.

Despite averting his gaze, Lily still managed to catch his appearance. "It's truly you, how come you're here?"

Upon hearing her question, Rain couldn't hide anymore. He raised his head while scratching the back of it, as he flashed an embarrassed smile. "Hehe. It's been a long time. How are you?"

He didn't answer her inquiry but responded a greet.

As soon as Lily saw the battered appearance of Rain, she was stunned for a moment before she replied. "Yes, it's been a long time."
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"I'm good. No, it's not the right time to be concern about me. Look at your face, what happened to your face?!" Lily asked in a tone filled with worry as she closed her face to Rain's.

Rain widened his eyes in surprise at Lily's action, he then immediately backed away as his face turned red like a tomato. "It's nothing, don't worry about me. I'm fine."

He answered while scratching his left cheek. 'She's the same as always.' He thought. Even back then, when they were still high school classmates, Lily always the first person who will get worried when she found the beaten face of him.

Thus, because of this, he felt even more in love with her. He felt that every wound he has, either emotional or physical, Lily could heal it for him without effort. Just by a flashed of a smile, he was completely healed by it. However, his fantasy was immediately broken when he found out that, she's already engaged with the heir of the Chua family.

Which is one of the prominent families, who has power, influence, and money. Although, he was also from an illustrious family, unfortunately, he's just a son of a mistress. He had no right to be the next heir of the family.

"A-Are you sure?" Lily stuttered after she realized her bold action. She's already engaged, she couldn't imagine if someone saw what she did. Her family will scold her if they found out what she did. Since they always reprimand her not to get close with another man.

"Mh-mm. Anyway, why are you here?"

"Oh. I'm waiting for my chauffeur. I just finished shopping with my friends close here."

"It's already late now. Did you buy the entire mall?" Rain said while looking at the clock on the holographic screen of his VRC bracelet which he forgot to turn off.

"Oi! Of course not! It's just… it's been so long since I had fun together with my friends." Lily's voice grew weaker as she lowered her head, and Rain couldn't able to get her words.

Upon seeing this, he furrowed his brows after closing his VRC bracelet. He felt that seems like Lily has a problem but, he restrained himself from asking a sensitive question. He's not in the right position to ask a question that could intrude on her privacy.

"Anyway, I won't ask about what happened to you. However, I saw you checking the SM Company website, are you also interested in Bloodline Wars?" Lily immediately recover her mood as she asked Rain with a bright and curious expression.

"Kind of." He answered vaguely.

"Hmm, whatever. If you're interested to play and have a high salary job, you can contact me. I'm planning to create a guild. So, I need a lot of members. I'm still using my old contact number, contact me, okay?" Lily said while checking her VRC bracelet, and she then turned around about to leave.

"My chauffeur is here. I'm leaving now."


The store's door opened as Lily reached it. But then, she abruptly stopped, and leave a message to Rain before she left. "Take care of yourself, okay? Don't forget to contact me."

"Take care…" He muttered under his breath while watching the fading figure of Lily.


A high-pitched squealing sound of the car's brake rang out as a polished black car stopped before Lily. Then, a white-haired man in his prime age came out of the car, wearing a black tuxedo respectfully opened the car's door for her.

Inside the car, Lily's sweet, pure, and innocent attitude was completely gone. As though she's a different person. Her perfect shaped eyebrows were knit as if she's furious to someone.

"Young Miss, what is the condition of Mr. Rain Alfonso?" The man who opened the door for her and the one who's driving the car asked her in a respectful tone of voice.

"You don't need to worry, Uncle Vic. Fortunately, it's just superficial wounds." Lily answered with a soft voice, different from her current expression.

"I'm not worried about him. I'm more concerned about you, I couldn't imagine what would you do if something bad happened to Mr. Rain."

"Hmph. They should be thankful that Rain is alive, or else, I won't hesitate to destroy their family."

"That's what I'm worried about." Uncle Vic answered covertly.

"Sorry, what did you said?"

"Nothing, Young Miss." Uncle Vic immediately shook his head as he drove the car.

'Hmph. I don't care if they are powerful family, as long as I'm alive, I will protect you, Rain.' Lily vowed in her mind while looking outside the car's window.
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