5 Entering the Game

In the city of Trece Martires, every people who have a morning schedule could be seen walking back and forth with different kinds of expressions.

However, inside the convenient store near the main road, a good-looking teenager was utterly different from the people outside, he was staring at the space, seemingly void of emotions.

"It's already six in the morning, where the heck is, Sis Mae?!" Rain who was mumbling to himself suddenly discovered the haggard appearance and unsteady walking of Mae outside the store.

Thus, upon seeing this, he didn't think of his aching body, as he immediately rushed toward her.

"Sis Mae, what happened to you?" He inquired while holding Mae's shoulders.

"Hmm. W-Who are you?" Mae raised her head and asked him with indistinct words, as he smelled the foul smell of the alcohol coming from Mae.

"I'm Rain, your new employee. Ah, why are you drunk?" He responded as he held his breath and put Mae's left arm over his shoulder before he slowly assists her in the staff room of the store.

Opening the staff room, he found two small couch by the wall and a white table in the middle of it, in his opposite is another door.

'Ugh, my body…' He groaned in his mind after he carefully lay her down on the couch. But then, he heard Mae's response to his answer earlier, giving him the desire to curse her.

"Who's Rain? I don't know you…"

Hic! Hic! Snore!

'Of course, you wouldn't know my name since you left immediately last night! You reckless woman!' He retorted in his mind as he watched her falling asleep while snoring occasionally.

'What a pitiful girl…' He commented after admiring her beauty for a moment before he walked towards the storage room where he got the first-aid kit.

While walking, he couldn't help but wonder. "Did she went to a party?" He's curious about what happened to Mae to get drunk like that.

Walking back inside the staff room while holding a white towel and a small bucket, Rain doesn't have any idea where to get water. He's planning to clean her arms and feet with a wet towel, however. There's no water.

Then, his gaze landed on the other door of the staff room. Filled with curiosity, he opened the door, and he found that it was just a small restroom. For some reason, he was disappointed.

Nonetheless, it's fortunate that faucet has water.


Slurp! Slurp!

Inside the storage room.

Rain continuously slurped the cup noodles he got from the store without asking for the permission of deeply asleep, Mae.

'I'm sorry, Sis Mae. I will pay this on my first salary…'


Rain continued eating while apologizing to Mae in his mind. Initially, he doesn't want to steal from the store but, his stomach had needed something so bad, or else he felt that his stomach would eat his organs because of hunger.

Then, after a few minutes, he eventually finished the food.


"Thank you, Lord." He spoke softly after he felt satisfied. As though he hadn't eaten for a long time.

He then opened his VRC bracelet and looked at the time.

10:55 am.

'Darn, the game is about to release.' Rain hurriedly walked outside of the storage room. He hasn't checked the time, he still have 5 more minutes before they release the game.

'What now? Should I wake up, Sis Mae?' After leaving the storage room, he was immediately torn between should he play later, and wait for Mae to wake up, or play now, and wake up Mae by himself.

He doesn't know what to do, he can't just play and left the store open.

'Ah, that's right. Since my work time is already ended earlier, it wouldn't be bad if I close the store right?' He thought in his mind as he turned around the sign of the door to close, and he immediately locked it.

'Three minutes left..' He thought as he sprinted inside the staff room and immediately sat on the couch opposite of Mae.

Closing his eyes, relaxing on the couch, Rain stared at the bottom left corner of the holographic screen where the clock located.

1 minute!

30 seconds!

10 seconds!



"Game Start!" The same time the countdown in his mind ended, Rain immediately voiced out.

Swoosh! Shua!

Then, the holographic screen swiftly vanished back to his bracelet as though it was sucked by it. It didn't stop after that, a holographic armguard, and headgear appeared out of the VRC bracelet as it covered his left arm and the half of his head from the top.

It was a magical scene. Unfortunately, no one could witness it.

Then, Rain's vision starts to get back after the nauseous feeling of the white light that sucked him from nowhere. 
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He then found himself floating in the air of endless darkness. 'Where am I?' He wondered.

Suddenly, a big and clear voice of man rang in his ears as the view around him changed. He's now floating in the space where he could see a number of giants planet and uncountable stars in the distance. The event always changed as the story goes on.

[Trillions of years ago, Gods is considered a common inhabitant of a sole world, the celestial's world. It was undeniably the most beautiful and peaceful world in the entire universe. However, it's all on the surface, beneath it was a war that existed since the beginning.

As the war goes on and intensified, the War of Gods era began. Countless planets had been destroyed, innumerable lives had been taken. And the one who began and lead the war is none other the Evil Faction, which lead by the Evil Godking himself. While the opposing party is the Azure Faction, lead by the Azure Dragon Godking.

Then, as the war nearing its end, the Evil Faction had the upper hand. However, before they could achieve the sweet victory they had been looking forward, the azure dragon used his life force and divine item to imprisoned the evil godking along with his strongest aide.

And when the evil faction's strongest attackers had been locked, they never tried again to send another assault to the azure faction, and hide their tails from the surface.

And the azure faction also never attempted to chase the evil faction members. Since, they also received heavy casualties and decided to hide from the surface.

However, before the two opposing factions vanished from the surface, they left behind a fragment of their power to their descendants, hoping to build their previous glory, and create a bunch of new Gods.

And as the years go on, God's descendants passed their ancestor's divine power fragments to every generation. Unfortunately, the descendants failed to develop another God and the divine fragments of divine power eventually vanished, and never found again.

When the divine power fragments vanished, the new of the god's descendants continued its peaceful era. However, as if no one actually wants peace, the new generation discovered a power deep inside them. It seems like a parting gift, the new generation could use a portion of their and ancestor's power within their bloodline.

And that discovery began the new era. Bloodline War!]

The story ended with different kinds of races unleashing their bloodline skills.

After that, darkness enveloped the surroundings once again.

He then discovered himself standing on an endless black room. Before him is a 15-inch blue mystic winged-creature. It has the appearance of a western scaly dragon with blue fire on its tail. Hovering in the air, 2 feet above the surface.

[Welcome to the Blood Spirit World, Young One!]

Despite the cute appearance of it, the creature greeted him with a full-grown dragon's voice.

Rain didn't react much at the absurd voice of the small creature. Since he's an experienced player, he already witnessed a number of impossible things in the virtual world.

"Thank you." He responded.

[Who might be this, Young man?]


< Input your in-game name! >

After the blue-winged creature or the NPC's question, a window interface and keyboard appeared before his eyes.

'Oh, he's asking for the in-game name I want to use. Fortunately, this thing showed up. I was about to answer my real name. Damn, developers!'

He then inputted his in-game name.


[Let me welcome you again, Shadow Rainbow!]

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