6 Dual Bloodline

[Hello, Shadow Rainbow. I am the Navigation Dragon, Keel. Before everything else, can you give me a single drop of your blood for me to scan?]

"Alright." Rain answered without hesitation and question.

Thus, without a word from Keel, a silver needle appeared before him as he grabbed it by his left hand without any reaction. He then pricked the tip of his forefinger emotionlessly and blood immediately gushed out.

And when the drop of his blood was about to fall, with a slight wave of Keel's arm, a transparent blue light encircled his blood and floated in the air.

Unbeknownst to Rain, a needle also appeared out of his VRC bracelet, pricked his wrist, and took a sample of his blood. However, as though he couldn't feel anything, Rain kept his relaxed expression.

System: < Blood scanning 1% >

[So, while your blood is still scanning, let me introduce you the four types of bloodline you could awaken after your blood complete scanning]

With a wave of Keel's hand, a number of moving illustrations appeared in front of him, introducing the four category bloodlines he could awaken.

Plants Bloodline, showing a person summoned a different kind of plants from their body as they changed to towering creature. While some of their bloodlines also have healing properties.

After that is Animal's Bloodline, it showed a power compared to a dinosaur, while the others had a speed of a tiger.

Next is the mythological bloodline, showing a person turning into a massive golden lion. It has great strength above the people who have plants as their bloodline.

Lastly is God's Bloodline, which is the rarest bloodline among the other bloodlines. It showed different kinds of extraordinary power, a person that could control the tribulation lightning itself, a person that could summon innumerable gigantic weapons, and could change into God of War itself.

Just by watching it, Rain could felt the exhilarating feeling as he imagined himself unleashing a power that could destroy an entire city. It's really different from the other vrmmo games he played before. The scanning of his blood continued.

[Beside the bloodlines, you could still learn how many subclasses you want. It's all up to you.]

Keel stated, signifying the almost no limitation of the game developed by the SM Company. However, Rain knew that it wouldn't be simple to learn everything at once. Everyone needs to focus on one profession to master it.

However, since Keel said that it's alright to learn how many he wanted, then, there will be a way to learn a couple of professions simultaneously. Thus, whoever managed to master two types of profession will be destined to be a well-known celebrity.

'This game is certainly going to be a big hit!' He thought in his mind without an ounce of uncertainty.

System: < Blood scanning 65% >

The scanning goes on as Keel waved his hand once again. Then, Rain's entire figure and appearance showed in front of him. Seemingly aware of what's going to happen, he did not react at Keel's words.

[If you wish to change your appearance, this is the right time to do it. Adjustment rate limited to 15%]

Thinking for a while, he chose to adjust his character's appearance by 15% as not to stand out. He changed his jet-black hair to waist-length silver-white color and changed his physique to a well-built. He also changed his pale-white skin to healthy tanned skin. With this, nobody could recognize him if they saw his character, though it wasn't as handsome as the original.

[Please select affiliated Faction]

An azure flag and pitch-black flag appeared before him, asking him to choose between the azure faction and evil faction. Remembering the event earlier, he didn't think twice to answer. "Azure Faction."
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[Faction Confirmed. Please select a birthplace in the Calabarzon Kingdom]

A map displayed tens of cities belonging to the Calabarzon Kingdom appeared in front of him.

The opening of the Bloodline Wars was globally synchronized. To accommodate for the hundreds of millions of players, the lands of the game were incredibly vast, measuring up to three or four times of Earth, and the Kingdoms within were even more plentiful. However, a player's living area and city, in reality, determined the country they would start in, so players could only choose the cities within countries.

"Thirteen Martyr's City." He answered without a second thought.

[City confirmed. The player will arrive in Inocencio Town of Thirteen Martyr's City in three-second. We wish you happy gaming.]

"Wait—" Rain was about to say something, his blood scanning is still incomplete yet. However, as though Keel did not hear his words, Rain's vision immediately blurred as he was sent away.

Inocencio Town, the buildings that were chaotically arranged there had a similar style to the medieval ages. NPC's filled the bustling streets, making them feel as if it was another world.

Rain arrived at the front of a massive white building that seems like a church. His new appearance resembling a good-looking young master who's family has been bankrupt. He currently wore a black novice leather armor, black pants, and gray pair of boots.

At that moment, many players had started wandering around the town, speaking to NPC's in hopes of obtaining a trail for a quest. There were also quite a few players that went out of the village, going out to the wilderness to kill monsters. Everyone of them was carrying out their tasks as if their lives depended on it and they couldn't help but wish they could split their time in two.

Rain couldn't pay attention to other players, he looked at the top left corner of his vision where the scanning of his blood going on.




System: Scanned Complete!

< You've successfully awakened your bloodline! >

The system eventually notified him that he awakened his bloodline and he was about to check what he got. However, the system rang out once again.

< You've successfully awakened your bloodline! >

< You've received starting items >

'Huh?' He was confused at the system, why the system notified him twice that he awakened his bloodline. Filled with curiosity, with a slight wave of his left hand, a player's attribute panel appeared before him.

Character: Shadow Rainbow (Human)

Affiliated Kingdom: Calabarzon

Affiliated Faction: Azure

Bloodlines: Shadow | Spiritual Weed

Title: None

Rank: Apprentice I

Level: 0

HP: 100/100

Physical Attack Power: 10

Defense: 4

Attack Speed: 4

Movement Speed: 5

Attribute Points: Strength 4, Endurance 4, Agility 7, Magic 2, Vitality 2.

Free Attribute Points: 4

Weapon Mastery:

One-hand Dagger Mastery +5

(Apprentice Rank - Increases One-Handed dagger damage by 5%)

Dual Wielding Dagger Mastery +5

(Apprentice Rank - Increases dual-wielding dagger damage by 5%)

Free Mastery Points: 0

Bloodlines Talent:

Spiritual Weed Talent 1: Increase the healing effects of the potion by 10% when you drink.

Shadow Talent 1: Dagger-related Mastery +5

Shadow Talent 2: Obtain 8 Free Mastery Points every 5 Levels.

Shadow Talent 3: Dagger-related skills proficiency increased by 50%.


Penetrate (Active) Requirement: Dagger.

Additional 5 points of damage. Cooldown: 4 seconds. Skill Level: 1 (Proficiency 0/100)

Bloodline Traits:

Intertwine (Active) – summon a plant under the feet of the target to stun it for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Shadow Invisibility (Active) – Became a shadow and hide to everyone's eyes for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Upon seeing the two bloodlines displayed on his character's sheet, Rain's eyes immediately lit up as he clicked it with a hast. Another system's window appeared before his eyes, displaying the details about his bloodlines.

[Shadow] - A mysterious bloodline from one of the sneaky mythological creatures of the evil faction, With the shadow abilities, his every opponent died without knowing his appearance.

[Spiritual Weed] – A magical weed from Celestial's World, filled with spirit energy. Although, it's common, it was a very efficient bloodline, increasing the properties of healing effects which could be helpful for survival.

Rain couldn't understand why he awakened two types of bloodlines. 'Is this normal?' He doesn't have any answer to his question. Nevertheless, he was joyful about it. For him to be a dual bloodline, it's not impossible to be one of the greatest players in this game. But to get a bloodline from evil faction whilst he chose the Azure faction, Rain didn't know what to react.

Thus, he decided to check the items he received.


[Novice Leather Shirt] (Gray, Poor)

Level: 0

Defense +2

Durability 10/10

[Novice Dagger] (Gray, Poor)

Level: 0

Equipment Requirement: Strength 3

Attack Power +2

Durability 15/15

Inside his inventory, there were ten pieces of bread and ten pouches of water. Eating the bread would recover 10 HP per second while drinking water will recover 10 MP per second, and both effects lasted ten seconds.

After checking the items, he equipped the novice dagger and it appeared on the back of his waist. And he realized that it seems like his bloodline Shadow is in the path of assassin. Thus, without hesitation, he clicked on the plus sign ( + ) for Agility, placing all 4 Free Attribute Points into it.

Each player could obtain 4 Free Attribute Points with each increase in level. With each rise in level, the different ways players used these points would result in their own unique style.

Strength increases Physical Attack Power and the weight behind each strike. Agility increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Endurance increases Maximum HP and stamina. Magic increases magical attack power and maximum MP, and Vitality increases the recovery rate of HP and MP.

Still, since the game has almost no limitation, everyone could experiment a new type of point allocation.

Rain's agility increased to 11 Points; his attack speed changing to 5 and movement speed to 6.

This method of point allocation was his previous method when he played as an assassin before. Although the majority of the assassin player invest their points on Strength in early stage for an easier time leveling up. However, he's one of the few who believed speed is power.

After adding the attribute points, Rain took a look at his surroundings.

Only a while had passed before another large group of players were sent here. Green rhombus-like symbols belonging to players filled the air of the central plaza, blocking out the brown symbols belongings to NPCs. Such a situation made looking for NPC an even greater challenge.

Hence, after a few moments of deliberation, he decided to walk outside of the village and check the wilderness. However, when he arrived at the main street of the town, he saw a mass of players blocking the road for him to go out. Thus, without any choice than to sandwich himself in the crowd, he took a detour, opening his map, he found another way outside the town, although it was a long road, it's much better compared to the main road.

Sprinting toward the path he saw on the map, Rain then found himself walking in a small dark alley of the town. It was filled with beggars in tattered clothing. As soon as the beggars gaze landed on him, they quickly surround him as they begged for food like wolves discovering fresh meat.

Feeling annoyed at the beggars' action, Rain didn't hesitate to pull out his plain iron dagger, causing the powerless, and hungry beggars to immediately hideaway. Then, as he was about to dash away, he caught sight of a middle-aged man in the corner, silently lying on the ground. His gamer's intuition is tingling. It's pretty suspicious to him.

Walking towards the middle-aged man, Rain then formally asked the man. "Do you need any help, Sir?"
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