8 Leveling

Inocencio's Forest was made up of Blue Chinese Wisteria. As he just entered the forest, Rain immediately discovered a group of three, level 4 forest wolves. They growled at him when he stepped in their attacking parameters.

'A pack of wolves?' He marveled at the quick response of the monsters, as though this wasn't a game. Staring at the growling wolves and in his surroundings. He discovered a few more wolves in the distance, patrolling the woods from time to time.

Growl! Awooo!

With a howl of the forest wolf in the middle of the pack, the group of wolves starts to run towards him. But then, before they could feast Rain's meat, their prey suddenly vanished into thin air. Confusion filled the forest wolves' minds. It was followed by a furious howling as they couldn't believe their food vanished from their sight without any notice.

However, amidst their furious mood, hurried footsteps echoed in the distance, as they smell incoming presence. It didn't take that long as the dumbfounded faces of the players who were following behind their initial food greeted them.


The forest wolves howled at the same time as though they are thanking someone for giving more foods in exchange for the single one that escaped.

"Where is that man?" A question asked out by one of the players as they have a perplexed expression in their faces while staring at the slowly advancing forest wolves.

"I don't know. Let's run for now!" Responded by another player as he was about to turn around. However, before he could make it, one of the wolves pounced on his shoulder, knocking him down on the ground as a -68 damage appeared above his head.


With Level 0 character, everyone has the same amount of 100 health points. Thus, upon seeing the basic damage of the common level 4 monster, that player's face turned ashed-white. He never expected that a normal level 4 monster could almost 1-hit him. Although, he's only Level 0 and wouldn't lose exp points even if he died, it will still leave a bad taste in his mouth. Furthermore, despite changing the pain sensitivity to 1% which is the minimum, he still felt the pain when the forest wolf slashed his right shoulder.

Hence, with that reason, it's enough for him to understand that dying with 1% pain sensitivity will be unimaginably painful.

"H-Help, I don't wanna die!" He screamed out as he slowly crawled backward while the forest wolf calmly advanced toward him.

Upon hearing the man's cry for help, his party members immediately jolted back to their senses after the momentary shock, as they activated their bloodlines. One of them suddenly transformed his right hand to a thick and muscular green arm with yellowish fingernails. Then, without hesitation, he ran towards the nearest forest wolf and punched it while screaming at the top of his lungs.


The forest wolf yelped in pain as it was pushed a few feet backward. "Haha. Taste my Ogre's Punch!" The man proudly said after witnessing the power of his bloodline skill. However, his face immediately crumbled when he saw the small damage he dealt with the wolf.


The forest wolf has a total of 450 health points, dealing small damage was, seems like a proud baby proud at his achievement after punching his daddy's face.

Despite the minimal damage that one of them dealt, another guy didn't stay idle as his feet suddenly transformed to a kangaroo's feet, and immediately rushed toward the knocked forest wolf. However, he was interrupted by the incoming forest wolves. Growling furiously, the 3 forest wolves pounced toward the guy with kangaroos' feet, which immediately changed the countenance of his face to dread. It's three of them, how can a Level 0 player dodge them?

'I'm dead…'


In the distance, Rain's stealth just run-out when he heard the agonizing cry of the players who apparently tried to follow him. Fortunately, the forest wolves came at the perfect time resulting in getting rid of both player and monster party.

'It seems like I underestimate this game a bit.' He thought in his mind. Although the forest wolves are Level 4 monster, normally it won't be easy to wiped-out a party of Level 0 players in a short-minute.

On the way, Rain also discovered a Level 6 peanut-shaped monster named Nutter, it has an adorable appearance, but he knew that it wasn't the right time to overestimate himself. Although, he's actually overestimating himself by entering the forest. However, despite that, he needs to explore this forest first. He knew that every game is bound to have a place to exploits. Thus, looking for them is his primary goal for entering the forest.

Using the shade of the trees, Rain managed to past them without so much difficulty. After running for over ten minutes, he arrived at a range of mountains and hills. Several mountains stood over a hundred meters, located in the central region of the Inocencio's Forest. The top of the mountains was surrounded by clouds and mist, creating a scene of immortal lands.

"Wow!" He exclaimed in admiration. Although he already experienced a couple of VR games before, the place in those games seems like lacking something. But this place felt life-like, as though they are actually real.

While admiring the scenery, Rain discovered a waterfall and walked towards it with an intention to take a short rest to cooldown his skills, and recovered his health points.

Rain found an empty spot, a flat rock surface with lavender color. Not long after he sat down, the rock he's sitting on suddenly shook. A rock monster appeared with a burst of roaring. He was momentarily dazed by the roar but, he endured and flip down on the ground.

Lifting his head, he discovered the appearance along with a deep red name of the monster.

[Rock Tortoise] (Common Monster)

Level: 5

HP: 550

It has a height of approximately 2-meters with the appearance of an old tortoise in a purple thick and hard carapace.

'This is getting interesting…' He commented in his mind as he assessed the monster's abilities. 'To have that sturdy look carapace on his back, this is basically durable, or defense type monster. Contradict, to its solid attribute, I am certain that it won't be able to chase me if I run.'

'This will be the best opponent for my current abilities. However, the problem now is how to break that tough shell with a trash dagger?'

While contemplating in his mind, the Rock Tortoise didn't stay for any longer and walked towards him as the ground shook by every step it takes while roaring.

Upon seeing the literal turtle movement of the Rock Tortoise, Rain starts to move, running in a circle towards the monster's tails which doesn't have a solid carapace. Since he knew that it's impossible to break open the carapace by his current weapon, he decided to target the soft parts of the Rock Tortoise.

Arriving behind the Rock Tortoise, the monster hysterically stomped on the ground attempting to face Rain. However, before the Rock Tortoise could achieve anything, Rain immediately pushed his feet on the ground, dashing on its tail.

Firmly gripping his dagger's hilt reversely in his right hand, Rain felt the weight of his weapon as though it was real before he slashed it towards the greenish-brown colored tail of the Rock Tortoise.

-8 damage!

His attack didn't stop that, he turned his dagger to forward grip before activating his [Penetrate] skill, thrusting it forward towards the cloaca, or the anus of the Rock Tortoise which dealt a -16 damage since it was a critical hit.


The Rock Tortoise released an agonizing roar as it sped forward uncharacteristically because of the pain. At the same time, the system rang out.

System: You've caused Bleed on the Rock Tortoise; dealing 5 damage every second for 10 seconds. It cannot be stacked.

"Haha. Seems like your as*hole is not virgin anymore!" Rain ridiculed the glaring and fuming in anger, Rock Tortoise before laughing out loud.

Sensing the mocking tone of voice of Rain, the Rock Tortoise suddenly stomped his front legs on the ground, digging a few inches in the ground, before opening its mouth widely, and sucked the air in the surroundings.

'Come on, I'm just messing with you.' He grumbled in his mind and decided to get out of his spot, knowing that the Rock Tortoise is about to use a skill. However, his speed wasn't enough.

The Rock Tortoise in the 5-meters distance unleashed a purple smoke towards Rain which immediately engulfed his entire figure.

System: You have been poisoned; losing 5 health every second for 10 seconds. It can be stacked.


Cough! Cough!

Bolting out of the poison cloud of smoke, Rain was forced to cough a mouthful of blood as he was hit by status ailments. He never expected that this slow monster is actually not a push-over. He really did underestimate this game a lot.

Looking at his health bar that slowly decreasing, Rain couldn't stop himself from smiling, he's not getting mad. He's getting more excited!

Finally, he began to understand the difference between those Old VR games and Bloodline Wars. The monsters in this game are not acting like a programmed AI but, as though they were real, they are following their own instincts.

Then, after 3 seconds, the cloud of poison eventually disintegrated into thin air. While the Rock Tortoise began its counterattack, moving at him with great speed as though he won't be able to forget Rain's immoral attack.

Rumble! Rumble!

Staring at the advancing Rock Tortoise, Rain didn't wait to poison to end and immediately dashed forward. As if, he wanted to face the monster upfront. However, as they reached each other and the Rock Tortoise was about to chunk his meat, Rain suddenly vanished from Rock Tortoise's emerald eyes, by activating [Shadow Invisibility].


The Rock Tortoise used its long neck to look for Rain while roaring in confusion. He couldn't understand what happened, he was about to achieve his vengeance but Rain suddenly vanished before his giant emerald eyes.

Subsequently, before the Rock Tortoise could find Rain, it felt a sharp tingling behind its tail and followed by nerve-wracking pain in its anus.


Repeating his previous combo, the Rock Tortoise roared in pain and was about to run again, However, Rain was aware at this time. Before it could run, he activated his [Intertwine] stunning the Rock Tortoise for a second. Which is enough to cancel its escaping skill that would bring him with a distance of 5-meters by an amazing speed.

Even though it's for a second, Rain utilized that short time and pierce the Rock Tortoise's anus, dealing another series of critical damage.


At this time, Rain couldn't stop the Rock Tortoise from running as his [Intertwine] is in cooldown. Then, as his poison debuff is 3 more seconds before ending. The Rock Tortoise faced him once again and dug its front legs on the ground, preparing to shoot another poison smoke.

Fortunately, this time, he knew what's going to happen. Without panic, he immediately jumped a couple of meters backward and hind on a blue Chinese wisteria tree.


The poison smoke shoots out of the Rock Tortoise mouth, reaching 7-meters in distance. Which, 1-meter away from Rain.

Using the poison smoke as a cover, Rain immediately sprinted towards the Rock Tortoise and sneaked behind the monster.

With the element of surprise, Rain repeated his 3-strike combo attack and eventually killed it after a full minute.

System: You've killed a Level 5 Rock Tortoise. Level difference 5. EXP obtained increased by 500%. Obtained 250 EXP.

He was now 645 EXP away from level 1. That meant he needed to kill another 3 Rock Tortoise to reach level 1.

He then searched the Rock Tortoise's body, obtaining a [Hard Shell]. It was a material used to make equipment. He also obtained 5 pieces of copper and [Rock Tortoise's Blood] which is poisonous.

Rain subsequently killed 3 more Rock Tortoise after a short rest.

System: You've killed Level 5 Rock Tortoise. Level difference 5. Exp obtained increased by 500%. Obtained 250 EXP.

You've learned Shadow's Bloodline skill [Shadow Cut]

You've learned Spiritual Weed's Bloodline skill [Heal]

Your [Penetrate] Leveled up to 2!

With a "Hua" sound, Rain's body suddenly lit up for a moment as he leveled up. He was now 1895 away from level 2. Rain's speed of leveling is unbelievable, it was only a few minutes since the game was officially launched. Just by going to Level 0 to Level 1 required more than a handful of hours. As for going from Level 1 to 2, at the very least, doing so would require seven or eight hours. However, Rain was certain that he won't need that long arduous hours to reach Level 2. Hunting Rock Tortoise will be enough for him until level 5 at most.

And, apparently, he learned new skills from his bloodlines and his [Penetrate] skill unknowingly leveled up as well. The additional damage became 10 points, it's cooldown was reduced by 1 second. Most importantly, the next level required 300 SP to level up to 3.

[Shadow Cut] (Active)

Requires: Sword/Dagger

Rapidly send out three shadow strikes to 5- x 1- yards forward. Each hit will cause 100% damage and also give a Damage Amplification effect, amplifying the damage of your following attacks by 20% for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Skill Level: (Proficiency 0/300)

[Heal] (Active)

Requires: None

Recovered 5 HP per second for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Skill Level 1: (Proficiency 0/100)

Examining his new skills, Rain felt weird when he checked the two new skills. For some reason, his first skills don't have proficiency. It means those skills won't level up, no matter what happens. However, these two new skills have a proficiency system. He doesn't know the reason but, it's better if his skills have a proficiency system.

Another thing he felt weird was, for some reason, his healing skill doesn't require magic to use. But instead, it also has a proficiency system.

After that, he hurriedly added his 4 Free Attribute Points to his Agility reaching 15 points. The subtle change in his agility didn't cause a great sensation in his body, but he felt became a little bit lighter.

Thus, after that, he cautiously, and carefully searched in the waterfall range.


Shadow Cut!


Rain's hunting became easier with his new skills and agility, as his skills' SP quickly rise up which several times faster rate than others.

After searching around the waterfall's range, Rain decided to explore upward the mountain. However, before he could take a single step, two Rock Tortoise respawned in front of him which gave him a little hard time. Fortunately, he added all his free attribute points in his Agility, giving him a space for breathing.

Continuing threading the steep mountain, Rain eventually decided to go back to the Waterfalls. Aside from the steep terrain of it, he also wasn't sure what's up ahead of him. Thus, hunting Rock Tortoise on the Waterfalls is the best choice. Although the Rock Tortoise has a slow respawn-rate, it's better than facing the unknown that might possibly end his poor life.

In just a short moment, Rain obtained another [Hard Shell], [Rock Tortoise's Blood], 200 exp, and a large amount of SP.

After almost an hour, Rain became Level 2, following the death of the 9th Rock Tortoise. He added all his points into his Agility, letting it reach 19 points. Which is 1 more point to reach what he felt the first threshold.

Then, it took another one and a half hour before he filled up the 4000 exp and became level 3. While some Rock Tortoise dropped a few common quality equipments.

[Heavy Leather Armor] (Common)

Level: 5

Requirements: 20 Strength

Additional +5 endurance, +2 vitality, +10 defense, +1 agility

[Heavy Steel Boots] (Common)

Level: 5

Requirements: 10 Endurance

Additional +5 defense, +1 vitality,+2 Endurance, +2 Movement Speed

[Heavy Round Shield] (Common)

Level: 5

Requirements: 20 Strength

Additional +5 defense, +1 vitality, +1 Endurance
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He then just added a single point in his Agility reaching 20 points. And, immediately, the system rang out.

System: Player's Agility reached 20 points. Activating Agility Secret Basic Skill [Speed Flexibility].

[Speed Flexibilty] (Active)

When activated, possess a body exceeding a normal human. The body's degree of freedom is completely released for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds

Skills Level: 1 (Proficiency 0/100)

'Another skill? So they put something like this, instead of learning skills through level up.' He thought after deciding to look for a safe place and logout, he doesn't know how many hours passed in the real world. However, he knew it's been three hours since entered the game.
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