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'Another skill? So they put something like this, instead of learning skills through level up.' He thought after deciding to look for a safe place and logout, he doesn't know how many hours passed in the real world. However, he knew it's been three hours since he entered the game.

Slowly opening his eyes, Rain was immediately shocked at Mae's face that was only one inch away from him. At that moment, the curious crystal clear brown eyes of Mae that observing him quickly widened in surprise, as she shrieked and back away.

He was also perplexed about it as he moved on the corner of the couch and ask while stuttering. "W-What are you trying to do to me?"

He questioned as though he was about to get molested by a pervert.

Upon hearing Rain's offensive question, Mae immediately responded with a high and loud voice. "What do you mean? Do you think I will do something to the petite body of yours?"

"Then, what are you trying to do?" Rain replied as he observed Mae's pretty face which had no awkwardness on it. Realizing that Mae didn't have any plan to do something nasty.

"I'm just checking your beaten face. That's all!" Mae said as she lifted his brows, as though she's threatening Rain to stop asking questions. She then continued. "Another thing, why are you still here?" She was curious about the reason why Rain is not still going home. Rain's work time ended for a couple of hours now.

As Rain heard Mae's inquiry, he turned silent and slightly lowered his head while thinking. Should he be honest with the person he only knew for a few minutes? Then, after a moment of contemplating he opened his mouth saying. "I don't have a place to go…" He answered with a small tone of voice.

Grasping Rain's answer, Mae felt there's something that happened to him. For the reason that, Rain's appearance is largely different compared to a homeless person since a child. Were homeless people nowadays were this good-looking?

She wondered on her mind and carefully ask, saying. "I don't know what happened to you, nor want to hear it. However, what is your plan now? And why are sleeping on the couch?"

"I already have a plan about it. And I'm not sleeping. I'm playing Bloodline Wars." He answered vaguely as he paused for a second and continued. "I can't leave my Boss alone while drunk in alcohol." He said, hoping to get on Mae's good side.

Well, it's also true. Except for the reason that he doesn't have a home, he can't leave alone his savior who gave him a job in his worst.

However, Mae ignored his initial answer but focus on his last words. "W-What did you say, you're playing what?" She asked though she did not understand Rain's words clearly.

"Bloodline Wars. Why?" Rain answered simply as looked at her with confusion. 'What's wrong with her?'

"What time is it?"

"Huh, pardon?" He replied in puzzlement, which was responded by a loud and commanding tone of Mae. As though Mae wanted to eat him whole if he did not follow her order immediately. "I said, what time is it?!"

Hence, Rain didn't wait for a single second to slip as he hurriedly checked the time on his VRC bracelet, afraid to incite the anger of his new boss.

"It's 12:39 in the afternoon." He answered as he realized that only half of the time he played in the game had passed in the real world.

"Oh, geez! Why did you not wake me up?!" Mae asked as if it's Rain's responsibility to wake her up. She then hurriedly open her VRC and visit the Bloodline Wars forum. "Now, I'm already late at the first launch of the game." She mumbled as she creased her brows, remembering the last night scene that flashing on her mind. She was on the way to make a surprise visit to her boyfriend's apartment last night. However, she was the one who got surprised when she saw her boyfriend in his apartment kissing another girl. Hence, she immediately broke up with him without hesitation and drunk herself until morning.

"You did not say anything about waking you up…" Rain covertly responded before also looking at the Bloodline Wars forum.

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing!" He immediately replied as his eyes glued on the hovering screen while scrolling down the page. On the forum, he already discovered tons of dissatisfaction topics about the game balance of the Bloodline Wars, saying they were scammed for assumpting too much.

As he continued checking some topics, an important notice from the Bloodline Wars developer pinned a new post.

[ Hi. This is the scientific miracle company, I am thankful at the explosive support we got for the first launch of the Bloodline Wars. Anyway, this message is for every player of Bloodline Wars to clear a few things.

The first thing to clear; To accommodate the majority of players, Bloodline Wars could be played while sleeping. Also, the time within the game was different than in reality, where two hours within the game was equal to one hour in reality.

Each day within the game was made up of forty-eight hours, consisting of thirty hours daytime and eighteen hours of night.

Not only that, to allow the bulk of working-class people to enjoy the game, nighttime, in reality, was daytime in the game.

Second, Bloodline was awakened deep within the player's true blood. Meaning your awakened Bloodline was originally connected to your ancestors which the game added a few twists in it. The AI or the Core of the System was run by super artificial intelligence, Pluto. Which is the sole administrator of the entire game system. Hence, we don't have any control over the game.

And lastly, to keep the game largely different from other VR games, we create it like another world. No, I recommend you to treat like another world. So, that's answered some of the important questions. The world is never fair to anyone. Thus, if you awakened a low-grade bloodline I'm sorry about it. Like what I said, the world is never fair to anyone! We won't care about your dissatisfaction with the game. We won't change it. However, since we said that anyone could be someone great. Hence, everyone has the same starting attributes, number of skills, and items. And then, to amend to those with low-grade bloodlines. Y'all have the chance to learn any type of skills you want. We remove that restriction. If you want to be a sword-wielder that can transform into a beast and use magic attacks? You can do it. Of course, it won't be that easy. You need a skill book! All you need is a tons of effort to become someone. Train your skills to the fullest!

If you work hard, you can be someone great! Play Hard! Play to reach your goal!

And before I end this message, let me leave this message that will probably pique you all interest. Your bloodline can evolve!

Happy Gaming!

-SMC ]

"Aren't they afraid to lose potential players?" Mae blurted out in confusion which clearly heard by Rain.

"I don't think so. I guessed they will probably get more players instead." He replied as he closed his VRC bracelet.

"Huh. What do you mean?" Mae questioned as she tilted her head to the right while raising her brows in bafflement.

"No limitations." Rain simply answered and paused for a moment before continuing. "With just those words alone, tons of ambitious gamer will flock themselves in this game. Just you know Sis Mae, not all gamers are rich. Maybe, 80% of them are playing games to make money. In the past VR MMO's, only rich people could only be the best by using premium items which couldn't afford by a common player. It was the main reason they stop aiming high and decided to play games just to make money. However, this time around, with the new development of Scientific Miracle Company, those candles that have been died down in their hearts will certainly come back to life. Additionally, the concealed meaning of the words 'No Limitation' means you can be a God in-game. Who does not want to be a God of a big world?"

Rain ended his long speech and discovered Mae was staring at him intensely, as though she wanted to devour him. "W-Why are you staring like that?"

"I never thought you're the type was into game that much. Now, I'm curious about what really happened to you… Anyway, what are you going to do now?"

"Hmm? I'm going back to play." Rain replied like a spoiled kid as he prepared himself from entering the Bloodline Wars once again. However, Mae immediately interrupted him as she pinched his left ear.

"Stop being a kid!"

"O-ouch! I-It hurts!" Rain screamed in pain for a few seconds before Mae let go of his red-hot ear.

"I'm not talking about that. I'm asking about your plan. I thought you already have a plan?" Mae paused for a few seconds as she stared at Rain while considering something on her mind. She then continued. "Don't lie to me. If you don't have any plans or a place to go, you can tell me. I still have a vacant room on the second floor of this store. It was previously used by my late father. So, what do you think?"
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Upon hearing Mae's words, Rain felt that she's truly a guardian angel. However, he couldn't take Mae's kind heart for granted. "No, no. I can't accept that. You already gave me a job and now, you're giving me a place to stay? How could I accept that?" He answered while shaking his hands left and right.

"You don't need to worry about that. I'm cutting your rent from your salary. So, what do you think now?" Mae ended with an innocent smile.

"Ah. It's not free?" Rain blurted out with dumbfounded expression.

Upon hearing Rain's words, Mae's corner of her lips immediately twitched as she kept her smile. "Aren't you asking too much? I already gave you a job, and now you want me to give you a free room?!"

"Hehe. I apologize." Rain immediately responded with an embarrassed smile while scratching the back of his head.

Afterward, Rain accepted Mae's offer after he learned how much is his salary and monthly rent. Ten thousand credits per month, while his monthly rent is two thousand credits. the electric and water bill was already included in it.

He was then guided in his room on the second floor, in his front room is Mae's room. "I'm leaving now. You can do your thing! Just don't forget the time of your work."

The room was only four square meter room, too small compared to his room in the Belos's Household. It has a single white bed on the left corner of the room, a closet on the other side, and a small window on the opposite side of the door. Although the room was small, it was kept clean. As though Mae doesn't like to get even a speck of dirt in it.

'Now that a place a secured, all I need is to focus gamin now!' He exclaimed on his mind as he threw his body on the bed which made a creaking sound before entering the game. "Game Start!"

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Three consecutive roars buzzed his ears when he just got back in the game. Three furious Rock Tortoise immediately spotted him, as though they remembered him massacring their kins.

"Come at me my EXP!"
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