10 Lonely Flower

Market Area of Inocencio Town

Shops filled both sides of the streets, There were smithies, pharmacies, bars and more; it was extremely flourishing. However, the current market area wasn't as lively as it should be. It hasn't been long since the Bloodline Wars' started its operation so most players were busy leveling up instead of enjoying what Bloodline Wars had to offer. As a result, there was only a minority of players staying here. Hoping to learn Auxiliary jobs such as Enchanter, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Harvester, Pharmacist, Engineer, Cook, Tailor, Crafter, etc.

Rain decided to go back to the town after an hour as he turned to Level 4. His plan at first was to buy some bread and water to replenish his recovery items. However, he immediately changed those thoughts when the Rock Tortoise dropped a level 5 blueprint item [Tortoise Round Shield]. Another reason, he also realized that he can't just by loaves of bread every time to recover his HP.

Now, he was in a dilemma. He did not know what to choose, to be a blacksmith or alchemist. The two professions have the same demand which also can make money quickly. While walking on the street Rain could also hear the different voices of the logistic players.

"Buying ores at a high price, contact me if you have any."

"Buying high ranking equipment. Price is negotiable, willing to pay with Credits."

"Sincerely buying herbs; rips-off can stay away!"

Many logistics staffers of Workshops and Guilds had set up a small stall by the roadside of the Market. They were mainly here to buy items and equipments.

Rain quickly headed towards a two-storied building without halting, seemingly already decided on the path he chose. High-ranking NPC's clad in warrior armor guarded the building, and above the building named 'Alchemist HQ's Branch'. This place is one of the wealthy places in Inocencio Town since Alchemist is a noble profession.

However, as he was about to enter the building he heard the conversation of the players who passed by him, coming out of the Alchemist Building. "I never thought that we need two pieces of silver just to take the quest and we're still not sure to complete it."

"Yea. Imagine, two pieces of silver is equal to 200 pieces of copper. It's daylight robbery!"

"Nevermind, let's go try other professions."

Despite hearing their conversation, Rain didn't halt his steps and enter the building. Then, he was welcomed with a spacious circle lobby, far ahead is a long hallway with a number of rooms. And to his left was a woman in her mid-twenties, wearing uniform green clothes, standing before the long front desk.

Walking towards it, the woman immediately greeted and asked him respectfully. "Welcome to the Alchemist Building, How can I help you?"

"I'm here to take a quest for Alchemist." Rain simply stated which changed the countenance of the woman in front of him. She narrowed her brows as she looked at Rain from head to toe before saying, "Although I don't want to judge you, we need 2 pieces of silver fee before we could give you the quest. Do you have the required amount?"

Although she doesn't want to judge, the woman doesn't have a choice but ask him. Since she already experienced the same situation a couple of times already. Just a few hours ago. A lot of players were asking they want to take a quest but doesn't have a single silver in their bag.

However, contrary to her expectation, Rain immediately handed two pieces of silver the same time he ended her question without any emotions at all, seemingly prepared about her demand.

Stunned for a moment, the woman immediately got back to her senses as she hurriedly picked the silvers and flashed a smile to Rain. "Forgive my rudeness. Thank you for your patronage."


System: You've accepted the 'Alchemist Profession Mission'.

Mission Details: Bring 10 Sticky Mucus, 10Twin-Tailed Fox's Claws, 1 Hard Ore, and 1 Rock Tortoise's Blood.

Mission Time limit: No.

"Anything else? Do you have any questions?" The woman asked him as the system prompt appeared before his eyes.

"Hmm. Can you tell me where to get the sticky mucus?" Rain inquired hoping to get an answer. He already knew where to get the other materials but, he doesn't have any idea where to get sticky mucus.

"You can get that from Yellow Slime." The woman simply replied which is enough answer for Rain. Thus, he immediately turned around and excuse himself. Then, as he just left the building and was about to look for the Yellow Slime, he was stopped by a 1.7-meter tall girl seemingly on the same age as him, she has long jet-black hair, and wearing a light blue dress.

"Hmm?" Rain lifted his brows as he stared at the girl who blocked his path, uncertain for her reason. He then narrowed his eyes as he tried to observe the girl's appearance. However, he couldn't see it since she's looking down on the ground.
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"I'm sorry but," Before Rain could open his mouth, the girl initiates to open her mouth and immediately apologize for her behavior as she paused for a moment before continuing as she lifted her head, showing her kingdom's toppling beauty. "I've overheard your conversation with that woman, would you mind to do the mission with me?"

Rain was overwhelmed by surprise, he didn't expect to come across a beauty at this early. He was stunned and forgot to respond, as he left his eyes widely open. The girl has thin brown eyebrows, sapphire doll-eyes, as though it was the sky itself. Her nose was kinda small but pointed, while her thin lips are rosy like her slightly round cheeks, showing her purity, and innocence. And to make her appearance look perfect, she has a pale-white glassy skin, as though she was a mannequin made of silicon.

"Hello, are you there?" The girl asked once more while waving her hand before Rain's eyes.

"Huh? Ah. I'm sorry. I was thinking about some matters." Rain immediately thought an excuse after getting back to his senses before asking her. "Do you want to party up with me?"

"Yes." The girl nodded without hesitation, as she looked at Rain with determination.

"So, does that mean you also got the alchemist mission?" Rain questioned once again. As he tried to observe the girl in his front once more. Though he can't guess what quality of equipment she's wearing, he's certain that it's not a poor quality equipments.

"Yes." The girl nodded once again. "So, what's your decision?"

Rain didn't immediately accept the girl's invitation but, contemplate the pros and cons if he acts with her. However, it didn't take long before he eventually decided that it won't be bad even if she joined him in this mission. On the other hand, maybe she might be helpful.

"Okay. I accept your invitation, I am Shadow Rainbow."

"Yay! Thank you. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, forgive me. I am Lonely Flower." The girl, Lonely Flower introduced herself with a beaming smile, which also brightens Rain's mood.

Party Invitation: Lonely Flower invites you to her party, would you like to accept?

Rain didn't think twice and quickly accepted the party invitation.

"Now, where are we going?" Lonely Flower asked him as though she was going on a field trip, which caused a slight regret on his decision. Did he make the wrong decision? Shaking his head to brush away those thoughts, Rain then responded, saying, "Let's go hunt Yellow Slime first."

"Oh, that sticky monster? I know where to find them!" Lonely Flower immediately exclaimed like a joyful child upon hearing Rain's words.

Ignoring her behavior, Rain's eyes lit up and asked her. "Oh, where?"

"To the south!" Lonely Flower declared as she leads the way. Rain, on the other hand, doesn't have any choice but follow behind her despite knowing the impending headache while saying, "Yea. yea. To the South…"
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