Chapter 1309: Seating Arrangements

What crime has Huang Xiaolong committed?

“Huang Xiaolong's actions were not wrong, so what crime has he committed?” Wang Wei asked.

Zhu Feng stopped talking, as his expression turned a little unnatural.

Zhu Feng was in a fix. Since Wang Wei was saying that Huang Xiaolong was not at fault, it seemed like Zhu Feng was obviously targeting Huang Xiaolong, as he had suggested punishing Huang Xiaolong?

Wang Wei continued speaking, “Huang Xiaolong is innocent, yet if we insist on punishing him because of this, how would other disciples from Fortune Gate feel about this? In the end, they would be taunted and insulted by the sea tribe, insulted by the Golden Phoenix Pavilion, the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate, and others; yet they won’t even dare to retaliate. If this continues, what will happen to our Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate?”

What will happen?

It goes without saying.

Zhu Yi nodded his head several times as he said, “Wang Wei, as the chief disciple, I feel comforted that you could look at this matter objectively.” His expression changed as he looked at Zhu Feng, “As the Fortune Gate’s Young Lord, you should learn from Wang Wei.”

Though Zhu Yi did not particularly mention that Zhu Feng was targeting Huang Xiaolong earlier.

Zhu Feng lowered his head and respectfully answered, “Yes, father is right.”

A few days passed by in a blink of an eye.

During this time, at every corner of Sea God City, people kept gossiping about Huang Xiaolong injured the Golden Phoenix Pavilion’s Li Zhi, the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate’s Wang Yu, and also the sea tribe’s Guo Gang.

People had varying opinions about Huang Xiaolong. Some people were sighing enviously at Huang Xiaolong’s strength and talent, at the same time, others were gloating as they were waiting to see a good show. On the other hand, some people really admired Huang Xiaolong, while some shook their heads as they said Huang Xiaolong was a fool, and so on.

These discussions bounced off Huang Xiaolong’s ears as he remained inside his room to cultivate.

By consuming more than a dozen chaos spiritual pills every night as well as Eidolon Crystalline Rocks, Huang Xiaolong’s strength rose steadily.

Fortune Gate’s Chief Zhu Yi came to see him once during this time. Zhu Yi did not mention a word about the incident where Huang Xiaolong had injured Li Zhu, Wang Yu, and Guo Gang. He genuinely expressed concern about Huang Xiaolong’s progress with his cultivation.

Wang Wei and Zhu Feng were also 'kind' enough to visit Huang Xiaolong once, and they even shared their cultivation insights with Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong 'humbly' accepts their 'kindness.'

On the other hand, there were no movements from the Golden Phoenix Pavilion and Black Region World's Fortune Gate, and it seemed like it was inconvenient for them to stir up trouble in the Sea God City.

However, Huang Xiaolong knew that the Golden Phoenix Pavilion and Black Region World’s Fortune Gate would not swallow this down, and they surely would act against him.

“It seems that I have to reach the second stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium as soon as possible.” On this day, Huang Xiaolong had stopped cultivating and this was his first thought.

Although he had Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, as well as his Master Gui Yue of Ghost Manor as backings against Guo Family, Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and the Black Region World’s Fortune Gate; these forces behind him were still a little shallow.

If his Grandmist Parasitic Medium cultivation would reach the second stage, then, he would be able to add the Ten Thousand Elephant Tribe under his wing.

The Ghost Manor's power coupled with the Vientiane World's Ten Thousand Elephant Tribe, would make him powerful enough to not worry about the Golden Phoenix Pavilion, the Black Region World's Fortune Gate, or the entire sea tribe.

In the last few days, Huang Xiaolong had spent some time to learn about the Ten Thousand Elephant Tribe from Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.

According to the two Ancestors, the Ten Thousand Elephant Tribe was an unfathomable force that even the sea tribe was wary of them.

However, the fastest way for him to advance to the second stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium was to find the grandmist aura. Thus, he was even more determined to head to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield right after the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony was over, instead of returning to the Fortune Gate.

The days passed, and the day of the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony arrived.

When Huang Xiaolong and the little cow came to the front hall, the Fortune Gate’s Chief Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and others were already there.

A while later, the group stepped out from the courtyard, and walked towards the center area of the Sea God City where the Sea God Square was located.

The streets were crowded with experts from various forces when they came out.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong spotted a familiar figure at a corner of the street.

Wangu Ziyi!

Wangu Clan!

Other than Wangu Ziyi, there were also Wangu Clan’s Patriarch Wangu Rui, Wangu Clan's three Ancestors, Wangu Junfei, Wangu Ren, and also Wangu Haoyue. Huang Xiaolong had seen them at the last Four Mainlands' New Disciples Battle, so, they could be considered as familiar faces.

Other than them, there was a strange young man in the Wangu Clan's group.

This young man has a burly physique, with thick shoulders and thick waist, spirited eyes, and exuded an overbearing aura.

“He is Wangu Clan’s strongest younger generation named Wangu Pengfei, his talent is only second to Wangu Ziyi, and is a genius of high emperor rank godhead. His current cultivation is between Fifth Order and Sixth Order Ancestor God Realm.” Blood Knife’s voice sounded in Huang Xiaolong’s mind through voice transmission.

‘So, he’s Wangu Pengfei!’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Wangu Pengfei’s status in Wangu Clan was the same as Wang Wei in Fortune Gate.

Wang Wei was the Fortune Gate’s chief disciple, where as Wangu Pengfei was the strongest amongst the Wangu Clan’s disciples.

A second later, the Wangu Clan’s group also spotted Huang Xiaolong and the rest of his group.

“Senior Golden Brow, Senior Blood Knife, Gate Chief Zhu.” Wangu Rui cupped his fists in greeting at Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and Gate Chief Zhu Yi.

“Patriarch Wanggu Rui.” The three returned the greeting.

Wangu Rui looked at Huang Xiaolong, then said to Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, “I couldn’t imagine that just five years after the Four Mainlands’ New Disciples’ Battle, Young Warrior Huang’s strength would have risen so much. Ziyi is far from comparable from Young Warrior Huang ah. In the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony this time, Young Warrior Huang would surely shock experts in all four directions.”

Wangu Ziyi looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated gaze; there was hatred, and killing intent in his eyes, but the strongest emotion was that of dread.

Dread had sprouted in his heart when he had heard Huang Xiaolong could send an early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm sea tribe's disciple with a single punch.

Golden Brow Ancestor calmly smiled and said to Wangu Rui, "Patriarch Wangu Rui is overpraising him, talent-wise and strength-wise, Xiaolong is miles behind sea tribe's Guo Jun and Feng Yingying.

The two sides exchanged perfunctory greetings, and then agreed to go to the Sea God Square together.

On the way, Huang Xiaolong and Wangu Ziyi barely spoke a word. Instead, Wang Wei, and Wangu Pengfei conversed happily as if they were a pair of great friends.

Roughly an hour later, the group arrived at the already crowded Sea God Square.

This time around Huang Xiaolong and the others were welcomed by two common Guo Family’s disciples, instead of the Guo Family’s Patriarch Guo Shi.

“Patriarch Wangu, this way please.” A Guo Family's disciple stepped out and led the Wangu Clan group to their seatings.

Whereas the other Guo Family's disciple led the Fortune Gate’s group to the last row seatings at the edge of the square.

"These are the seatings the sea tribe has prepared for us?" Zhu Feng questioned the Guo Family's disciple as he pointed at the three seats at the farthest edge of the square.

The Guo Family's disciple smiled calmly and answered, "That's right."

"What about them?" Zhu Feng pointed at the Wangu Clan's group that was already seated in the first row.

Compared to Wangu Rui, Wangu Ziyi, and the rest of the Wangu Clan's group's seatings, the Fortune Gate's group was supposed to sit in a shit of a place.

"They are they, and you are you." The Guo Family's disciple stated righteously, "If you don't like these seats, you can refuse. You should be thankful that you even have seats."

"Do you think that you're somebody special, since you are being so picky?"

"Who do you think you are?!"

The Guo Family's disciple threw such insulting words in the air as he turned and left.

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