Chapter 890: Doesn’t Your Face Turn Red Telling Lies Like This?

As the hall’s depressing silence made breathing feel like arduous labor, a Huang Clan Manor disciple ran into the hall, reporting with enthusiasm, “Clan Head, Madame, Eldest Young Master is back!”

Eldest Young Master!

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Min, Huang Xiaohai, Shi Xiaofei, and the others in the hall quivered as happiness rushed through them.

“Xiaolong, Xiaolong’s back!” Su Yan flew to her feet in excitement.

That disciple respectfully replied, “Yes, it is said that Eldest Young Master has just stepped out from the transmission array and is flying back here.”

Hearing this confirmation, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the rest, especially Shi Xiaofei, smiled at each other brightly, sweeping away the heavy gloom from moments ago. Everyone hastened their steps, leaving the hall. Just as they were close to the Huang Clan Manor’s main entrance, they could see a lone silhouette flying in their direction.

Naturally, it was Huang Xiaolong!


“Big brother!”

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Shi Xiaofei, and everyone else quickened their steps.

Watching his parents, Shi Xiaofei, and the rest of his family coming out to meet him, a warm feeling flowed into Huang Xiaolong’s heart. A genuine smile spread over his face.

“Father! Mother!” Huang Xiaolong called out.

Su Yan hurried up to Huang Xiaolong, holding her son’s hands. She was checking him up and down with her eyes, her hands shaking slightly from excitement, “It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.”

Huang Peng laughed heartily, “Didn’t I already say it? With our son’s strength, even if he didn’t enter the top one thousand, protecting himself is definitely not a problem. Look, isn’t our son back home safe and sound now?”

Su Yan rolled her eyes at Huang Peng, retorting playfully, “How do you know our son cannot enter the top one thousand? With our son’s capabilities, not to mention the top one thousand, he could get a place within the top three hundred.”

Although Su Yan said this, everyone was aware that she said it because she was happy that Huang Xiaolong returned alive and well, not because she really believed he could enter the top three hundred.

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong did not miss the meaning of Su Yan’s words. He laughed secretly to himself, ‘Looks like my family and the rest don't harbor much hope or believe I could enter the top one thousand in the tournament.’

“Big brother, come on, tell us, what’s your ranking in the tournament?” Huang Min urged, “Top ten million?”

It seems in Huang Min’s eyes, that was already a great achievement. One must know that there were more than seventeen million disciples from various galaxies.

Everyone turned their heads, anticipating Huang Xiaolong’s answer. Huang Xiaolong leaned back slightly from the intense gazes directed at him, shaking his head.

Watching Huang Xiaolong shaking his head, Huang Min palmed her own forehead, hesitating a little, “It won’t be below that… right?”

Below ten million? Huang Xiaolong was depressed hearing his sister’s words!

When Huang Min noticed Huang Xiaolong’s wry smile, she thought she hit the nail on the head, “It’s alright, the ranking doesn’t matter that much. Big brother, you need not feel depressed, with your talent, in the next Highgod Advancement Tournament, you can definitely enter the top one thousand if you work hard.”

Although Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others had expected this result, it was inevitable they would feel some disappointment knowing that Huang Xiaolong was at the bottom of the pile. In truth, they did have a tiny of hope, hoping Huang Xiaolong would be lucky and somehow enter the top one thousand. If not, at least within the top ten thousand…

Listening to his sister worsening his situation with every word that came out from her mouth, Huang Xiaolong flicked her forehead, admonishing her while smiling, “You really think your Big brother is so weak? Can I only scrap a place at the bottom?”

Huang Min blanked, “Then, not below the ten millionth place?”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Of course not! In this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament, your Big brother, me, won the first place.”

In the next second, Huang Min giggled which deepened into a peal of laughter, “I say, Big brother, nowadays you don’t even turn red telling lies like this? But, looking at your expression, it really seems like that.”

Huang Xiaohai, Shi Xiaofei, and the rest also laughed.

Su Yan smiled, “Mother knows you’re trying to comfort your father and me, but there’s still no need to claim number one.”

Huang Xiaohai grinned, “That’s right, Big brother. If you said you managed to enter the top one thousand, you could have tricked us.”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, looks like it was true that sometimes no one would believe when you tell the truth. But Huang Xiaolong did not explain further, after all, in a few days, the news would spread through the four galaxies. At that time, his parents, his siblings, and everyone else would come to know.

The group walked back inside, each taking a seat in the main hall.

On the way inside, Huang Xiaolong casually asked about things that happened while he was away. As usual, everyone was trying to one-up each other, fighting among themselves to tell Huang Xiaolong.

In truth, in the past two years, the Huang Clan Manor had been quite peaceful. His family was more interested to know about Huang Xiaolong’s experience in the tournament.

In the hall, Huang Xiaolong simply recounted his experience, but when he reached the part of killing Yelu Tianfeng and Beitang Wuji, Huang Min and the others struggled to hold in their laughter.

Huang Min finally erupted in laughter, “Aish, enough of that already. Big brother, you think we don’t know that Yelu Tianfeng’s strength? We already know he's a peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm master.”

This group of people persisted in thinking that Huang Xiaolong was trying to trick them. Watching these people’s reactions, Huang Xiaolong felt a breath stuck in his chest.

“Forget that. Big brother, I remember you promised before that you and Sister Xiaofei will marry after the tournament ended, holding a grand wedding for her. Now, you…?” Huang Min changed the subject.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Shi Xiaofei, who lowered her head shyly, cheeks blushed red. She was embarrassed to meet Huang Xiaolong’s gaze.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “I did. I was about to discuss this with father and mother, I plan to have the wedding three months later here in the Huang Clan Manor.”

Hearing this, cheers erupted in the hall.

Huang Peng and Su Yan were beaming from ear to ear, the two of them had been looking forward to another grandchild for a very long time. They had been waiting for so many years, and finally, the time had come.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong stayed that their wedding would be held three months later, Shi Xiaofei’s petite body trembled, joy and happiness shone from her face.

Although he knew that Shi Xiaofei would agree, Huang Xiaolong still asked her opinion. As expected, she has no objections.

With that set, the preparations began.

Three months later, the grand wedding would be held!

Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Patriarch and Ancestor, and other Highgod Realm masters stepped forward to congratulate Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, the infectious festive cheer spread throughout the Huang Clan Manor.

Su Yan immediately ordered the servants and maids to begin all the necessary preparations, even the guards had to contribute to the labor.

As night fell, the whole Huang Clan Manor was still in a bustle of activities.

Huang Xiaolong was standing in his yard, contemplating things. In all truthfulness, setting the wedding date to three months later was to due to his other concerns.

The news of his wedding would soon spread through the four galaxies and further, reaching certain people’s ears. Those such as the Yelu Family in the Saint Lord Galaxy would hear about his wedding as well.

On the day of his wedding, Huang Xiaolong was certain the Yelu and Beitang Families would come seeking revenge.

Before that day arrived, he had three months to prepare.

‘Three months, that should be enough.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. In these three months, he planned to refine that Lightning God’s corpse, as well as the Heavenly God’s godhead that he received as a reward. Not forgetting that lightning dragon spiritual vein.

With these things, it was enough to enhance his cultivation to another level in three months.

As long as he could break through to Fourth Order Highgod Realm, he would have nothing to be afraid of even against the Seventh Order Highgod Realm Yelu Family Patriarch, Yelu Chufei.

“Sissy fudges, Little brat Huang, I’ve heard that you’re back! I already knew for sure you brat wouldn't die so easily.”

While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about his plans, a carefree voice sounded in his yard.

Huang Xiaolong smiled as he turned around and saw no one other than the Ascending Moon Old Man.

The old man walking in suddenly froze in his steps, staring at Huang Xiaolong as if he had just seen something inconceivable, yelling in a dramatic manner, “Mid-Third Order Highgod Realm?! Your grandma’s bear!!”
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