106 The Destruction of Killer Instinc

After the black water completely turned into tentacles which brought forth a heavy amount of destruction, it then immediately focused its attack on the man who killed it previously, aiming to fully devour him. Under the assault of this monster, Joshua was able to react accordingly.

The sudden attack launched by the monster happened completely unnoticed. Stealthily and speedily, without even a single trace of killing intent, it had completely hidden itself from the awareness of the surrounding. At the very last instant, it released an attack so powerful, which one could not find any form of openings.


 After a long drawn out battle, the fatigue Joshua was feeling finally kicked in. His instincts to sense danger were not completely functional at that moment. No matter how fast his physical body was, he was not able to fully dodge the attack in time. At that moment, there was a black tentacle shaped like a razor-sharp blade seen in the vicinity. On top of that razor-sharp blade, there were traces of fresh blood. Joshua had lost a part of his left shoulder after being assaulted.

 The warrior's shoulder and remains of his armor flew up with a certain magnitude and landed in the black pool of mud. Without the protection of his Combat Aura, even if the warrior's physique was strong in the first place, it could not withstand the corrosion of the black substance. Just within seconds, the pile of flesh completely disintegrated.

 "Damn it!"

Gurgle gurgle gurgle

The sound of digestion could be heard. Bones, flesh, and sand were being dissolved by the black substance. After devouring Joshua's flesh, the black puddle formed a semi-circular pile of moving sand. On top of the surface, multiple expressions of beasts in pain were seen. Those expressions were extremely pitiful as if they were begging for true death, releasing themselves from this utter torment.

 Following the movement of the black puddle with sand and mud, the expressions kept changing non-stop. There were the faces of a rhinoceros, a winter wolf, daemons, worms, etc. There was even the shadow of a dragon seen within the scene. It was struggling within the black puddle and was extremely hideous.

 Numerous distorted expressions were shown on top of numerous beast. There were even screams of despair releasing from depths of their soul.

 "Is this the Formless Spawn or the Abyssal Mirebeast?"

After stopping his bleeding, Joshua no longer cared about the fact that he was attacked. With a calm and clear mind, he analyzed the issue right before him.

The beasts which came from the Chaos dimension were called Formless Spawns, descendants of the Evil Gods. The Abyssal Mirebeast were born from the remains of greater daemons from the abyss which had failed to evolve. Only these two categories of daemons had the capability to devour blood and flesh, together with the capability of strengthening their own soul. They also had the capability to withstand strong attacks and massive vitality to continue living.

He suddenly remembered during his aerial battle with the black dragon, there was a substance which interfered with their combat during that moment. In addition to the last moment where Joshua beheaded the dragon, there was no fresh blood to be found. Instead, a black viscous liquid dripped from the wound.

 "Now I get it. Right from the start, this creature hid within the black dragon. Taking the opportunity when the host died and my focus relaxed, it launches its attack against me…"

Joshua did not even pay a single attention to the wound he just got inflicted upon. With his seemingly cold behavior, Joshua held onto his Divine Armament firmly. Within his words, there were traces of anger. The female Divine Armament felt these changes happening within her master through their pact. Even Ying felt terror with these changes.

A dense amount of killing intent… This had never been felt by Ying from her master. No matter how violent her master acted previously, there were still traces of enjoyment and excitement during his battles. But this, this was very different from the norm.

 He was extremely pissed off!

 All the bones on Joshua's left arm previously had already shattered without any ability to move around. At this moment, he even lost his shoulder blade bone which rendered his left arm completely useless. The arms right now depended on the last stretch of muscle to hang itself onto Joshua's body. It was very inconvenient.

The daemons within the vicinity were still trying to kill each other.

The ones that were slain would be sucked into the black substance and then consumed. This process allowed the black substance to keep increasing its height to more than ten-meters high. Joshua looked at the scene in front of him without saying a word, however, Ying could feel an intense rage roaring within the depths of Joshua's soul.

 It was supposed to be a happy killing spree, why would these uninteresting events happen at the end?!

With a single step forward, the warrior's body turned into a flash of light and reached near the formless spawn. Joshua then raised his sword, forming a strong whirlwind and slashed the monster. The formless spawn itself was not solid in the first place, it was then slashed into numerous droplets. During that moment, the black substance tried to corrode the Divine Armament, but it failed due to a blazing aura coating the huge blade.

 Slash! Slash! Slash!

 Joshua used his remaining functional arm to wield the Divine Armament, putting forth a ferocious attack against the black substance like a monster in front of him. With each and every slash he made, he cut down every piece of tentacle which tried to perform a counter-attack. This black substance could not resist against the fierce onslaught from Joshua. Each and every time it tried to form an attack against Joshua, it was instantly disrupted by Joshua.

How could a monster without wisdom possibly think to analyze Joshua's attack? If its previous attack were to land on his right shoulder, it would be advantageous for it. However, now it had landed on his left shoulder which was practically useless in the first place, it could hardly affect the current combat capability of Joshua.

The problem for Joshua right now was no matter how many times he tried to destroy the monster, this black mud-like creature would only need to wiggle a little bit, and it will be fully healed again. The dragon-slaying stone engravings and Combat Aura were slowly fading with each attack, yet not much significant damage was seen on the monster.

"This is really bothersome,"Joshua muttered as he attacked.

Chaos beings were not easy to deal with. They were supposedly dead by default, yet their existence still persisted. They were like sticky bubble gum which was stuck to your hair, it just gives you that much of an annoyance to get rid of.

Behind his back, a loud rumble was heard. Without turning his head back, Joshua knew that it was the dimensional door that was trying to release the chaotic aura from the other dimension to invade the forest near Moldova so that this territory will be converted into the territory of Chaos.

This disgusting feeling really got on everyone's nerves. It felt really uncomfortable.

"I do not have time to waste on you. Brandon himself definitely does not have the capability to destroy the door alone. I have to go there immediately"

True Chaos could only be destroyed by fire.

The red Combat Aura slowly turned dim on the silver greatsword. The color change was close to black. Whenever an attack landed on the mud-like creature, it would cause more damage to this being. Each and every attack disintegrated more of the black puddle, which was also its life source.

Within the depths of Joshua's eyes, a light that brought silence and death was released. The black Combat Aura spread throughout Joshua's body and continued to combust.

 Fire was the creator of the world and was the source of order. Its existence gave birth to life and brought forth order to the living. However, fire was not a kind existence. It could also create destruction and death towards all being, disintegrating them into ashes and nothingness.

 It was the same as Combat Aura. Combat Aura was a source of life, yet it could devour another living thing.

 Thus, the combustion of soul and will, gives birth to an incredible form of power. Across this long drawn battle, lots of daemons had been slain by Joshua. The afterimage of these daemons appeared within the flames that were surrounding Joshua. As Joshua focused, his thirst for combat increased. The power that was formed could only be stated as unique only to Joshua.

 The hunger for killing and combat could never be satisfied. This was Joshua belief!

 [Glorious Strength: Satsui Hadou!]


 A huge flame burst from Joshua's body. The armor which was damaged by dragon's breath and lava were instantly shattered into pieces when the flame surged upon Joshua's body. The strong power that rushed out from within Joshua's body had destroyed his own armor. The black-red Combat Aura had finally successfully transformed into a complete dark flame, coating Joshua's body.

 This was the power that annihilated everything. It had been in a slumber within Joshua for many years. Finally, it was summoned by his master.

 "If I cannot destroy you in one hit, I'll take 10, 100, 1000 or more."

 Joshua stopped his attack for a moment. Facing this persistent creature which just could not die, Joshua had no more patience left. He raised his greatsword which was covered with a black aura. This black aura had caused numerous rocks and dead daemons' blood to be suspended in midair, which surrounded Joshua while rotating slowly.

 Joshua was calm and collected at that moment.


 The dark aura consumed Chaos. The killing intent from Joshua induced an aura of fear coated on top of the Divine Armament. At that very instant, the world lost its color and its light. A sudden silence covered the entire world. Out of a sudden, only a beam of light was seen, followed by numerous afterimage which shattered the silence of the world.

 [Instant Thousand Cuts]

Within the darkness, a huge sword was swung onto the enemy. The sharp edge cut into the black mud at a quick pace, leaving only the afterimage of the greatsword. With the buff of the killing intent, the warrior was able to move his body to the utmost limit. Countless of slashes was released upon the enemy. Within this instance, the chaos creature was no more but numerous shattered pieces.


 The attack using the strength to the utmost limit with condensed killing intent released thousands of slashes upon the chaotic being. These attacks landed on the body of this black entity and disintegrated it into nothingness. Even if the enemy was a chaos being, it could never live another day after sustaining such an attack.

As the darkness faded, Joshua's killing intent subsided and he kept his greatsword. Without caring about the creature's carcass, he moved toward the direction of the dimensional gate.

The Azurite on his chest was releasing waves and waves of heat. The power that was released aided in Joshua's recovery. Joshua was floating in the skies with black aura completely covering his whole body. Without any delay, he dashed towards the black pillar of light with incredible speed, only leaving behind his afterimage.

In any case, the battle which was not much of a big deal to Joshua finally came to an end.
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