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If one must differentiate it, the number of monsters with Chaos Attributes was not low at all. That would include the evil cults who worshipped the demons and the evil gods. However, the challenging part of his quest was that he had to aim for those who had a power level much higher than a Silver tier.

A power level much higher than a Silver tier did not include the power level of a Silver tier. That would mean that the warrior needed to kill at least Gold-tier monsters— Well, the characters in the story in the initial game could not just cross into the Gold tier by completing a quest. They would need a certain period of time to adjust themselves in order for them to turn their bodies extraordinary. Therefore, there would be a transitional level for the Silver Tier to obtain first before they could cross into the Gold tier.

Meanwhile, under the suppression of the Church of the Seven Gods, the cults across the entire Mycroft Continent had almost been wiped out tens of years ago. Even if some remained, they were currently hiding deep in the forests and the mountains. Casting aside whether a person was capable enough to take them on, it would already be extremely difficult to even seek them out from their hiding spots.

A few months later, the Terraria Dhole Worm that appeared near the fortress at the border of the Empire must be much more powerful than regular Gold-tier monsters. The power level of that Terraria Dhole Worm might even be of Supreme tier.

Knocking the end of a pen on the table, Joshua thought to himself, That worm could have been a good opponent. However, it will only appear much later. It would have been too late if I wait for it to reveal itself. I won't be able to solve my current problem. Meanwhile, Alphonso should be able to purchase and gather the special items to summon it. As for whether the tragedy would happen, we shall see about it.

The Chaos Guardian Class was currently only unlocked halfway. The gifts and special attributes of many Classes had not been fully revealed yet. That included the five Class levels of the Legacy reward. They could swiftly enhance the power level of a person in combat. Therefore, killing a Gold-tier demon was one of Joshua's top priorities.

"No wonder the previous owner of this mansion had the strength of a Gold tier. Before I inherited this, I'm already a Gold tier. However, it could still reward me with 5 levels. The level reward for this is at least two times the level reward of the Silver tier."

By adjusting his thoughts a little, Joshua finally understood the matter he felt strange about a while ago—if each of the Radcliffe family only had one person eligible to use 'the lesser people know about the evil gods the better' to explain it, then how can every new liege have the power level of a Gold tier? The reason was simple, that would be because of the power of Legacy.

A nobleman did not need to complete Class Quest like he needed to. Meanwhile, under the circumstance of having the best training environment from an early age, if this person cannot reach the Intermediate Silver in his twenties and cannot promise to reach Gold Tier before inheriting, it was really a waste of resources. It would be much better to commit suicide as early as possible so that the family could choose a new successor of the family.


When his thoughts stopped there, Joshua sighed while holding his pen writing the information into the notebook. He conveniently put his pen down in between the pages of the notebook and put the notebook on a desk. Then he lifted his head and looked at the ceiling before he started to mutter to himself, "Boring. I want to slice people up. I hope I can meet someone who can give me a thrill in battle."

Well, the warrior was thinking about the past just because his hands were itchy. He was craving for battle.

The colossal Gold-tier beast had triggered his thirst for battle but was not strong enough to satisfy it. After that, no matter how hard he tried, Joshua could not find any other powerful monsters around his territory. Maybe that Chaotic Gore Magala would be a worthy opponent for Joshua to look forward to. However, the dragon could fly too fast. If the dragon was focused on evading, Joshua would not stand a chance at landing a hit on the dragon at all.

If he was still in the game in his previous life, Joshua could have just gone and cleared some dungeons if he ever felt an itch in his hands. He could repeatedly clear the dungeons until he felt satisfied. Well, that was also one of the reasons why he could reach approximately 3 million kills. However, the truth about the 'Continental War' was that the monsters that were slain would not exist anymore. There was no way that they would be respawned like they could in the game.

Closing his eyes, he thought of the past.

Long ago when he was still a lone ranger, as a mercenary, he was wandering around the forest in the distant land in the south. Because he had been leading parties in clearing dungeons and his achievements seemed promising, the number of his comrades continued to increase. Because of that, his progress in clearing the dungeons became much more efficient as time went by. He managed to make his own name known to more and more people day after day. Players across the entire distant land of the south would know about the existence of his powerful party.

Not long after that, these comrades who kept clearing dungeons alongside Joshua decided to follow the trend of the game. They wanted to form an official party and promote him as the leader of their party.

However, how could it be possible that Joshua would agree to that? He admitted that he was merely a regular warrior. So how could he become the leader? His comrades later told him that the entire party voted him as the leader.

Feeling the enthusiasm of all his comrades, Joshua had no choice but to accept their offer. After that, the party had changed a lot. From a group that started with pure intentions to becoming the party in the entire land of the south, the warrior had been the leader all along. Although he did not really attend to the management of the party, everyone knew. The entire party existed because of this one man.

Smiling quietly, Joshua came back to the present. He opened his eyes and picked up the pen and the notebook again. Then he began with another round of analysis.

—right outside the door.

The head of the female servant with silver hair was holding a tea tray in her hands as she made her way slowly across the stairwell of the spiral tower.

The north did not produce tea leaves because the weather was just too cold for that. However, no matter whether the citizens or the nobles, both take a liking to red tea which could warm their stomachs. So whenever the caravan arrived at the north, they would bring along a large quantity of red tea leaves that went sour.

To make it more refreshing, the locals would add some ribbon plant leaves that only can be found in the northern lands to increase the intensity of the tea.

Although she was appointed as the head of the female servants, Ying knew that she was still far from becoming a qualified female servant.She did not feel distressed about her lack of talent though. Instead, she was trying to prove herself by acting and learning.

"I wonder what Master was thinking all alone in the library. Although I've no idea if he needs it or not, I'll just make him some tea and pass it to him."

Muttering softly to herself, Ying smiled slightly thinking, "I wonder if Master would praise me a little."

Ever since she was told by Feng that her clothes were too outdated back then, she had changed into a new uniform. Now, her silver hair could be seen flying in the direction of the wind. She was seen wearing a single-breasted black velvet gown, a pair of black long boots and a thick cloak made of wool. Meanwhile, right on the cuff and the chest of the uniform, there was the emblem of a hand holding a black sword with golden side and black background on them.

Upon arriving at the floor where the conference room was, Ying noticed that there were all sorts of weapons hanging on the walls. She could not help but remember the remaining of the Divine Armaments in the graveyard she saw a few days ago.

However, the girl did not feel agitation at all, only admiration.

Even though those Divine Armaments were dead, however, as a weapon, their names were craved by the side of their masters' names on the tombstones. Their fates were intertwined… death was not scary. Instead, that kind of bond was very admirable.

"I wonder when I can become an irreplaceable limb to Master Joshua… He doesn't even need to use me."

Upon sighing lightly, Ying seemed to be worrying about something, "Master is so powerful. He will seldom use me. Could it be that I'll just be a female servant and serve Master tea for the rest of my days?"

The girl that was feeling a little worried was walking forward very slowly. Then, she heard some footsteps coming from behind.

A few seconds later, on the other side of the spiral stairwells, three middle-aged men just appear right in front of her.


With astonishment on her face, Ying noticed that she actually knew two of them. Because they said that the uniform on them was exactly the same as the ones on the seniors, she decided to change into a new uniform. So she could remember it well.

One of them was a mage while the other one was an elf warrior who seemed to like covering half of his face… They also brought along a middle-aged man with blond hair to see her master.

Meanwhile, Zorgen and the others had also noticed the presence of the girl with silver hair.

Oh, right. This must be the young head servant they met earlier on. Her style was as bad as all her seniors though. But the clothes on her right now was not bad at all.

"Good morning, Miss Ying."

It began with Feng greeting her. Then the white-haired mage said, "Is Count Joshua in his conference room?"

"Yes, Master is contemplating about some matters in the conference room right now." Upon lifting up the plate in her hand, Ying added, "I'm about to serve a cup of tea to Master. Is it urgent?"

—In the conference room.

Upon hearing the unsettling footsteps right outside the door, Joshua could not help but turn his head to the side, looking at the door.

Knock knock

Someone was knocking the door gently.

"Come in."
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