29 Shithead

Wake up.

Helial's eyes flew open. He looked around, gasping for air. He was once more in the cave, wearing his clothes, and Curse of the Demon was lying beside him. He did not know how he got back.

He opened the Skills window and skimmed through it.

Passive Skill:

White Mana Seed

Lv: 1

Gained Exp 5,6%


Mana absorption is 500% faster

Mana Skills Cast Time is 100% faster.

The amount of Mana inside your body has a 1000% increase.

Influences and fortifies every Skill that directly employs Mana by 50%.




Active Skill:

Mana Scan

Cost: 300 Mana

Gives information on the status and skills of things and people.

You are consuming more Mana than necessary: power increased by 300%.

Active Skill:

Dragon's Breath

Lv: 7

Helps the Mana flow throughout the body. Slight resemblance to the terrible roar of a Dragon.

Exp: 19,6%

Active Skill:

Mana Reflowing

Lv: 6

Grade: Brown

The Mana power flows through your body and heals minor wounds.

Mana power purifies the body.

Detox power 2%

Cost: 30 Mana/Sec

Exp: 77,3%

Active Skill:


Lv: 10

Grade: Mind's Eye

Mana Control allows you to perceive the outside world with incredible clarity.

You will be now able to distinguish other people's unique Auras.

From now on, any physical disguise people might use will not be able to fool you.

Range: 10.000 yards

Exp: 3,13 %

Active Skill:

Mana Pistol

Lv: 4

Range: 15 yards

Damage: 3800-5000


Damage decreases with an increase in distance.

Cost: 500 Mana

Cast Time: 30 Sec

Efficiency: 99.8%

Condensing the Mana to the maximum Density withstood by the body, you can release a long-range attack of pure energy.

Exp: 24%

Active Skill:

Communion with Mana

Lv: 1

You are able to flow Mana Energy through the most suitable Meridians.

You can move while storing and regenerating your Mana.

Exp: 6.2%


MP Regeneration: 200 Mana/Sec

Skill Amplification: 3%

Physical Skill Amplification: 1,3%

Passive Skill:

Body of the Qilin

Lv: 1

Strength in your arms and legs increases by 2000 lbs per limb.

Vitality Regeneration: 1800%

Physical Resilience: 3000%

Resistance to Magic: 3000%

Your body has received the gift of the build of a Qilin.

One of the supreme Skills among the Forces of Life.

This Skill gains experience by tempering the body through hardships. There is no other way to make it level up.

Exp: 0%

Helial was dumbstruck, rooted to the spot. He could not believe his eyes. That Skill was really unbelievable…


No armor could ever boast such a figure. Helial could now give up entirely on defensive equipment; those values were more than enough to protect him from any weapon, like layer over layer of steel. He had become a living treasure.

Even if an arrow shot with a Skill by a Goblin in the First Phase were to hit him right in the chest, he probably would not even get a damage.

2000 lbs…

Helial clenched his fists and the air cracked.

He was not weak anymore. He now had a little strength to defend himself.

But there was no smile on Helial's face. He picked up Curse of the Demon and headed out of the cave, after removing the rocks as silently as possible.

The Longsword now weighed 2000 lbs. But thanks to the combined strength of both his arms he could handle it decently enough, without having to drag it around. He wanted to test the strength of the weapon, but did not want to wake Lumia; also because he absolutely needed to do something else before that.

He stroked the hilt, then took a deep breath and opened his Stats window, almost trembling all over…

Name Helial

Race Human

Primary Class None

Primary Affinity None

Primary Profession None

Level 18

Exp 18.566/30.000

HP 2890/2890

MP 29.390/29.390

Strength 117

Vigor 123

Intelligence 189

Wisdom 172

Dexterity 115


Physical Resilience: 5%

Vitality Regeneration: 1800 %

Health Regeneration: 1800%

Physical Resilience: 3000%

Resistence to Magic: 3000%

White Mana Seed

Helial did not have the Curse on him anymore! At last he was free from those damn Maluses. Now he could really hope to defeat his brother.

Then he noticed something weird and touched the blade of Curse of the Demon. Why is it heavier and stronger? What's changed?

Helial did not have an answer. There were ancient weapons bounded by Curses that would regain their old abilities, once blessed. Maybe, being in Kirin's presence and absorbing all that Energy of Life, he had finally been able to dispel the negative effects of the Longsword. Who knows, maybe that weapon could be useful after all.

He headed back to the cave, always careful to not make too much noise.

Helial looked at Lumia and went by her side. Inside it was dark and only a few feeble rays of moonlight filtered in, shining on the girl. He moved his lips closer to her cheek and tried to wake her up with a kiss.

"Hey, Lumia…" Helial smiled.


Lumia spun around. She could not make out anything in the dark, the cave was pitch black. It was still in the dead of night.




Helial frowned. Lumia could be really cheeky sometimes. He pinched her butt.

"Ouchouchouch!" Lumia jumped, rolled on her side and, leaning towards her brother, tried to blindly hit him, just as any other girl would have done.

"C'mon, stop it, we have to go. I'd like to remind you you still need to Condense your Mana Seed."

Lumia stopped, taken aback. She did not know what to reply. Helial was saying the truth. Her brother had come back a few hours earlier, having found a suitable spot.

She could hear Helial breathing right in front of her. Lumia stretched out one hand and groped around, feeling for Helial's chest, then hugged him.

"I'm ready. I don't need to meditate more, I know what to do." Lumia puffed out her little chest, proud of all the progress accomplished during the day. Although Helial had perceived the lapsing of time, in the cave only a few seconds had gone by, just like the Qilin had told him.

"Lumi…" Helial snorted.


"I spent a whole month meditating and examining my Meridians, how can you possibly believe to form your Mana Seed so easily?"

"I'm not as retarded as you are."

Helial gritted his teeth, while the girl kept hugging him tight, and growled: "Who did you just call retarded!?"

Pleased to have bothered her brother, Lumia let out a light laughter.

Helial sighed hopelessly. He had no idea how to get his way with that girl. So, he returned the hug and said:: "Listen, little monster, I have news for you."

"Little monster!?" This was Lumia's turn to get angry, and she tried to bite Helial's arm, but something went wrong. "Ouch!" she felt as if she had just bitten a steel plate.

"Hahaha, I told you I had news!"

Helial smiled and tousled her hair. Then, without letting go of Lumia, he sat on the ground and began telling his story. He obviously omitted all the parts about her and their brother, skirting some of the details.

Lumia listened open-mouthed, almost incredulous. Her brother had risked his life over and over again and apparently, she had just been there sleeping without knowing a thing. Two warm tears welled up in the sad eyes of the girl.

As always, Helial had done all that just for her. Lumia had been feeling guilty for a while now. She had never been able to really help him, she was always a burden.

By the time Helial had finished his story, Lumia was sobbing quietly. She was scared. For as long as she could remember, Helial had always been one step ahead, not just of her but of all the kids his age. She had never showed it, but living with him Lumia had noticed: her brother was unlike anyone else. Her greatest fear was that one day she would be left behind, unable to keep his pace. At her age, Helial had already started training and earned a living for the both of them. And her, what could she do?

Heli, I… I don't want you to go ahead like that, all alone. I will do my best.

Lumia grabbed Helial's tunic tight, still crying.

"Lumia…" he could not be entirely sure, but Helial could guess the reason behind those tears. So, he smiled and, sliding a finger on Lumia's wet cheek, he added: "Little monster, listen: you're still young. If I weren't stronger than you, who could I look at myself in the mirror without vomiting blood? I am four years and some months older than you… the important thing is that you will be as strong as I am now, when you'll turn fifteen."

He kissed her on the cheek and tried to get up, but Lumia suddenly pushed him, making him lose his balance.

Lumia stood up with an arrogant look on her face; she dried her tears and spat. "We'll see who's stronger! I'm not going to stay here like a doll!"

Having said this, Lumia let out a roaring laughter that immediately died in a sweet smile. She blindly aimed a loving kick at her brother's stomach in the darkness and turned around. She sat up and started training.

Skill Activated:

Roar of the Earth

Lv: 1

Grade: Red

Helps to flow Mana throughout the body.

This Skill is suited for someone at peace with their body.

Exp: 3%

Seriously? Seriously? I'm gonna barf. What's this, incest?

You seem so anxious to prove yourself. Kid, what do you think has changed? Nothing. You're still the same weak brat. You haven't got the Curse on you anymore. Bah, maybe I should have left it, make it tougher even. But it doesn't look like you could have survived, considering the current situation of this small region.

Who knows, I'm really curious to see what you'll do next. Your Meridians are mediocre, but talented enough to make you one of the most talented people in this continent, at least.

Pf, pf. It is also true that Meridians change with time.

I have sore eyebrows because of all the frowning I have been doing, Shithead: you have really left me speechless. I never thought you'd achieve this much. Your Mana Control has grown exponentially.

That idiot of a Qilin has made you believe he has given you a Supreme Skill.

Yes, it is true that only few in the whole universe possess such powerful Legacies, but do you really think you are the only one with a special body? Do you really think there is no one with a Dragon's body, a Devil's, a Saint's?


We'll see what you are able to do and, for heaven's sake, spare me your revolting scenes with your sister. I'm not a man of principles, but… incest, seriously?

That little Mana Pistol had potential, I wonder if you'll let it go and forsake a long term investment, deceived by quick profit.

If you want to count of that Skill of Life to establish your domain on others, be sure that sooner or later you'll be crushed. However… if you noticed your potential error, you could go far. I'm really curious to see what will happen. But I refuse to act again. Next time, come what may, I'll let you die, even if it would be an unfair death. Karma wants its share. There is not only strength, nature also plays a part in this.

This time I have interfered because that Lame Dragon would have created too many problems and, maybe, my presence would have been perceived. That would have been… unfortunate. I want to have a little more fun. Brat, will you be able to keep me company?

Ha, anyway, didn't you notice that Mana Pistol upgraded? Shithead.

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