56 "We won't make any trouble"

Helial's gaze turned to look at the Heavenly Ranking one last time, as those names etched in his mind vividly.

Pseudonym and Circe…

"This is no doubt Orma's crowning jewel," Nelia said pointing at the Colosseum, "and besides artworks and temples, we boast a huge and highly developed Merchant Guild. I think it could prove useful to you guys, so that's where we're heading to…"

As Nelia's words died out in the wind, a servant came running from one of the roads that unrolled away in the surroundings. "Your Grace, an allied delegation just arrived at the palace, and the King is busy training behind closed doors." The servant talked to the Queen while bowing.

Nelia shook her head and furrowed her eyebrows: "How lazy. All diplomatic affairs are always of my responsibility. I should be the one appointed King, here." Nelia sighed and addressed Helial and the other two: "Excuse me, it looks like I have to leave you earlier than expected. I've already brought your sister to visit the Merchant Guild though, so she'll guide you there. No won't will bother you, since you wear the royal insignia." Nelia pointed at the white embroideries on Helial's and Lumia's clothes.

Snowflake curled his whiskers in disdain: "This Supreme Cat needs no insignia to show his own majesty. The crowd will part and bend down instinctively as I pass."

Helial ran a hand on his face, as if trying to wipe away the embarrassment he was feeling right now. That Snowflake was a real pain in the ass.

Helial nodded and said: "We won't make any trouble."

Nelia gave him the sweetest look and said: "I know."

A second later the Queen dematerialized and vanished. Her graceful and majestic figure left them in front of the servant, who looked at them embarrassed and took his heels a moment later.

Lumia said to his brother: "Are we going to the Merchant Guild?"

Helial nodded: "Yeah. We need resources for training. Caesar will provide us with everything, but today may be our luck day."

Lucky day for what? the Devil asked.

My master has lived for thousands of years, right? Helial answered.

You want me to help you find some artifacts?

At the Devil's question, Helial nodded solemnly. Too many unforeseeable events in this world. I have to grow as stronger as I can as fast as I can.

I think I could help, then. But keep in mind that I won't step in in any predicament whatsoever, even if an Immortal were to kill you and your sister. That's your business. I'll stick to the teaching, the rest is up to you. Got it?

Helial gave a sigh. To have such a Devil as a protector would have been the greatest insurance. But still, he knew perfectly well that it would have unconsciously induced him to not exploit his full potential. "Got it…" Helial whispered.

As they walked on, Snowflake wore an usual expression on his face. He looked extremely serious and deep in thought. Helial was surprised by the sudden thoughtful attitude shown by that cat, who was usually up to all sorts of things. "How come you're not a cripple?" he suddenly asked Helial, after walking beside him.

Helial hinted a smile: "Luck, I guess."

Snowflake's tail lashed the air. The answer left him frustrated. Helial had clearly no intention of telling him how he managed to not become a cripple. According to the rumors, that guy had succeeded in delivering a nearly-Sixth-Phase attack. Normally it would be impossible to strike such a powerful blow, let alone survive it without becoming a cripple.

The conversation was cut off. Helial and Lumia started chatting about what was for dinner that evening and about the Seed Lumia would develop in a matter of days.

For a couple of minutes they talked in peace and calm, and even Snowflake resolved on walking quiet by their side.

But, as is well known, peace never lasts.

On a street corner appeared a female Goblin dressed in black. She was wearing a close-fitting bustier and long leather boots. Her clothes emphasized her voluptuous figure and her raven hair wrapped her shoulders obscurely. She was giving off an icy, bewitching Aura.

Helial got struck by that woman. He slowed down his pace, stopping mid-sentence. For a second, time seemed to stand still as any other shape blurred. She was the only figure Helial could perceive distinctly. The eyes of the woman in black met his. She gave him an irresistible smile as she winked at him. Helial furrowed his eyebrows and glanced away.

Skill Activated:


Helial detected a terrifying amount of Mana exuding from that woman's body. Though, despite the fact he couldn't determine her Phase, he was sure that she must be in the Third at least. She was so strong that Helial's Skill couldn't yet grasp all the secrets of her dense Mana.

He clenched his fists. These were the moments when he most felt the urge to become stronger.

The three were about to walk past her, when Lumia suddenly approached that woman who hadn't taken her eyes off Helial for a second.

Helial had a bad feeling about this, but there was not much he could do since Lumia had already reached the woman. With a frown on her face, she said: "What're you looking at, you slut?"

Snowflake curled his whiskers, puzzled, but a second later he fell to the ground and burst out laughing wildly: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Helial's eyes widened and met those of the woman. She still hadn't stop gazing at Helial intently, and Lumia's words went totally unnoticed. The girl though didn't give in and topped it off instead: "Would you please stop staring at my brother, dirty slut?"

Helial couldn't move; he was still mesmerized by her enchanting eyes.

A hint of annoyance flashed in the eyes of the woman. Her fascinating gaze turned to look at the silvery-haired little girl standing in front of her. "Can't I? Is he yours?"

"I made myself clear. Now get the hell out of the way before my cat stomps on your face!"

Snowflake stopped laughing. That snotty girl was trying to make this about him. Things had gotten funny, but he could sense the wild Aura exuded by that woman too. He knew perfectly well that provoke her wouldn't be a wise choice. And also, they had promised Nelia not to cause any trouble.

The woman in black could not help but shake her head and let out a ghastly laugh. "What's your name, little one?" asked the woman with her mellow voice.

"None of your fucking business," Lumia said gloomily.

"How about this: I'll tell you my name and you'll tell me yours," she said as he bent over, providing them with a generous viewpoint over her low neckline, "I'm Circe, nice to meet you."

Helial's throat went dry as a shiver ran down his spine. His sister had just insulted one of the most powerful warriors in Orma. What a great start for their stay in the Goblin capital!

Lumia slightly furrowed her eyebrows and said: "I'm Lumia."

"Alright, Lumia. You know, I love playing," Circe said as she bit her bottom lip, "but not with little girls, actually."

After saying that, Circe stood up with a loud boing of her bosom and disappeared from Lumia's sight.

Skill Activated:

Earth Restriction

Helial's pupils shrank violently. Circe reappeared right in front of him, while rock rings immobilized him. Circe's gaze left nothing to the imagination. She grabbed him by the collar of his tunic and pulled him towards her until he was a palm away from her face. "And you, do you like playing?"

Helial tried to wiggle out of her grasp, but he was completely immobilized and powerless. Circe was definitely too strong an opponent for him, despite him owning Body of the Qilin. He couldn't even evoke Mana inside his Meridians. That Skill ran way deeper that he thought; the rock was preventing his Mana from flowing normally.

Meanwhile, the Devil paused from his usual practice of laying his table for two to glance behind his back: "Third Phase Intermediate stage. Give up." He shrugged and went back to his table. He was busy choosing which piece of cutlery to put near a plate among the huge amount he had.

Helial was about to answer when Circe planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Helial blushed from ears to neck. He turned crimson. Circe's full lips were soft and emanated an attraction far beyond what words can describe. Helial got spellbound by that kiss. After a moment, Circe backed off as she laughed seductively. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear: "Don't tell me it was your first kiss."

After one more giggle, Circe disappeared into thin air and the rock rings around Helial's arms shattered.

Helial stood there blankly, unable to come to terms with what had just happened. He raised a hand to his lips, brushing his fingertips where Circe had just stolen his first kiss. Snowflake and Lumia were shocked as much as he was.

Suddenly, Lumia blurted out: "She poisoned you!"

Snowflake and Helial stared blankly and said, in unison: "What?"

"That Circe is Orma's famous Witch! She must have transmitted some poison to you through her lips!" an upset Lumia cried. "Come here, I'll suck the poison away from your lips!"

Snowflake mumbled: "This brother and sister relationship is making me sick…"

As Helial warded off Lumia, who was desperately trying to steal Helial's second kiss, the fascinating woman stared at them from the roof of a palace, hidden in the dark. "Caesar's new pupil seems interesting…"

A second shadow appeared beside her. The figure was taller than her and wore a pitch-black armor that didn't even reveal the eyes. A slightly cavernous voice resounded from within: "Rocking the boat as usual."

Circe turned abruptly, taken aback, but quickly got herself together. "None of your business," she snorted, "and why aren't you training anyway? No fights tonight, champ?"

The black armor shrugged and calmly said: "Just wanted to have a look-see at the new entry. Rumors have it that he left a wound on Caesar's palm. Either the King has turned weaker, or that guy is a real whiz."

Circe narrowed her eyes, increasingly irritated by that person's presence: "That guy is mine. Don't make any move, champ. He looks a bit of alright, and he has something more to him… I could use him as my personal toyboy."

Pseudonym scratched his helmet and sighed: "You're the only one making moves here." A second later, the slightly cavernous voice turned serious: "His Aura is dense, but he's not yet in the First Phase. Do you believe the wound thing is true?"

Circe's gaze grew gloomier. "No idea. Not even we could wound an Immortal. Someone in the Ninth Phase could barely injure Caesar, probably. And yet he brought this human here and took him as his pupil. It can't be totally fake news."

Pseudonym's gaze turned to look at Helial, who still looked crimson. "Judging by his reaction, I guess that was his actual first kiss. You've basically harassed a kid. Don't you feel the least hint of shame?"

Circe curled her lips and whispered: "A kid? He must be one or two years younger than us, champ. And if he lacks experience… well, I'll definitely help him gain some."


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