2 Farewell, Little Rin

The sound of countless screams echoed throughout the night as the small village was lit ablaze. The fire spread engulfing the huts and trees with a dancing golden flame.

Deep within the dark frosty mountains, a flash of golden light could be seen dashing through the vast trees. A young woman breathed heavily as she ran through the dark forest.

Seen hidden within the woman's arms was a small figure. A little girl.

The heavy sound of horses hooves could be heard chasing behind the woman as she ran. Suddenly, the figures of men dressed in black emerged from the bony trees.

The woman halts at the sudden ambush, gritting her teeth hatefully as she grips tightly to the child in her arms.

"Stay down Rin," The woman softly whispers to the little girl.

The small child's large eyes look at her mother with understanding as she clutched tightly onto her robes. She smiles at the little girl before coldly shifting her emerald eyes at the approaching figure on the white horse.

Emerging from the trees was a muscled man wearing dark red heavy armor, and strapped around his neck was a golden emblem with the character "Li". The man seated on the horse sneers down at the woman and child pair.

"You should have accepted his proposal when you had the chance, Ai," The man in armor's cold voice rang throughout the trees.

The woman known as Ai curls her rosy lips into an icy sneer.

"I'd rather sacrifice my soul to the devil himself then marry that monster!" The woman glared murderously.

Hearing such words come out of the golden-haired woman's mouth caused his eyes to narrow dangerously— flashing with ill-intentions.

"Capture her and transport her to the dungeons," The man orders the men in black. "As for the princess...kill her."

Nodding at their General's words, the men in black close in on the woman and child.

Shifting her gaze calmly around the group of strong men, the woman places the petite girl down onto the frosty ground.

Mournfully staring at the little girl, she kisses the birthmark under her right eye as she then leans in whispering gently into her ear. The little girl stares at her mother blankly, before nodding her head.

The woman suddenly rises to stare coldly at the seizing men.

"Ju!" The woman releases a loud shout through the air.

Confused at the woman's sudden shout, the men in black stare strangely at the woman before suddenly, a small flying figure appears charging at the men.

A brown and white falcon viciously strikes the men's faces at a quick speed making it impossible to find the small bird.

"Rin now!"

Before the woman could even finish her sentence, the small child runs quickly past the distracted men in black, and into the dark forest.

"Dammit!" The man in red armor curses. "Get her!"

Just as the men are about to follow the little girl, the woman unsheaths a long metal sword and swiftly slices through a man in black. With blood splattering onto the snow-covered ground, an instant foul stench roams the air.

"You--!" The man in armor grits his teeth so hard a crack could be heard.

"If I'm dying today General, I'll at least die protecting my child." The golden beauty covered in blood smiles were deadly.

Despite the killing-intent in her smile, the woman radiated a beautiful aura as the cold winter air fluttered her blood splattered white robes.

By all means, she'd happily sacrifice her life. As long as her child was alive.

Farewell, little Rin...
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