11 Cold-Blooded Demon

"If I am able to kill that rabbit on the first try," Rin says with a hidden smile. "Then I wish to receive one hundred gold coins from General Guo!"

Instantly hearing the young girl's bet naturally caused both the General and two other soldiers eyes to widen.

One hundred gold coins?!

That was enough to feed at least fifty struggling families for a lifetime!

Yet here stood proudly in front of them a little girl no older than seven-years-old, wishing to have the amount for herself!

General Guo was completely shocked.

It wasn't he didn't acquire that amount if anything one hundred coins wouldn't damage his wealth at all.

Considering he represents a member of the Bai army. The General.

However, recalling how Rin hadn't the courage to shoot the rabbit earlier, he'd doubt she'd shoot now.

"Little girl, don't place such silly bets with adult men, " General Guo sighed. "I am willing to instruct you without betting."

Rin started at General Guo with a blank look.

"Surely General Guo isn't unwilling to bet with a little girl?" Rin tilted her head to the side with an unreadable expression, however, the slightest hint of teasing could be heard in her voice.


General Guo's upper lip twitched with visible annoyance.

The two soldiers who were watching attentively from the side nearly spat out blood at Rin's words.

The girl sure had courage!

Although they were quite fond of the little girl, they naturally thought that she required too much confidence in herself.

Possibly because she obtained such an influential figure supporting her. Their Commander.

Thinking too highly of oneself could lead to trouble.

If Rin could hear the soldiers thoughts, she'd sigh and shake her head.

After all, what they genuinely thought of her didn't truly matter to Rin.

"What if you lose?" General Guo said gently with a faint smirk.

"In that case, I lose."

Once more the General's lip twitched with annoyance.

From her words, he understood that if she lost nothing would happen, however, if she won he'd give her one hundred coins…

The shamelessness in her words made all three men go silent.

Chuckling lightly, General Guo smilingly shakes his head in disbelief.

"How about ten laps around the camp's base?"

Silently thinking, the young girl hums gently while staring down at the landscaped ground.

Looking back up at the General with shining eyes, Rin lightly smiles.


"Alright then," Satisfied, General Guo grunts. "Now shoot."

Without any further words, little Rin turns her small body away from the men towards the still present rabbit.

The two soldiers behind their General couldn't help but chuckle at Rin's innocent naivety.

They clearly knew the weak spot children had for cute animals - just as Rin had previously displayed.

Therefore, they were confident that she'd back out once more.

However, both men became silent once they noticed the young girl's dull expression as she vertically leveled the crossbow.

Her emerald-colored gems glowed darkly behind her dark hair.

Rin, completely zoning out the General and his men, focused sharply at the target ahead.

Not a hint of hesitation could be scarcely seen on her face as she lifted the crossbow with one arm - despite her holding it with two previously.

Merely seeing the girl's remarkably accurate stance and gaze, one would have thought she had held a crossbow multiple times previously.

However, they all knew precisely this her first time using one.

So how come she held such pleasant familiarity towards it?

As time passed slowly, a dark aura instantly surrounded the girl - she gradually seeped into her darkest place.

A dreadful place where all her deepest memories emerged forward.

A place where all life didn't matter...

The two soldiers felt their bones shudder upon examining the young girl's fierce eyes.

It was as if looking into the eyes of a cold-blooded demon!

Sensing Rin's surrounding air change caused the General to furrowed his brows.

This girl…

The young girl in front of them had completely lost her previous innocent glow and was now merely replaced with the look of an elegant hunter.

"Forgive me," Rin said before she gently pulled the crossbows metal trigger.
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