103 What's Your Name?

For the next few days, everything was going according to plan. After receiving the Jilin soldiers, An Sun handed them off to Rin to train.

Given such a responsibility Rin inwardly felt relieved. This meant An Sun was gradually beginning to rely on her.

That, or he was waiting for her to fail so he could kill her. But from his previous actions, she decided to overlook that possibility.

With the knowledge she gained from her training in the Bai army, Rin spent days and nights training the soldiers on the mountains.

In the beginning, the soldiers couldn't help but feel it was a waste of time and a nuisance to be taught by such a young looking lad.

They became even more resentful after hearing the boy was from a distinguished household.

What could a well-off young master from a wealthy family know about military training?

However, after two days of training did they throw away their previous thoughts. Rin utilized what her Uncle Guo taught her and transferred every bit into the men's training.

Who would have thought such training from such a scrawny little kid could be so brutal!

The men spent nights in the bleak mountains without any food or water and were forced to gather their own resources.

Building their own shelter to stay warm, finding drinkable water and even having to cross the icy, cold river by using the tree's around them, Rin gave them all the hell she went through.

And she was only a small child when her Uncle Guo made her experience this.

Despite her grandfather and the other soldier's thoughts against such brutal training, Uncle Guo glared at them and said:

"If she can't even undergo such simple training, then what right does she have to harbor the Bai family name?"

Although he was harsh, Rin knew he only said such things to aggravate her and make her more determined.

Back then, all Rin could think about was pleasing the cold statue of a man, thus she agreed to explore the woods for three days with nothing besides a dagger, a small stone, and a pot.

To their surprise, Rin returned on the third day.

Despite her dirtied appearance and a few scratches on her round cheeks, she made it out safely.

Of course, Bai Han nearly had a heart attack the moment he saw Rin's pitiful appearance and hastily ordered the maidservants to take care of her.

But what mattered most to Rin that day was the proud and satisfied smile on Uncle Guo's face when she came out.

A faint smile appeared on her face upon recalling such a memory. Unfortunately, for Rin, her smile was expressed at the wrong time.

Currently training the Jilin soldiers, Rin watched the men climb up the frosty mountain with two large sacks of heavy stones on their backs.

When some of the soldiers looked behind at the young boy training them, they nearly dropped the bag of stones upon seeing his expression.

He was smiling at them! And it looked so sinister too as if he was ridiculing them!

Unaware of their turmoil, Rin's smile disappears as she continues to order the men who were behind with a cold tone.

Watching from a faraway distance, An Sun observed Rin instruct the men with an unreadable expression.

From the beginning, he watched the boy's expression and actions as he trained the men.

Even he could tell the soldiers were reluctant to learn from such a small boy at first. However, Rin hadn't minded and trained them with utmost seriousness.

What he found most amusing was the training methods Rin gave the men. Making them train extra hours and even hauling extra cargo up the mountains.

It was as clear as day to him that these orders were considered punishments for the men's initial contempt to her.

A corner of his lips curled up as he observed him train the men.

The next day, in Duyi Zhong's office.

"I see you've been training my men well these past few days."

Seated across from the old man and calmly drinking a cup of herbal tea, was Rin.

Earlier that day, while training the Jilin soldiers, the province general Rin met previously approached her.

"Governor Duyi wishes to speak with you…privately."

Rin raised an eyebrow toward his words. She somehow had a strange feeling about their private discussion.

Glancing to the side toward the forest, Rin flashed a faint smile in the direction of the trees before looking back at the province general, a slight chill emitting from her emerald eyes.

"I understand, let's not keep your governor waiting then."

Nodding his head, the two leave the area and leave the campgrounds.

"Should we have someone follow them?"

Standing at the top of the hill hidden within the trees was Manchu, a slight frown on his face.

Standing beside him was An Sun, his arms crossed as he watched the small boy's departing figure.

He was silent the entire time until Rin's figure could no longer be seen.

"There's no need." An Sun said while walking away from the cliff.

Manchu's brows rose in surprise.

"You're not worried?"

An Sun chuckled. "What's there to be worried about? Do you really think he'd betray me so openly?"

Manchu said nothing.

"An Sun you…" He stopped himself and laughed. "You're right."

An Sun nodded and headed back toward the camp with Manchu following close behind.


Back in Duyi Zhong's office, Rin smiled behind her teacup as she looked up at the elderly man.

"To have Lord An's plans succeed, I, of course, need to utilize the men given to me with the best training."

"Indeed." He grunted faintly in response.

The two were silent and quietly enjoyed the tea within their cups. After a few minutes, Duyi Zhong set his teacup down with a sharp tap and looked up at Rin.

"Before, when we first met I never had the chance to ask you, but what's your name?"

Rin inwardly grinned at his question. So he's finally revealing the reason for inviting her over.

"To answer Governor Duyi's question, my name is Lan."

His eyes narrowed. "That's not your full name."

"Indeed it's not. But Governor Duyi didn't ask for my full name, you simply asked for my name."

Duyi Zhong chuckled at Rin's shameless reply and nodded his head in agreement.

"You're right I didn't. Then allow me to ask you again," His eyes turned sharp. "What's your full name? Surname and all."

Placing her teacup down gently, Rin's emerald eyes remained still while she looked at the elderly man with a quiet smile.

"My name is Bai Lan."

When Duyi Zhong heard the name leaving Rin's lips, his eyes widened and a bright smile spread across his face.

"Hah, so it is you." He laughed heartily. "I was wondering when I'd get the chance to meet Bai Han's granddaughter. I didn't expect it'd be like this, Bai Rin."
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