12 Admit Defea

Lightly pulling the trigger, the three-bladed arrow swiftly shot towards the rabbit.

The birds in the nearby trees scattered frantically as a swift brisk breeze ran through the afternoon sky and trees.

All three men stared at Rin with wide eyes. The wind blew softly against the girl's small stature.

Gradually shifting her gaze towards the men, a light foolish smile appears on her face.

"Hehe, seems like I missed…" She softly laughs while scratching her head. "I admit defeat General Guo."

True to her words, the girl had indeed missed as they all stared at the arrow planted inside the mighty tree above the frightened rabbit - that escaped due to being alarmed by the arrow.

General Guo stared at the arrow perfectly embedded in the tree with narrowed eyes.

"It's alright Rin," One of the soldiers spoke reassuringly. "Everyone's not outstanding on their first try!"

Heeding that the soldier was reassuring her towards her loss, Rin simply smiles.

"En!" She bobbed her head happily.

Both soldiers smile at the lovely girl's innocent face.

Completely forgetting the previous dark expression, she had revealed.

Rin stared up at setting sky noticing it slowly becoming darker.

"General Guo, shouldn't it be time we head back now?" Rin tilted her head to the side.

Rin's words were merely met with a silent General as he intently stared at the arrow in the tree.

Clearly in deep thought.

"General Guo?" Rin asked once more.


Snapping out of his daze, the General stares back towards Rin who lightly smiled. However, behind that smile were pale unreadable eyes.

"Ah...indeed," He coughed lightly. "Inform everyone to retreat back to camp."

One of the soldiers nodded before heading off with his horse to inform the rest of the soldiers who were far deeper into the woods.

"Let's return now before it gets dark," General Guo ordered walking back towards his horse with Rin behind him.

As the young girly mindlessly followed behind him, the General secretly peeked at her with furrowed brows.

Before as he allegedly saw Rin about to shoot, he clearly saw her target was merely directed towards the rabbit but…

At the last minute, she radically shifted her alleged target towards the tree above it.

To others, it would have seemed like she had sorely missed the rabbit - clearly losing.

But with keen eyes like the General, who had undergone critical years of training, noticed where the girl's true target was.

The rabbit wasn't her critical target.

She was aiming for the tree and purposely missed the rabbit.

Merely thinking this caused the General to intently stare at the girl, undoubtedly catching her attention as she looked up towards him.

Vaguely smiling she tilts her head with an overwhelming sense of naivety.

But the General knew better…

This girl...there was definitely more to her.

However, clearly seeing her innocent smiles caused him to waver in his critical thoughts.

It is possible he was overreacting and was a bit shaken by her previous overpowering aura.

Looking away from Rin, he continues to walk towards his horse before lifting the girl properly, placing her in front of him.

Gently letting out a slight tug on his reins, the horse began to move - riding back to the training camp.

With Rin in front, the General was void of discovering the girl's face and only her back.

Because of this, he hadn't noticed the dark gaze on the girl's rosy face her fierce eyes shining as a wide slashing smile spread across her lips.
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