111 Oozing Of Male Pheromones!

An Sun's unexpected arrival caught Rin off guard.

What was he doing here?

The steam from the cave covered most of her body, but it didn't change the fact she was still completely naked and had no place to retreat to.

If An Sun saw her like this, then without a doubt he wouldn't he hesitate to kill her. Or worse, break their agreement and harm the Bai army.

She couldn't allow that to happen!

While Rin's brain sought for a solution to her unfortunate situation, An Sun was mindlessly disposing of his clothes.

In the process of removing his shirt, his eyes browsed the water and his eyebrows raised – a brief flicker of amusement flashed across his gray eyes.

He gave the water a brief glimpse before averting his eyes and continued to remove his shirt.

Taking off his pants to reveal his firm back and rear, he quickly tosses his clothing to the side near an area of rocks and dips into the temperate water, his hard body resting against the hot spring stone walls.

Meanwhile, Rin, who was currently behind the giant rock felt her heart pound out of her chest upon hearing the sound of him enter the water.

Maybe she could wait until he left and then make her escape…

"Hey, kid, if you're going to pretend like you're not here, do a better job at covering your tracks. The clothes on the side and horse out front make it hard to play dumb." An intimidating and clear voice rang out.

A few seconds passed before Rin registered it was An Sun's voice. True to his words, a few inches from the cave entrance was her clothes neatly folded on a rock.

Rin couldn't help but bitterly smile at her luck. Why did she have to be in such a predicament with a man possessing high martial art skills?

Gritting her teeth, Rin continued to keep her figure hidden behind the rock. "If you don't mind me asking, how did Lord An find this place?"

"What? Am I not allowed to be here?" He asked in a cold tone.

"Of course not. It's just I was informed no one else knew about this place, not even the locals."

An Sun's head continued leaning against the solid ground, his eyes shut. "While raiding some provinces near here, I discovered this place. I come here often whenever I'm nearby."

In response, all she could say was, "I see."

The cave was silent. Only the sound of water dripping onto the blue, steamy water was detected.

Once more, An Sun's deep voice spoke, "You know you don't have to hide anymore, it's not like I'm going to ask you to wash me."

"That's alright, I'll just stay here." Rin rebuffed and leaned her body against the wall - her body still hidden from his view.

An Sun's eyebrows raised but he decided to let the boy be and relaxed as he soaked, his eyes drooping closed.

The warm water and steam had already loosened her muscles, but due to An Sun's presence, Rin felt her body tense and her once comfortable mind become alert.

She didn't dare allow herself to be distracted and would wait until he left for her to go.

After his previous words, An Sun made no move to converse with her. Curious, Rin's eyes glance over the rock she hid behind and all of a sudden, her eyes froze.

Although the steam concealed everything beneath the water, it was unable to do justice to anything above. That included An Sun's strong and built figure.

Rin's eyes took in his broad shoulders, chiseled chest, and perfectly sculpted face, currently displaying an unguarded and peaceful expression.

His black, satin hair now damp from the spring, clung itself onto his well-sculpted muscles - an aura of sexiness and masculinity emanating off of him.

The faint moonlight shining through the cave glowed onto his defined face, his usual icy and blood-thirsty features now etched with a calm and soft charm.

The man was oozing of male pheromones!

For some reason, Rin felt her cheeks flush, and a sense of shame filled her.

Why did she suddenly feel guilty looking at him? Was it because she was openly staring at his exposed body while he obliviously assumed she was a male like him?

Somehow at this moment, An Sun was like a young maiden she needed to take responsibility for after seeing him naked.

Peeping at his figure again, Rin's eyes suddenly grew at a certain sight. A deep scar slashed across the top his smooth, muscled skin.

Unknowingly, a frown settled on Rin's face. How did he get that? Did someone from the An Clan…

"Hey, kid...can I ask you something?"

Snapping awake from her thoughts; Rin hastily looks away from the scar on his chest and once again, hid her body behind the rock.

"What is it my lord wishes to ask me?"

An Sun was silent. His eyes now open, lowered to stare at the blue, crystal water.

Seconds passed, but neither said a word. Rin didn't force him to speak and gently leaned against the wall, waiting patiently.

After a while, he finally asked, "If you had the chance to return to your real parents over your foster family, would you?"
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