115 Being Watched

"Faster! Do you think you'll be able to escape your enemy with that speed?"

The troops shouted in unison, "No captain!"

"Then move faster! The swifter you are the easier you can escape from your opponent's eyes."

"Yes, captain!"

With Rin's orders, the men climbed up the mountain at a quicker pace. Observing them from below, Rin suppressed the satisfied smile on her face as she watched the men put more effort into their climbs.

Near a mountain path, a few yards from the Jilin province was Rin and her troop of Jilin soldiers.

As part of their training, the men were harnessed by a strong rope while their bodies climbed up the mountain's walls.

Personally taught by her Uncle Guo, Rin learned that while nature was often at times man's greatest enemy, it could also be your greatest asset. One could utilize it to their advantage with the right tools and knowledge.

"That's enough, you can all come down now," Rin commanded.

The soldiers inwardly released a breath of relief at hearing her words. They may have looked calm and collected on the outside, but inside only they knew their hearts were pounding from being up so high!

Some men froze while climbing but were quickly pointed out by Rin who ushered them to move faster.

Climbing down swiftly, the men sighed. Hearing small footsteps walking in their direction, the troops looked up to see the small, yet fierce boy stare at them with his usual sharp, unfeeling eyes.

Glancing around at the group of built and tall men, Rin's gaze remained undisguised, her voice icy. "You all did well today, however, you must improve your form and speed level. Your enemy may not know how to climb like you, but what if they wield an arrow? You'd all be shot and killed in an instance."

The soldiers nodded their heads, "Yes, captain!"

Reaching into the bag by her side, Rin takes out a set of small booklets, each the size of her palm. "These are booklets filled with notes and tips you need to perform in your upcoming session. Study and practice it."

Being handed the small palm-sized booklets, the soldier's stoic expression cracked into surprise.

Did he write in all of these just for them?

As if answering their internal thoughts Rin said, "I wasn't able to make enough for all of you, so those of you who have one, I expect you to share them among your peers and practice together.

The soldier's eyes widened in shock.

What did he mean hardly enough?

There nearly over two hundred of them another two-thousand, not present, and about one-hundred-fifty booklets! That was considered a miracle, especially with such little time!

All of them looked at the young boy with bright and earnest eyes, their respect and admiration for him increasing even further.

"Yes, captain! We won't disappoint you, I promise." The lead soldier of the group spoke cordially.

"I don't need you to promise me. I need you to do it. At that moment, I'll believe you."

The soldier's brows twitched but a smile spread across his face. After spending more time around the small boy, did everyone come to understand and adapt to his firm personality. He was aloof, often quiet and only spoke when necessary.

When they had initially expressed their reluctance to learn from him, his attitude turned sharper as he demonstrated his true ability – immediately shutting away their previous thoughts of him being a noble snob.

Thanking Rin, the men bow their heads respectfully toward her before heading back to their camp - booklets in hand. Rin watched their figures with silent eyes.

Once they were out of sight, the air surrounding her turned chillier. Her eyes narrowed toward the mountainous path of jagged rocks.

"Show yourself."
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