117 Cold-Blooded & Ruthless Being

"I'll be taking my leave now. We'll meet again in the following three days."

"Why three days?" Rin asked, her head tilted curiously.

In a serious tone, he replied, "To avoid An Sun's suspicion, we'll have to meet in separate days. It should be enough for you to gather enough information on him."

Rin's eyes lit up and she gave a subtle nod of understanding.

"Well then, I'll be leaving."

The scout turned around, with a hidden and satisfied expression on his face. That was easier than he expected. Guess the rumors of the Young Bai Master being a selfish coward were true.

Meanwhile, when the scout turned his body away from Rin, her lowered eyes brew with an unbridled glint of massacre. Her hand reached for the small steel dagger hidden within her coat pocket and lunged forward in unhesitant movements, the dagger jabbing toward his back.

At that moment, the scout sensed a murderous presence behind him, catching him by surprise. Turning around quickly to confront the sudden danger, he was confronted with a dagger plunging toward him.

Having noticed the sudden attack at the last second, the scout quickly avoided it, only to escape with a slight scratch on his face.

Feeling a slight sting on his cheek, he raises his hand to his face and touches the scratch on his skin.

"You…" Like a bolt of lightning had struck him, the scout looked up at Rin in disbelief.

The young boy he originally deemed frail and cowardly, was no longer present but instead replaced by a cold-blooded and ruthless being - his gaze was lifeless.

This…how are they the same person?

While the man stared at her in shock, Rin inwardly frowned at her missed attack.

Had she really become weaker these past few weeks?

Rin noticed as she attacked, her movements felt heavier than usual. Her initial thoughts on needing to train her body physically were further convinced.

According to reason, her body was in the process of recovering from her previous illness in Guando - leading to her martial arts to be slightly sluggish.

Furthermore, she felt she had gained a few pounds since she's been here…

Which was surprising considering their rationing of food for the recent batch of soldiers they were training.

Upon recalling An Sun's recent treatment of fattening her up with meats and white rice, Rin's lips twitched.

She definitely needed to get back in shape.

Back to her current situation, Rin adjusted her body and bolted in for another attack. When Rin struck again, the scout was once again caught off guard, but this time he dodged faster than before.

Having expected him to dodge her attack, Rin stretched out her other hand and punched a block toward his unguarded chest.

The scout was stunned by the intensity in the boy's attack, and he staggered backward, blood threatening to spur from his mouth.

Coughing, his face contorted with a murderous glint and he suddenly throws his head back laughing hysterically. "I'll admit, you fooled me well and your strength isn't too bad for someone your size. But don't think you'll get out of this alive now you sneaky bastard!"

Under the man's threatening words there wasn't a single trace of fear or hesitation in Rin's expression, her eyes cold as ice.

"What a coincidence, I was going to say the same to you," Rin said, smiling coldly.

The rage in the scout's eyes intensified and his eyes narrowed up in displeasure.

Someone like this on An Sun's side was definitely too dangerous - he needed to kill him immediately!

In fast movements, the scout shot straight towards the petite figure with his sword and struck it toward their heart.

Rin's eyes narrowed. Stepping back to evade his attack, Rin's heart jumped a little when witnessing the man's martial arts level.

This might be a little harder than she expected...
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