118 A Sense of Deja Vu

Inside An Sun's tent, the young man held a letter in his large hand, a grim and menacing expression etched on his handsome face. Having just entered the tent, Manchu was met with such a sight.

His eyebrow rose up. "What's with the long face? Did Governor Duyi add another term to the agreement?"

Despite Manchu's light tone, An Sun's expression remained aloof.

"My father summoned me."

At that, Manchu tensed before his expression revealed one similar to An Sun's.

"What does he want?"

An Sun sighs and sits down in his seat. "I don't know. But he ordered me to return immediately."

Both grew silent. An Sun fiddled with the letter with his calloused fingers, an overcast and ice-filled expression on his face while Manchu stood quietly to the side, his brows knitted tightly together.

"What are you planning to do? Are you going?"

An Sun laughed coldly while he glanced his eyes at the man across from him, "Do I have a choice? Besides, we don't know if he's aware of our plans yet."

"But if he is…" Manchu was suddenly cut off by the sound of a soldier's voice outside the tent, his tone filled with great urgency.

"Lord An! Advisor Bai requests permission to see you!"

An Sun sighed and rubbed the space between his eyebrows. "Tell him to return another time."

"B-But Sir…"

As the soldier was hesitating on whether or not to tell the young boy outside of An Sun's reply, the figure standing behind him swiftly walked passed him.

As the flaps of the tent opened, An Sun's expression grew dark, "Did you not hear what I—"

An Sun's words faltered upon seeing the boy's appearance - it was like déjà vu.

Just as before when An Sun ordered for Rin to take care of the group of soldiers outside their camp, she entered the tent stained in dark, red blood. Her face appeared slightly flushed as beads of sweat ran down her dark brows.

"Oi, kid…What..."

Not allowing him to finish, Rin spoke in a frosted tone, "I apologize for the disturbance, my Lord, but this is urgent."

She elevated her hand and lifted the tent flap to reveal a bloodied figure crumpled in the cold snow.

With brows furrowed, An Sun stood up and walked toward the entrance. Upon identifying the limp and bloodied figure in the snow, An Sun's eyes narrowed.

"It seems for these past few days I was being watched. I hope Lord An doesn't mind, but I took matters into my own hands." Rin spoke each word calmly, her hands resting behind her back.

"This…" A trace of surprise flashed across Manchu's face.

Rin glanced at Manchu. "So, you know him?"

In response, Manchu clamped his mouth shut and looked away from Rin. Not minding him and his attempt to evade her question, she glances at An Sun who continued to look at the body with a disdainful gaze.

"Get rid of him. I don't want his body ten feet near our camp." An Sun turned to look at Rin. "You, come inside."

Rin nodded to his command and entered the tent while two Tuhan soldiers heaved the limp body away.

Within the tent, An Sun stared intently at the bloodied clothed boy. Rin didn't avert her eyes and stood, her eyes facing An Sun head on.

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