126 Consider A Brother


After hearing An Sun had regained consciousness, Manchu didn't hesitate to drop his bearings and storm to the tent. Seeing An Sun propped against the headboard on the bed and the color back in his frosty face, Manchu sighed a breath of relief.

"What is it you wanted to discuss?"

Legs crossed on the bed and his arms folded against his bandaged chest, An Sun looked at the two standing in front of him.

"The reason my father summoned me was to command orders regarding canceling our trade with Jilin province." After a slight pause, his expression contorted into one of ice. "And for me to kill and deliver him Governor Duyi's head. However, I have a feeling this wasn't thought of by my father alone."

Manchu's eyes filled with a rare, venomous and dangerous expression. "An Ruo…that bastard."

Rin indifferently shot the distressed Manchu a glance before retracting her gaze and looking back at An Sun. She furrowed her brows slightly but did not say much on the matter.

Truthfully, Rin was stunned. She never imagined the An Clan leader would propose such a thing.

But the more important question was…

"What does Lord An plan to do?" Rin opened her mouth to ask calmly.

An Sun stared at her and firmly locked his eyes on her.

"I do not plan on killing Duyi Zhong." He said slowly as if confirming with her he had no intention of harming the governor.

Rin's eyebrow raised. She gave a light laugh and she tilted her head slightly to look at the stern-faced An Sun. "I know."

At this moment, the shock, confusion, and astonishment in An Sun's heart intertwined. Those pair of eyes stared at him with clear steadiness. There was no falter in their words or gaze. He meant what he said.

An Sun couldn't help but laugh mockingly. He'd felt the boy before him was an idiot. But considering his strategies and martial abilities, he knew that was not so. He trusted him that was all.


Something he had threatened and baited the boy with since day one. An Sun had always treated Bai Lan as if he was testing him, determining his true motives - making it unclear on whether or not he believed in the boy's words.

However, despite that, they were getting closer and closer. And soon, An Sun found himself relying on the boy more than he originally planned.

Bai Lan had completely gained his trust. For this reason, he knew what he had to do. An Sun drew in a deep breath and elevated his head to stare at the two.

"This matter could blow up to epic proportions which is why I no longer need your help. I started this battle, I don't want to drag either of you down unless you're willing. So, you two have the chance to leave for safety."

The inside of the tent grew silent. An Sun's words caused both Rin and Manchu to be stunned. Manchu stared at the man on the bed and roughly scratched the back of his head, a loud sigh escaping him.

"Honestly, where do you think I could go if I leave?" Manchu turned the corners of his mouth up slightly, curling his lips up into a sinister smile. "What makes you think I'd leave your side to go and become homeless? So, cut that heroic crap and accept I won't be leaving your side for a long time."

An Sun blinked his eyes and let out a light laugh. "You're such a moron."

Manchu shrugged his shoulders. There was a trace of a smile on An Sun's face, and he swept his gaze to Rin. He slowly stood up from the bed and walked over toward her, his expression earnest.

"As much as I wish for my plan to succeed, I don't want innocent people to suffer from my greed. You have served me well Bai Lan, I'm grateful you stayed by my side until now. While we both live and breathe, I'll forever consider you one of my brothers. I'll leave you and your family in peace."

Rin's head who was lowered, raised to look up at An Sun. He stared down at her quiet, unreadable expression and smiled.

"You no longer need to serve by my side anymore. You can return home to the Bai family."

She…could go back?

Rin had been shocked thoroughly by his words. She knew very well he did not speak any lies and meant what he said.

He was allowing her to return home. Home…

Images of certain figures appeared in her head, and her heart stirred thinking of them. Her grandfather, Uncle Guo, the Bai soldiers. She could go back.

Rin looked back at An Sun whose face showed a rare non-bloodlust smile. This man had said he considered her one of his brothers. An Sun had finally trusted her.

It was at this moment that Rin felt her mind and heart were both in turmoil. Words were stuck in her throat, as she didn't know what to say. She let out a bitter chuckle and for a second, felt like she was going insane.

After struggling with her heart for a while, Rin suddenly took a deep breath and released a gentle sigh from her lips.

"Truthfully Lord An, upon my first arrival here I could think of nothing but escaping, even thoughts of killing you surfaced on my mind."

When An Sun had heeded her words the corner of his lips twitched and his eyes dimmed. Was he saying how he wanted to kill him right after he said he could go? However, An Sun did not react and allowed the boy to continue speaking.

"But after serving alongside Lord An for a month, I've come to realize I'm a lot weaker and less knowledgeable than I thought I was. There's more about this world that I do not know of nor do I understand." Rin's voice was steady. "Before meeting you, my path had already been set. I now realize I can't follow my path in the state I'm in now."

Rin's gaze on An Sun turned kinder, "So, if Lord An doesn't mind, I'd like to stay by your side a little longer."

An Sun was stumped for words but eventually revealed a resolute expression.

"If your words are true, then I promise for as long as I shall live, I will do my best to protect you as one of my men and brothers. And if things turn for the worse, you can return home at any time." An Sun declared with a deep expression.

Rin smiled. "In that case, then I'm in your care, Lord An."
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