129 Bring Back Safely

In the An Clan camps' main tent, the atmosphere was extremely stifling. An Hongyu, who was seated in his large chair bore a sullen and hostile expression - the oppressive aura around him intensifying.

"What did you say?" An Hongyu's fists clenched, his sharp voice exuding a chilling frost.

The An Clan members present shivered and felt a cold sweat run down their backs with their heads lowered.

A young man stood in front of the enraged clan leader, facing his anger head-on without a shred of fear. An Ruo stared at his father with a mild gaze and suppressed the sneer forming on his lips.

"After hearing reports from my scouts, it would appear An Sun has returned to Jilin territory and plans to neglect fathers orders. He intends to continue to cooperate with their governor."

An Hongyu's expression grew uglier by the second. "Why didn't you notify me of this sooner?!"

An Ruo looked at his father calmly and spoke in a clear tone, "Since father ordered for me to call back my spies in fear of losing An Sun's trust, I was wary to report to you the news."

Seeming to have calmed after hearing his explanation, An Hongyu's aura eased somewhat. However, just as it left his gaze turned gloomy.

Smashing his palm against the armrest violently, he snapped. "That treacherous bastard!"

A bang echoed throughout the tent, causing the clan members' knees to quiver. Even though An Hongyu's rage wasn't directed toward them, those present still felt the urge to kneel and beg for forgiveness - reasons they wouldn't know why.

However, An Hongyu was too immersed in his raging thoughts to care for the fear in the other clan members.
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An Sun, that bastard dare defy him!

He was infuriated to find that years of suppressing and removing of the young man's resources still wasn't enough to stop him from disregarding his orders.

Rather it seemed this only seemed to incite his urge to rebel! He could no longer endure being provoked and ignored by such incompetent scum.

As the rage in his heart was swirling to the point of explosion, An Ruo's next words cracked the last bit of restraint he bore.

"It also looks like one of my scouts has yet to return after heading further north."

Although his words were few, An Hongyu knew very well what they indicated. Having not returned after an extensive period meant he was killed!

He knew all the scouts and guards An Ruo was assigned had high martial art skills. He could only assume the one to kill the sent scout was An Sun in fear of being discovered.

But what? What exactly was he trying to hide?

By now, An Hongyu's gaze was dripping with anger. He coldly cast a glance to the An Clan members on the side.

"Dispatch our troops over and summon for a retreat immediately!" He hollered.

Under his sharp, ruthless eyes, they nodded and left to carry out orders. Paying no need to their rushing figures, An Hongyu fixes his gaze back on the young man in front of him.

"No harm is to be put on An Sun, you hear? I want him to return alive."

A malicious glint flashed by An Ruo's eyes for a brief moment before vanishing. An Hongyu frowned in disapproval at his son's silence and his eyes grew colder.

"Do you understand? I don't care what negative feelings you harbor toward him, but do not go against my orders or else."

Clenching his fists by his side, An Ruo looked up and smiled lightly. "Of course, I understand father. He is my little brother after all."

An Hongyu narrowed his eyes. After ensuring his words were genuine, he cast his gaze aside and began to walk away before suddenly halting.

"That strategist of his…tell him to bring him too."

An Ruo was surprised for a moment but soon regained his composure and nodded. "Yes, father."

Without a word, An Hongyu exited the tent - leaving An Ruo alone. After a while, he too left the tent in silence, returning to his own. Once inside, An Ruo no longer concealed the resentful and chilling expression on his face.

Even though An Sun defied his orders and was working against them his father refused to rid of him!

He furiously swiped the items off of his table, producing a loud rattle. Breathing heavily, he stared down at the floor deeply.

"Master Ruo?"

In response to hearing the melodious voice, An Ruo's gaze swept over to the figure standing at the tent's entrance. A man with skin as white as snow and silky blond hair, stood and stared at the scene before him with emotionless, pale eyes. His frail and pale body was wrapped in silver and white robes, a hood covering his head.

"Is something the matter?"

An Ruo's mind went blank as if he recalled a distant memory before his eyes cleared and a new glint of resolve appeared.

He chuckled darkly. "It's nothing. I've just finally realized something."

The pale man quietly stood, looking at the young man with a blank expression, as he waited for An Ruo's next words.

"If I want something done, waiting for my father is no longer an option." His steady voice contained a hidden sneer.

If he wanted something done, then he had no choice but to do it himself.

"What do you have to say about this?" An Ruo looked at the young man with a biting smile.

From the beginning, he never withdrew his gaze from An Ruo, merely standing in silence. Having been asked a question, he lowered his head gently.

"Whatever Master Ruo plans or decides to do, I will be there to assist to the best of my ability."

As if satisfied with his answer, An Ruo's smiles grew wider and the fierce look in his eyes turned brighter.

"Then I guess I should order the troops to bring An Sun back..."
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