14 Time To Attack

A few days passed by and soon Rin undertook her training on a daily schedule.

Because of her frail body, the Commander provided the little girl more fats and protein to eat as he termed it "plump her up."

Through those days, the rest of the soldiers took notice of the sudden companion always on the girl's shoulder...

It was a little brown falcon.

When one of Commander Bai's soldiers asked the young girl about the bird's sudden appearance, she'd simply stare at them with an innocent expression and shrug.

"I found it in the woods," She sighed. "Guess it took a liking towards me. I simply don't have the heart to chase it away! I named it Ju, isn't it cute?"

"Uh...y-yes," The soldier scratched his head in disbelief.

After that, the men hadn't thought to question the bird's continuous presence.

However, a few of the intelligent soldiers took notice of the girl's slight shift in personalities from time to time.

Whenever they typically thought she would coldly glare, she would instantly switch back to her cute demeanor.

Some couldn't help but naturally find Rin to be vaguely…scary!

She was like a little kitten that appeared cute on the outside but once threatened would bare her fangs and seemingly retractable claws.

Instantly discovering this unknown side of her, Commander Bai couldn't help but sufficiently develop a sincere liking towards the little girl - as if she one of his own.

It was a shame, though…

That all happy things couldn't last forever.

That moonlit night, the dusky sky lit brilliantly with luminous stars as a gush of the gentle wind swiftly warped around the camp's tents and flags.

Two local soldiers were on patrol that night properly securing the training grounds with keen eyes.

Deep within the woods a distinct set of fearful eyes with blood-thirsty and greedy longing directed themselves towards the Bai army training camp.

Waiting for the proper time to pounce.

The right time to attack.

Unnoticed by the men, they hadn't noticed the small brown falcon observing their movements from above with dark eyes.

Nor had they seen it swiftly fly away near a tent within the Bai army training camp.
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