15 Old Man's Wrath

Inside the Commander's tent, the old man sternly once more stared at a stack of scrolls. His brows furrowed deeply.

General Guo who stood in front of his desk also sighed at the given information.

Ever since Rin had arrived, the Commander had continued digging information on the sudden fall of the village.

It was down at the end of the southern mountain range where it was remote from any neighboring cities or popular markets.

Basically, it was shut off from other civilized lands.

Which caused him to ponder why such an abandoned village was destroyed to the ground from top to bottom?

Even after his men had carried out countless searches, nothing was found.

He hadn't wished to ask Rin if she recalled any vague memories of the people who invaded her village.

As he had already done that during their usual breakfast a few days ago.

The response that he was given was the girl's vacant unreadable expression as she looked up in deep thought and merely said:

"Nope! Rin retains no recollection of the people who attacked Rin's village," She shrugged. "Whoever they are Rin hopes they suffer the beating they deserve!"

With a huff, she puffs out her round plump cheeks. After that, she had merely continued eating the quail eggs in front of her with blissful joy.

Sighing at the memory, the Commander stares up towards General Guo to ask if there was anything else that was reported when suddenly a young soldier rushes into the tent without warning.

"C-Commander Bai!"

General Guo who was about to strictly lecture the rude soldier, choked on his words on the young man's next words.

"The camp is under attacked by bandits!"

A sudden drop in temperature envelopes the camp as the Commander with his fisted hands propped up near his bearded chin tighten.

A faint crack could be heard as he heeds the soldier's words.

The man's dark dull eyes dimmed even darker - a flash of cold light chilling within them.

Both the General and soldier shudder from the sudden coldness inside the tent.

Their Commander truly was scary when he was angry!

Commander Bai's shoulders trembled slightly before he slowly stood up from his chair creating an even more menacing aura.

"Hoho! Those dirty scum dare to raid my armies camp?" He laughs darkly. "Fine! Allow them to see this old man's wrath!"
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