145 Melon Snatchers

*WARNING: The following content may contain mildly mature content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

There was a refreshing breeze on the morning Rin went to the market to shop for ingredients for dinner. Ever since her previous visit to the market, Jia had offered for Rin to make numerous trips in the hope of receiving 'discounts.'

Recently, Rin noticed Jia was distant. The initial friendly and welcoming demeanor had turned reserved and slightly stiff.

After Rin noticed this change, she inwardly sighed heavily. She knew this reaction was bound to happen at some point.

To Jia, she was a stranger with an unknown background.

Rin didn't mind, though. If anything, she preferred it this way. It was best not to grow attached to something one could not keep.

Sooner or later, she would leave them.

Rin had finished her shopping for the day and was going back to the sibling's home, carrying a loaded basket on the crook of each arm.

At this point, the villagers had grown accustomed to Rin's appearance. Her delicate, captivating features were unforgettable to those who saw her.

She was rather petite and dainty. Delicate, if you will. High, delicate cheekbones, a small nose, bright emerald eyes, soft pale skin, and silky dark hair.

Without a doubt, the girl was an exquisite and rare beauty!

When Rin passed by a shop, three young male villagers noticed the girl going in the direction of the mountains. The three youths looked at one another snickering, their eyes displaying a dark gleam.

They soon trailed behind her down the long, vacant mountainous path.

Carrying the heavy basket, she silently walked at a slow pace.

Rin's senses were finely honed, so she immediately realized the group following her. Her ears perked as she detected the slight sound of footsteps approaching.

Before she could turn around, a skinny, pale youth, the tallest of the three, plucked a green winter melon from her basket. He flung it over Rin's head to his friends.

Rin's gaze swept over the three male villagers. The boys were about her age or older, but they were fit and looked full of unpredictable energy.

"Give it back," Rin demanded calmly.

"Hmm? You want it back? But we're helping you, that basket looks awfully heavy." The tall boy sniggered and glanced downward.

The girl's figure was short and slender, her most attractive feature being her slim and delicate waist. Her hair was pulled up into a simple style, leaving a few strands of hair that accentuated her defined features even more.

Undoubtedly, the girl was beautiful.

A corner of Rin's lips tugged downwards. She wasn't a fool. Based on their expressions, she knew the three's motives.

"Give it back now," Rin slowly spoke, her cold, steady voice had a trace of displeasure.

Rin extended her right hand out and looked directly at the pale, thin boy who was a head taller than her. The basket in her hand was lodged in the crook of her elbow, and with the wound in her shoulder, it was getting harder to keep her balance.

The three laughed at her before they continued tossing the green melon to one another.

"If you want it, you have to either catch it or…" The tall boy looked at her with sly eyes. "Pay for it."

Rin stared at them coldly, her eyes never bearing a single trace of emotion. Sighing heavily, she placed the basket on the ground.

She extended her small hand forward for the melon, but it was quickly tossed to another boy. Again, Rin swiped at the air, trying to get the melon back.

When Rin turned to the tallest of the boys', his eyes were gauging the girl's bosom.
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"Though they're small, you have really nice-looking breasts. I bet they're soft too. Your skin looks so delicate, not like the stiff, dirty women here."

His greedy eyes stared at the girl's soft skin and beautiful colored eyes. At that moment, his hand reached for her left breast.

A chilly glint flashed through Rin's eyes. She took a slight step back to avoid his grasp, however, the other was quick to grab her hand.

"Since you've failed to catch it, you can only pay for it." The tall boy raised his eyebrows in ridicule as he looked down at Rin, a sneer on his face.

Rin frowned. There was no fear on her face as she said, "Let go of me right now, or I'll scream."

The three snickered. "Do you think anyone would be able to hear you from here? Why do you think we chose to follow you?"

True to his words, Rin discovered the route to the sibling's house from the market was far and cut off from the other villagers. If she were to scream, she doubts anyone would hear her.

Rin sighed helplessly. She raised her head and looked at the three seriously.

"I'm asking you one last time, let go of me now and return my melon to me."

The tall boy peered down, his lips stretching into a sinister smile. "How about I let go of your hand and grab your melons instead?"

Rin felt the corner of her lips twitch.

How dimwitted and shameless were these three?

At that moment, a sudden gush of pain jolted throughout the tall boy's body. His stomach throbbed, his arms lost tension and his legs began to weaken. His grip on Rin loosened as she quickly stepped away.

Rin swept an icy gaze over the other two whose eyes were wide in terror. They unconsciously took a step back.

"You…slut!" The tall boy finally recovered himself and glared at her with a red face.

He turned to look at the other two. "What are two so afraid of? Grab and hold her down!"

Breaking from their trance, the two looked at the girl and lost their previous fear.

That's right! There were three of them against one girl!

A moment ago, the girl's attack was sheer miscalculations on their part.

Finally, gathering up the courage, the two boys rushed toward the girl.

The boys' didn't fear women in the least.

Yet as Rin approached, they were close to changing that idea as her small, white fist collided with both their cheeks, flaying their necks backward like a willow caught in the wind.

Her actions certainly took them by surprise.

This seemingly young, delicate girl, is more capable than she seems!

Groaning on their backs, the two raised their heads only to see the girl's foot in front of their faces as she struck them both in the jaw.

Her kick had hit both of them with so much force, blood pooled in their mouths.

Perceiving the tall boy approaching her from behind, Rin avoided his attacking hands.

"Bitch!" He seethed angrily through his teeth.

Using his favorable body strength against the small girl, he lunged his fist forward with all his strength.

Calmly, Rin evaded his punch. She grasped his head in her hands and brought her kneecap up to his nose. There was a blunt crack before she released his dark-haired head. Crimson leaked from both his nostrils and his nose was twisted right.

"Aaahhh!" A loud painful wail escaped him as he clutched his nose.

Falling to his knees, he continued to clutch his nose before he felt a hand hit the back of his neck, his consciousness fading.

Rin's expressionless face exuded murderous intent; her emerald eyes surged. Her pair of frosty eyes with a hint of a smile, as if full of mockery, looked at the three unconscious boys.

She walked over, picked up the green melon on the ground, and placed it back into her basket.

"It would seem I caught the melon." The girl's voice was soft, a faint smile on her lips.

It was chilling.

Clap--! Clap--!

Rin suddenly froze and narrowed her eyes. She turned to the sudden sound of clapping and raised her head. Her eyes widened at the sight of an old man wearing tattered, old robes standing on top of an enormous boulder.

The old man was clapping as he stared at the scene below.

He grinned. "I have to say, girl, that was quite impressive."
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