16 Uninvited Guests


The deafening sound of sword clashing and blood-curdling screams could be heard throughout the chaotic night.

The armed bandits who had raided the Bai armies training camp were gradually declining in numbers as the Bai soldiers slashed every pest in sight.

Commander Bai who was shifting his jeweled sword between battered bodies left and right had a devilish grin spread across his blood-splattered face.

The shining armor of the countless Bai soldiers glistened under the moonlit sky - the brilliant eyes of the magnificent lion glaring fiercely.

"You filthy bastards thought you could raid my camp and come out alive?" Commander Bai laughed darkly as he lifts up his gleaming sword towards a bloodied man on the ground.

The leader of the bandits trembled from head to toe, his breath was ragged as he stared fearfully into the Commander's gleaming eyes. His left arm was swiftly cut off causing him to scream in frightening agony.

However, the Commander hadn't granted him the precious feeling of death just yet.

He had slowly stabbed his swift sword into nonfatal parts of his body. From his kneecaps which crippled him, to his tongue being severed off.

This man was a demon!

He maintained no more face to show yet Commander Bai hadn't thought to let him die yet. He genuinely was a terrifying man.

The leader shifted his eyes towards the side seeking for his men's assistance. Yet in the end, the image of their dismembered corpses was all that was left before him.

"Haha, you're either really bold or extremely stupid to merely think you could win," The old Commander taunted stabbing his sword into the dying man's wounded arm.

Trying to plead to be let go, the mere sound of his disturbing wails was all that was heard as his tongue was no more.

Sighing at the pitiful sight, the Commander slashes his sword down dismembering the man's head from his damaged body.

"Who's next?" Commander Bai turned his body around grinning evilly.

While the destruction outside took place, little Rin encountered her own problems to face.

After Ju had instantly informed her of the sudden group of bandits approaching, she had naturally thought to merely wait in a private corner of the tent and wait humbly for the violent chaos to simmer down.

She sincerely trusted Commander Bai and his capable men's considerable strength. After all, the bandits from what Rin could instantly see were clearly unfamiliar with martial arts.

She lightly chuckled upon the foolish bandits reasoning.

Did they really believe that because they outnumbered them they would have a chance? They clearly didn't think carefully enough through their broad skulls.

Evident strength and learned skill are all one naturally needed to survive. No matter the numbers that came upon you, if one possessed strength and skill in martial arts they could easily defeat the enemy.

While Rin was deeply mocking the foolish group of bandits the ominous sound of an unknown object dropping alerted her attention.

Squinting her eyes, Rin could faintly detect the appearance of three towering figures entering her tent.

And they weren't the Bai soldiers...

Rin bitterly gritted her teeth upon sighting them and had hoped to cunningly hide her possible presence in the corner while the armed men forcibly entered.

Seems like she had a few uninvited guests...

Three bulky muscled men with a faint pale yellowish complexion and greasy hair scanned the tents surroundings not detecting the unusual presence of anything suspicious.

"Heh, seems like they didn't think too much about decorating this room." One of the men's scratchy voices sneered.

"No kidding, this tent is practically empty." The second man cackled.

Rin glared ferociously - her eyes darkly staring at the men as they openly insulted her tent.

Hmph! For their information, she genuinely quite preferred a humble room!

"That doesn't matter," The third man's deep voice cut the men off. "Thoroughly search for anything, you never know what they could be hiding."

With those words, the three men began searching throughout the tent. Knocking down tables, lamps, and chests.

Rin sighed at the mess the men created in her tent.

Still huddled in the corner Rin stilled her breathing to prevent the men from detecting her. After five minutes the men huffed in violent anger and gave up before exiting.

Waiting patiently a few more minutes before standing up from her corner, Rin stares at the filthy mess before her with pitiful eyes.

"Tsk. Look at this mess they created." Rin shook her head sadly.

Rummaging through the chests Rin instantly finds the glossy fur covered blankets soiled with dirt.

While Rin cried bitterly in her heart at the pitiable sight of the precious soft cover damaged, a dark shadowing figure hovered over her.

"Well, well, look what we have here..."
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