156 Challenge Accepted

"You're going train under Mister Qiu?"

Rin nodded her head while placing the thick coat around her body. Jia looked at Rin, her features were cast in a stiff expression and her lips were pressed together.

"No offense to Mister Qiu, but he's not the most reliable person to have as a teacher."

"You're right, he's not very reliable," Rin recalled the incident where he deceived her of a melon and forced her to provide him meat.

Jia looked at Rin with a furrow in her brow and asked, "Then why do you want to have him train you?"

Rin glanced at the concerned girl and revealed a light smile.

"Jia, I've told you before that my background is complicated, right?"

Jia silently nodded her head. Rin sighed softly and gazed up at the azure sky outside the small hut's window. She awkwardly scratched her nose.

"To tell you the truth, I was raised by a wealthy household."

Jia let out a snort and waved her hand. "I already knew that. What type of female commoner has such graceful manners and speaks to people her age like great elders?"

Clearly not expecting these words, Rin blinked, the corner of her lips twitching. She let out a few coughs, her head lowered.

She continued. "Despite my lifestyle, I have experienced many challenging experiences in my life. Some I don't believe I will ever forget." The look in Rin's eyes darkened. "These events have led me to want to grow stronger. Not to just protect myself, but those I cherish."

Rin shifted her gaze back to Jia. A hint of a smile could be detected in the crease of her emerald eyes, a rarity for the normally icy-faced girl.

"I would also like to grow stronger, to protect you and Aiguo. The two of you are more than my saviors; you're my friends."

The corner of Jia's mouth curled up into a joyful smile. She looked at her with a pair of bright eyes, fully utilizing her broad face. Reaching out a hand, she pats Rin gently on the shoulder.

"Then I wish you the best."
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The smile on Rin's lips spread as she heard Jia's words. When Rin was done dressing up for the frosty weather, she waved goodbye to Jia and the sleepy-eyed Aiguo that morning before leaving.

Rin's face went cold, like an ancient lake locked up with frost.

"That insolent old man…" Rin muttered fiercely under her breath.

As Rin gazed up, she stared at the large and high mountain path, causing her pale lips to press together. The snow-covered peaks angled shadows east.

It would be impossible to climb to the top!

Breathing banks of pale clouds, Rin's face was stiff as the frown at the corner of her mouth deepened. By testing the challenges she faced, only then could she measure her true strength.

Raising her eyes back to the mountain, the look in her expression turned sharp.

This challenge, she accepted!

Moss and lichen-covered boulders sprawled in the rockery of mountains. Apart from a worn-out path that snaked through the blanket of snow, there was no trace of civilization within the area.

The large forest trees stood within the snowy mountains, the river, and the clouds both moving leisurely. Below stood a girl, her thick brown coat and hood flimsy in the wind.

Rin's face was pale, her brows furrowed and beaded with sweat. The harsh winds were accompanied by icy snowflakes, cutting like razors and jagged stones across her small face.

The chilly air slowly crept under her clothes and spread across her skin. With purple lips tinged with blue and gently chattering teeth, she wrapped her thick furred coat around her tighter.

Hours had seemed to pass by the time she made it to the top of the mountain, her lungs burning.

It seemed that her body was unable to hold up. She had been struggling to endure, but ultimately collapsed. Rin knelt weakly on the ground as she breathed heavily.

That…nearly killed her!

Detecting the sound of snowy footsteps, Rin glanced up to perceive the familiar wrinkled face of Master Qiu.

"Hmph! What took you so long? This old monk nearly died of boredom waiting!"

Unable to respond, Rin merely panted, trying to regain her breath. Seeing the girl's out of state appearance, Master Qiu's expression hadn't changed. Not a trace of pity or concern was seen within his dark eyes. Scratching the inside of his ear with his pinky, he looked off to the side.

"So, girl, where's my meat?"

In the midst of regaining her breath, Rin paused. She raised her weary head as she panted for breath to see Master Qiu's pouting expression, her face looking highly puzzled.

"What meat?"

Heeding this, Master Qiu's expression turned into one of disappointment. "How could you forget? In return for training you and teaching you all I know, you deliver me meat!"

Rin had no expression as she silently stared at him. Her brows drew together, and her eyes were filled with fatigue and silent irritation.

Without a doubt, she experienced the urge to end this old man's life. However, with his high skills, she doubted she'd get far.

As if not sensing the cold, killing intent within the girl's emerald eyes, the old man flicked his robes and twisted his small body around.

"Come along girl, we've already wasted enough time. Let's begin your first session."

Rin lifted her delicate face to look at Master Qiu, and her beautiful eyes sparkled.

"Yes, Master!"

Rin stood up from the cold ground and followed the old man behind. As her Uncle Guo said to her when young, challenges are meant to be met and overcome.

This challenge would most likely be her hardest yet.



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