17 Not So Innocen

"Well, well, look what we have here."

Suddenly feeling a fierce grip on her small arm, Rin's youthful body is dangled loosely by one of the previous men who had forcibly entered.

"What's a cute little girl doing in the Bai armies tent?"

He eagerly snatched the girl's petite body towards his scarred face. Up close Rin could smell the crooked man's bitter and putrid acidic breath, his stubbled dark chin inches away from her rosy face.

Instantly seeing the little girl up close, the man could clearly see her youthful beauty. Even for a puny child.

Her glowing jade-like skin, dewy large eyes, and rosy plump lips were all shown before him.

He could naturally see the charming girl's round button nose twitch as he spoke aggressively. A small mole under her right eye was visible.

However, what stood out the most about her extraordinary beauty was precisely her flashing emerald eyes that from what he could reasonably see were glaring fiercely at him.

"Hoho! She's quite the rare beauty, isn't she?" Another bandit came in scrupulously observing the attractive girl clutched in the other's grip.

"Never thought the mighty Bai army would possess such interesting secrets…" He sneered. "Seems like they naturally favor taking in little girls as their play toys huh? Wonder what others would say if they knew."

The three beastly men laughed darkly, all the while Rin was being dangled precariously by the man.

"You must have enjoyed your way with all the soldiers here huh? Maybe even with that old fart Commander Bai?" He grinned maliciously.

Rin stared at the men with glaring eyes - like a small fearful kitten being held captive.

"Ah..are you a mute?"

Still no emotional response.

The man had figured conspicuously she was too scared to speak, yet the dark look in her brilliant yes betrayed that thought.

"Aiya! We could definitely sell her for a decent price don't you think?" One of the bandits spoke with a wicked glint in his lustful eyes.

"We'll have to discuss it with the boss," The third one said sternly with a grim expression.

The second one scoffs at his words. "Tsk. Didn't you recognize him out there? He's more crippled than a plank of wood!"

Going silent towards his words, he bobs his head in agreement after seconds of silence.

"Heh, good!" The man sneers turning his gaze back towards Rin. "Now don't struggle, or we'll make things harder on you."

Licking his lips a dark glint glows in his eyes. Rin could see flashes of the indecent scenes the men had in store for her.

Not that she was going to allow them to without a fight...

Following his words, a swift unseen figure kicks the man in the jaw causing him to sever his tongue.

As blood pours from the man's jaw, he cries in agony, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

The other two men stare at the crying man with wide eyes then towards the little girl landing on her feet with sharp eyes.

"You little brat..!" One of the men snaps charging towards her.

With quick movements, Rin picks up a small golden hairpin from the ground and just as quickly throws it towards the man's legs.

Suddenly feeling an intense stabbing pain in his leg the man tumbles forward falling onto his face.

"Ahh--!" A blood-curdling scream echoes into their ears.

A sharply pointed hairpin had embedded itself in his leg spearing him near the bone. Endless amounts of dark crimson blood flowed gently down his wounded leg.

The third man who was bulkier in size than the other two watched his comrades go down in mere seconds. With a violent rage scarcely forming in his body, his teeth clench tightly nearly cracking them.

This little girl wasn't as innocent as he thought she'd be...

"You're going to pay for that you little slut!" He roared.

Rin, who was alerted by the man's sudden rage, prepared herself to attack but unfortunately for her, tripped on the fallen wooden chest.

Thumping down hard on the ground, Rin naturally forced herself back up but was quickly kicked down.

A buzzing sensation rang harshly through her ears as she merely grunted from the dull pain directed towards her bruised ribs.

"Heh...let's see how strong you are now after I enjoy my ways with you." The man smirked before reaching towards Rin's robes.
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