163 Clear Infatuation

It was normal for Bai Han to have regrets. After he had heard of Rin's kidnapping, he regretted allowing her to help in Guando. He regretted he raised her to be a strong, capable woman rather than a dainty fragile flower.

However, until now, Bai Han had never experienced extreme regret like this. This was true regret.

While Elder Cai drove the carriage in front, An Sun and Bai Han entered the carriage in back with Yun Suyin and her sister. From Wei Jingyi's orders, before they entered the villages, they had gone by the surname Wang.

Bai Han was surprised the girl had allowed them – two strange men, to enter the back of the carriage without suspicion.

However, throughout the ride, it became clear as to why the young girl harbored no suspicion toward them.

She was completely infatuated with An Sun!

To make matters worse, she had made her feelings for the young man very apparent, as all of her attention was only focused on him. She was upright and straightforward with her approaches with An Sun.

Bai Han didn't say much as it was obvious Yun Suyin did not want to speak or acknowledge him. Thus, while sitting beside An Sun, the ignored Bai Han was forced to listen to Yun Suyin praise the young man with intense infatuation.
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At that point, Bai Han was about to dig out his ear canal from the girl's endless chatter. He had stolen a few glances at An Sun to see his reaction. In the end, he was surprised to see that An Sun's gaze hadn't even grazed Yun Suyin's body for a second.

The young man's expression was unchanged while the girl spoke to him. It was clear he was ignoring her completely. He propped his head on his hand as if he was thinking about something while gazing out the window.

Bai Han glanced back at Yun Suyin and saw she was still engrossed in talking to the young man. If the girl asked him a question, he would react with a curt response.

Even though An Sun's eyes held no interest when he looked or responded to her, Yun Suyin's eyes still sparkled with joy.

Unconsciously, Bai Han bore an odd sense of satisfaction. At least the young man was smart enough to not be swayed by beautiful women.

"Young Miss, we've arrived." The old man announced from outside.

"Oh, thank god." Bai Han couldn't help but sigh out loud.

Everyone at that moment turned to look at Bai Han with a strange expression. An Sun's brows arched, a clear hint of amusement in his eyes while Yun Suyin and her little sister stared at him with puzzled faces.

Realizing he had expressed his relief aloud, Bai Han uneasily coughed.

"Ah, I'm relieved to finally be here. We've been traveling for so long, it's been a while since we've gotten rest." He awkwardly said while scratching his nose.

Yun Suyin didn't seem to notice anything unusual with his explanation and smiled.

"Of course. Please let us bring you inside and rent you a room. We'll even pay for your meals."

Grateful, Bai Han silently nodded. Stepping out of the carriage, An Sun and Bai Han was slightly surprised to see such an established inn in the small town.

No wonder there were so many bandits. Rich folks traveling by, most likely came here to rest.

Entering the inn, they were greeted welcomingly by the middle-aged man behind the desk. While Elder Cai paid, An Sun suddenly felt a tug on his robe. Glancing down, he saw Yun Suyin staring at him with bright eyes, the corner of her lips lifted up.

She pointed to her face. "[1]Wang Sun, what's my name?"

Confused, An Sun frowned slightly. "Yun Suyin?"

The moment he spoke her name, Yun Suyin's smiles grew even lovelier.

"Hehe, I just wanted to see if you remembered it. Don't forget all right?"

The edge of An Sun's brows twitched, but he still nodded his head. He glanced down even further and noticed the girl's hand was still gripping onto his robe.

He frowned and his eyes darkened. Were household misses always so clingy?

When Elder Cai had informed them of their rented rooms, An Sun walked over, [ulling away from Yun Suyin's hold on him to take their passes. An Sun nodded his head in thanks to Elder Cai for renting their rooms.

"Haha, there's no need for thanks. Please inform us if you and your grandfather need anything else." Elder Cai waved his hand.

An Sun smiled in return. "We will, thank you."

With that, An Sun and Bai Han entered their separate rooms. Being only so early in the afternoon, the two prepared to eat downstairs at the inn with Yun Suyin and her group.

When they walked down, the scent of grilling meat entered their nostrils. Shifting their gazes down, they could see the inn had an open area where the customers could grill their own meat.

Currently, Elder Cai was occupying the brazier. A metal plate was settled on top of the brazier, while Elder Cai used chopsticks to skew the meat roasting on top.

There was a set of six, large tables surrounding the bottom room, while the brazier cooking the meat warmed it up.

Yun Suyin's eyes immediately lit up upon seeing An Sun. She turned to Elder Cai and whispered something to him. The old man nodded, and Yun Suyin stepped over to An Sun.

She gazed up at him with a beaming smile. "Wang Sun, come grill meat for Yun Ting and I. Elder Cai will make some for your grandfather."

An eyebrow raised on An Sun's face. He glanced over to Bai Han to see he was already walking over to Elder Cai. The corner of An Sun's lips twitched.

He looked back at the sparkling Yun Suyin and sighed.

"All right."

Hearing his response, Yun Suyin beamed joyfully and dragged him over to the brazier on the other side of the room.

About half a meter away from An Sun's side, Elder Cai was still grilling pieces of beef and mutton. He observed the exchange between the two and scratched his cheek.

He turned to look at Bai Han standing beside him, who too was grilling meat for himself. Bai Han chose to sit a little closer to the brazier where the amazing food was being cooked, all so he could eat a little more.

Elder Cai cleared his throat and turned to Bai Han with a sincere expression.

"You must be very proud to have a grandson like him."

As he cooked his food, Bai Han's brows furrowed. He rolled his eyes speechlessly.

How many more times did he need to hear them praise An Sun?

He let out a small grunt in response. Elder Cai didn't seem to mind and continued to smile.

"You've probably noticed, but my young miss has taken a liking to your grandson. I suppose you could call it, love at first sight." He chuckled. "Although I'm not too certain of your background, from what I've seen, your grandson is a suitable young man."

Bai Han suddenly paused. He turned to look at Elder Cai with a doubtful expression. "What are you getting at?"

Like a gossiping old man, Elder Cai sent a sneaky glance to An Sun and Yun Suyin before looking back at Bai Han.

"Don't you agree that they would make a striking pair? Although your grandson seems uninterested now, I am certain with time; feelings will blossom between the two."

Bai Han couldn't hold back the twitch in his eyes any longer.

Shameless old man! What nonsense was he spewing?!

The two had just met, and he was already ready to prepare their wedding!

Did he not see that An Sun held zero interest in the girl?

As much as he wishes to shout this at the old man, he wouldn't share his thoughts just like that. Nearly losing his temper, Bai Han huffed. He cast a cold gaze over An Sun and pressed his lips together.

With gritted teeth, he snorted, "Hmph, I wouldn't be too sure about that."

Those words were so shocking to Elder Cai that he could only stare blankly at Bai Han for some time. He found it strange and didn't understand why Bai Han had such a huge reaction.

His brows furrowed. "Do you not agree?"

Bai Han took two pieces of grilled meat and placed them on his plate. His whole person seemed to dim into a dark shadow. He looked rather depressed.

In a dull tone, he said, "There are better, stronger, and more attractive fish in the sea."

Elder Cai thought the person Bai Han was speaking about was An Sun in consideration for Yun Suyin. At this, he smiled silently and shook his head.

Only Bai Han knew the one he deemed inferior was Yun Suyin. Hmph! Who needed a weak and docile little girl to stand beside An Sun, when there was his strong and more attractive granddaughter!

While Bai Han continued complaining in his heart, he was unaware that he had so willingly expressed his acceptance to An Sun and Rin.


On the other side of the room, An Sun was quietly grilling his own meat. As An Sun skillfully flipped the beef slices on the metal plate, the sound of the meat sizzling was audible. His expression had been cold from the start.

Sitting at the table was Yun Suyin and her little sister, Yun Ting. The two looked at the young man grilling the food with glittering round eyes.

An Sun finished grilling the beef slices and placed them neatly on a plate. They looked delicious and alluring. He set the dish in front of the two.

Yun Ting, Yun Suying's little sister, stared at the grilled beef slices in front of her. Her little mouth hung open as she stared at the meat with a watery gaze.

An Sun sat across the two, he lifted his chopsticks and reached for a piece of meat, chewing fiercely.

Although An Sun felt satisfied inside, there wasn't much change in his expression as he reached for a sizeable chunk of white rice. Yun Suyin sat across from him and watched as he used his wooden chopsticks to place a slice of meat into his mouth.

He ate very aggressively. Even though his chopsticks moved at a rapid pace, his rough motions were still a joy to watch in her eyes.

At that moment, An Sun noticed the two girls staring at him while he ate. They blinked their beady eyes at him, both with different expressions.

An Sun ignored the lovely faced Yun Suyin and turned to look at the little girl sitting beside her.

He noticed from the carriage ride to now; the little girl never spoke. She wore a lovely pink dress and like her sister, bore round doe eyes. With still a little baby fat, her round white cheeks glowed a rosy color as she stared at the pieces of meat.

An Sun had never been around children. There were times in the An Clan, however, unlike Yun Ting the children were rather…intense.

Swallowing his food, An Sun stared at her with a slight frown on his face.

"Are you not going to eat?"

Realizing his gaze was directed on her, the little girl jumped in her seat, causing her round white cheeks to tremble slightly.

Despite her startled expression, her eyes had not a single trace of panic in them. The girl's doe-like eyes were shining brightly, like a little creature filled with curiosity.

Silently, she bobbed her head.

An Sun noticed his voice must have startled her, and he tried his best to adjust his expression, making it as neutral as possible instead of cold and unapproachable.

In the end, his voice came out cold and commanding. "Then eat."

The little girl nodded her head again. She used her chopsticks to pick up a slice of beef. She blew on it first before putting it into her small mouth.

She chewed once, twice before a fire sparked in her eyes. Her chewing got faster and faster.

It was clear from her reaction that she liked it a lot.

An Sun's eyes focused on her face, his gray eyes quietly studying her expression.

The girl's black hair looked fluffy and soft, framing a pair of bright round eyes that were brimming with joy. Her nose was not straight, but it had an excellent shape and looked extremely delicate.

An Sun stared fixedly at the young girl's appearance and in a split-second thought her appearance was similar to that of a rabbit he once hunted.

The little girl in front of him seemed delicate and fragile. Yet, she oddly reminded him of a certain figure, causing his hard, cold face to soften a little.

While his tone remained cold, it just so slightly thawed as he said, "Is it good?"

Once again, Yun Ting was surprised An Sun was looking at her and blinked her round eyes. After a few seconds, she mutely nodded her head. With her response, An Sun used his chopsticks to place a piece of meat in her bowl of rice.

"Then eat more."

Stunned, Yun Ting looked up at An Sun who stared back at her.

"What?" An Sun raised an eyebrow.

Yun Ting parted her lips to speak, but nothing came out. Silently, the corner of her lips curved into a smile and she bobbed her head. Her smile revealed a small dimple on the left that added a touch of cleverness to her face.

Lowering her rosy face once again, she chewed happily on the piece of grilled meat. Immediately, her plump, white cheeks enlarged, her eyes glowing with joy.

An Sun couldn't hold back anymore and the corners of his lips twitched upwards in soundless laughter.

They were too similar.

He glanced back down at his bowl and continued to eat. Not a second later, he noticed a burning gaze on him.

As expected, the moment he turned his head, he was met with the doe-eyed Yun Suyin, her lips slightly puckered in a pout.

She pushed her bowl out to him and flashed a broad smile. "Feed me too, please!"

An Sun: "…"
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