165 Do You Like Her?

The two men stumbled apart for a brief second to regain their breaths before diving back at each other, eyes narrowed in determination.

An Sun dodged Bai Han's fist and came up with his own. For a brief instant, Bai Han's silver eyes widened before he managed to tilt his head back and slam it into An Sun's.

Tilting his head back a bit from the impact, An Sun hissed a breath through clenched teeth. He again attacked with a big right overhand punch. Bai Han stepped out of range, but before he could shift his hands up to defend, An Sun drove his shoulder into his chest. Slamming him into the wall, An Sun sprang blows into Bai Han's gut.

Despite being endless punched in the stomach, Bai Han collected himself a bit. He bit down hard on his teeth and shoved An Sun off before punching him in the stomach.

Suddenly a girl's scream sounded. Both men turned to see Yun Suyin staring at them with a look of horror etched on her face.

"What are you doing to him?!" Yun Suyin went to An Sun's side, reaching for his bruised cheek with tears in her eyes.

An Sun pulled away from her touch and turned to look at Bai Han. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he stared at the old man with a resolute gaze.

"I take no pleasure in taking you down. None. However, at this point, it's just necessary." An Sun's voice was rough, his gaze on Bai Han, gray eyes focusing intensely.

"I don't know why you distrust me so much, but at the end of the day, I will no longer bear it. Our relationship only exists for finding her because, at this point, that's the only reason that's pushing me forward."

Bai Han stared back at him. Not able to bear the young man's intense stares any longer, he lowered his head. An Sun didn't continue speaking and simply stared.

When it was apparent he would not say anything; An Sun pursed his lips, turned around, and walked down the stairs. Yun Suyin, who had been standing on the side, was startled and quickly followed behind him. Before leaving, she shot Bai Han a quick, complicated glance.

Upon walking down the inn steps, An Sun met Elder Cai.

"What's all that noise up there? I thought I heard—Good gracious, what happened to your face?"

An Sun said nothing and moved past him with a chilly expression. Elder Cai watched the young man's departing back with a confused expression. When he turned around, he saw Yun Suyin rushing down the steps.

"Young miss what—"

Before he could finish, she too rushed past him to follow An Sun. Standing in the center of the stairway, Elder Cai awkwardly scratched his head.

Did he miss something?

Stepping outside, sunlight shone down on An Sun's body. It should have been warm and comfortable, but he couldn't feel any traces of warmth.

His gaze was icy as he looked straight ahead. He lifted his head and looked up towards the luminous rays of the sun. When the sunlight pierced his eyes, he lowered his head and turned towards a random direction.

He needed to cool off.

"Wang Sun!" Yun Suyin, who had been following behind rushed toward him.

When he heard her voice, An Sun hadn't planned on slowing down, instead, he walked even faster. As a noble miss who had never experienced any exercise, she was unable to run for long before her lungs felt like they were on fire.

Resting her hands on her knees, Yun Suyin bent her body over, heavily catching her breath. When she opened her misty eyes, she noticed a pair of boots standing in front of her. Elevating her head, her eyes lit up.

An Sun was staring down at her with an indifferent gaze.

"Let's go back."

Unable to speak, Yun Suyin nodded her head and followed behind An Sun, who was now walking at a slow pace. When she noticed this, her expression couldn't help but soften.

After returning to the inn, Yun Suyin offered to tend the wounds on An Sun's face. He had initially denied, however, the girl continued to press him to yield.

Sitting on a wooden chair in the inn's dining area, An Sun quietly watched as Yun Suyin stared at the supplies in front of her with a blank stare.

It was clear she had no idea what to do with the items.

"Do you even know how to use them?"

Realizing her expression revealed her nervousness, Yun Suyin quickly shook her head and smiled. Truthfully, she had asked the inn staff for medical supplies and grabbed whatever she could find, not at all regarding whether it was useful or not.

"It all right, I got it!"

She reached to grab a small needle.

"Do you intend to disfigure my face even more? It's a punch wound not a cut on my face. Just grab a rag and wash my face." An Sun frowned.

Yun Suyin stiffened to his words but nodded seriously. She reached for a white rag and a green bottle.

"That bottle has alcohol in it."

Yun Suyin: "…"

She reached for another bottle.

"Empty bottle."

She reached for another.

"That's just the needle again."

After endless failed attempts, An Sun finally instructed the girl on what to do. While she tended to the cut on his thin lips, Yun Suyin fought the blush threatening to emerge on her face.

Such beautiful lips he had!

When she finished, Yun Suyin stepped back and went to put the items back while happily humming to herself. At that moment, she suddenly seemed to recall the words she heard An Sun say to Bai Han.

"Earlier, I overheard you mention something about her…are you two looking for someone?"

An Sun's eyes flickered for a brief moment. As his dark lashes cast a shadow over his eyes, Yun Suyin hadn't noticed the distressed glint that flitted through his gaze.

"Yeah, we are."

Yun Suyin studied An Sun's expression carefully.

"Is she someone important to you?"

An Sun laughed, "You could say that."

She was stunned upon seeing the young man laugh. It had been the first she had seen such an expression on his face. Unknowingly, her heart ached. She narrowed her eyes and her hands clenched into fists.

"Do you…Do you like her, Wang Sun?"

An Sun abruptly raised his head, and his eyes met with Yun Suyin's searching gaze.

He frowned. "Like?"

"This girl, do you like her romantically?" She asked again, her expression etching into one of discomfort.

An Sun was silent and could not help but stare at her with widened eyes.

Did he like Bai Rin?

When his thoughts veered in the direction, he grew silent. His silence made Yun Suyin even more nervous.

Suddenly, he lifts his gaze and stared at Yun Suyin.

"No, I don't." He looked very calm, even his tone revealed indifference.

"Are you sure?" Yun Suyin muttered, as she looked down and bit her lower lip.

An Sun chuckled, "Believe me, I don't."

Upon hearing his answer, Yun Suyin's face lit up. That's good! He wasn't in love with her, which mean she still had a chance!

"Then, do you and your grandfather need help to find her?"

An eyebrow on An Sun's face lifted, "You would do that?"

Yun Suyin bashfully blinked and smiled. "Of course! If I can help Wang Sun in any way, I'll do it!"

An Sun could not help but let out a chuckle. The corners of his lips curled into a smile.

"Thank you."

Yun Suyin's cheeks flushed a little and she turned her head to the side.

"I-I'll go tell Elder Cai right away!"

Without waiting for his response, the girl fled quickly. An Sun watched her fleeing back with silent eyes.

Within the room, An Sun had his arms crossed before his chest as he leaned against the wall and stared fixedly at the view outside. An Sun was immersed deep within his own mind and unconsciously smiled, bending his eyes.

"Like, huh?"
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