18 Completely Blood

Through the night, the bloody battle taken outside had come to an end as every bandit was now dead on the ground.

Commander Bai was currently ordering the rest of the soldiers to rebuild whatever had been destroyed and to tidy the camp up. While doing so he withdrew his sword from the now dead corpse below him.

"General Guo," Commander Bai said while cleaning his dirtied sword.

"Yes, Commander," General Guo cupped his shapely hands and lowered his head passively awaiting his Commanders orders.

"Make sure to properly dispose of these pests in the woods for the fierce beasts to feast on them," He ordered coldly. "I don't want a raw piece of flesh left in sight."

"Yes, Commander," General Guo said before quickly ordering the men around him to properly dispose of the dismembered bodies.

Commander sighed hopelessly upon seeing the mess before his camp.

Tsk, tsk. What a mess they sure made.

Suddenly, the sound of urgent footsteps directed his way causing him to stare in the direction of a pale-faced soldier running.

"C-Commander!" He yelled causing the others to turn in his direction.

"What is it? What's the matter?" Commander Bai arched his bushy silver brows.

"Sir, Rin s-she's…" The frightened soldier's gruff voice trembled nervously.

Before he could complete his sentence the Commander hastily ran past him towards the young girl's tent.

Due to all the violent chaos that allegedly took place, he had completely forgotten about Rin!

His anxious heart raced out of his chest upon thinking of what could have happened.

Rushing desperately towards her tent, Commander Bai, General Guo, and a few soldiers halted a few feet away from the tent.

The reason for that..?

Not even a few feet away, the thick scent of blood drifted through their noses. The Commander felt his eyes narrow dangerously low. Although unseen to the others, fear and dread were briskly rising itself near his heart.

Please don't be…

General Guo himself hadn't looked too good either. His grizzled brows as well were furrowed deeply - his grip tightening on his sword.

Finally, Commander Bai gradually approached the tent. As they followed closely, the scent of blood got stronger causing their hearts to drop slowly.

Expanding the flap of the tent, a scene that would be embedded in their minds and hearts repeatedly was seen in front of them.

A red glistening floor dark and yet bright at the same time lay on the floor.

However, it wasn't just any floor. It was made of complete blood.
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