19 A Broken Voice

The entire tent was covered with deep puddles of blood. Handprints could be seen on the tent's walls clearly showing signs of a struggle.

Dark viscous crimson liquid painted itself on the bed's sheets and chests.

Yet despite the dark blood on the floor, the Commander, General and the rest of the soldiers gaze landed on the petite figure crouched in the center of the bloody mess.

A long dark sword was held in her hand clearly showing how it was twice her size. Her clothes previous dark blue robes were drenched in blood with slight tears here and there.

Her dark flowing hair concealed her youthful palm-sized face as her head lowered looking down at the chaos before her.

"Rin…" The Commander's voice trembled.

Never in his life had he'd thought he'd witness such a sight. Never in his life had he thought he who had been in battles many times, see so much blood.

Never in his life had he thought he'd see the petite little girl he took in, surrounded by three dead human corpses.

Or at least that's what they presumably had been. Their bodies had been completely dismembered and disfigured it was hard to imagine they were three burly adult men before.

Detecting the old man's whispered voice through the chaos running in her mind, the bloodied little girl shifted her line of sight towards the men at the tent entrance.

"Commander Bai..?" Her hoarse childlike voice chilled the men's hearts to the core.

A voice that cried in pain. A voice that was broken.

Not even a second later, her small figure swayed stumbling backward. Falling towards the ground Commander Bai rushed to support the girl before she'd hit the hard ground.

Collapsing into his arms, the old man stared at the little girl with evident worry.

She had felt unusually warm.

Gently placing his wrinkled hand to her forehead, he instantly felt Rin's burning forehead.

"General Guo, order the men to set up a new tent," Commander Bai ordered directly. "Get me the Bai's household physician now!"

Lifting her fragile body in his arms, he walks near the tent's entrance where the rest of the soldiers stared in horror.

Narrowing his eyes at the men, Commander Bai stopped in his tracks.

"You will speak of today's incident to no one. Understood?"

Hearing their Commander's penetrating icy tone, they all bobbed their heads immediately and bowed.

"Yes, Commander!" They all said in unison.

"En. Good. And don't forget to clean this mess up." He promptly ordered before exiting the blood-scented tent.

Seeing their Commander's departing figure with the visible blood covered girl in his protecting arms, the soldiers shuddered before staring into the red tent.

A little girl...had brutally killed three grown men all by herself?

A violent shudder ran frantically down their spines once staring at the gory scene once more.
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