21 Couldn't Be Pleasan

A swift gush of the wind blows fluently through the mountain's path. The morning sunlight casts down gently on the Bai armies tents - creating a warmth in a certain large tent.

Lying peacefully still on a wooden bed with soft-furred blankets and rugs was the small figure of a little girl.

The sunlight coming through the walls of the tent brightly shone on the girl's soft jade-like skin.

A cool cloth lay against her forehead while her clothes that were once ragged with dirt and blood were changed into white decent robes.

The slightest twitch courses through her slender fingers, causing the rest of her body to slowly awake from her deep slumber.

Stirring awake the young girl's eyelids flicker before slowly opening. Fluttering her long dark lashes rapidly, Rin found herself resting in the comfort of a warm bed.

She's alive.

Rin slowly lifts her pale slender arm over the other and lightly pinching it. A little too hard…

Ouch! Alright, yup she was alive.

The sudden tap of heavy footsteps came in the tents direction. Flapping the tent open and entering with a mighty aura stood General Guo, who looked briefly shocked upon seeing the girl's emerald gaze.

"Get Elder Feng," General Guo ordered sternly.

In mere seconds a small old man with a white long beard entered the tent with Commander Bai in front.

Motioning his mighty arm for the doctor to properly examine her, Elder Feng instantly goes near the petite girl.

Rin, from whom the beginning hadn't voiced a word, remained still as the elderly doctor cautiously lifted her slender pale wrist and checked her pulse.

"Her fever has gone down thankfully," He sighed gently with evident relief. "She still needs plenty of proper rest as she had overworked her bodies limit too much."

Commander Bai and General Guo both sighed in pleasant relief as the constant weight on their shoulders was lifted with ease.

"Many sincere thanks, Elder Feng," Commander Bai smiles warmly.

"No need to thank me, Commander Bai. I'm just happy I was able to help in time," Elder Feng humbly chuckles. "I'll be certain to create a medicine to help strengthen her body a little."

Bobbing his head again in heartfelt thanks, Elder Feng is escorted out by General Guo, naturally leaving both the old Commander Bai and Rin alone.

The previous serene expression on the Commander's face slowly faded as he stared at Rin with narrowed brows.

Uh oh.

This couldn't be pleasant…
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