22 I Most Likely Killed Them

Promptly pulling a wooden stool towards the side of the bed next to Rin, Commander Bai tucks in his muscled arms and simply stares at Rin with his silver glowing eyes.

Resting on her back from the beginning, Rin leisurely lifts herself up.

Or tried to.

With an 'umph' sound she lands back into the bed with apparent defeat.

"You shouldn't try getting up," The Commander chuckled after long moments of breathless silence. "After what you went through you naturally need plenty of proper rest to regain your strength."

"After what happened?" Rin arches a thin curious brow.

Commander Bai stares at Rin for a limited number of possible seconds before naturally opening his mouth to speak.

"You don't remember?" His bushy brows furrowed deeply.

With her head rested on the plump pillow, Rin gently shakes her head.

Everything from last night had become a blur in her mind. A few necessary things she remembered before she blacked out was the camp getting attacked by bandits.

As if remembering the sudden attack of the bandits, with the energy she had suddenly produced in her body Rin jolts up with wide eyes.

"What happened with the bandits?" Rin said with anxious eyes before her eyesight slowly became hazy.

Feeling a set of familiar hands on her small shoulders, her frail body falls back down softly onto the bed.

"Foolish girl, don't get up so quickly! It's not good for you health," Commander Bai scolded. "As for those bandits, they were thoroughly dealt with. No one was severely injured, just a few broken crates and such nothing major."

Nodding her head with evident relief, Rin intakes a faint breath.

"Hah..? Did you think my men, and I couldn't handle it?" Commander Bai pouted with stern eyes.

Seeing the Commanders down appearance, Rin chuckles lightly.

"Nope! I naturally had full faith in the Commander and his honorable men," Rin flashed her dimples. "I just worried you'd overdo it. I sincerely pity those foolish bandits."

Flashing his eyes rapidly towards her words, the Commander laughs joyously.

"En, indeed they were." He laughed.

The previous tense atmosphere was promptly replaced with a tender feeling that surrounded the tent and the two figures inside it.

However, a slight frown soon formed on the old Commander's face.

"Girl, tell me...Did you remember anything else last night?" He questioned cautiously.

Seeing how the Commander was asking her this question again, Rin could understand that something must have happened last night. And she was the main reason for it.

"Unfortunately not Commander Bai," Rin helplessly smiles. "Would you be so kind as to inform Rin of what happened?"

A tense silence engulfed the tent. The Commander shifted out of his folded arms and comfortably placed them onto his lap.

"Last night you were found in your tent with three dismembered corpses of adult men," He finally spoke.

A serene tranquil expression was placed on the girl's tender face. Her eyes as well were glazed without any further indication of what she felt.

However, a faint smile formed on the corner of her rosy lips.

"Is that so?" She merely said.

Commander Bai's kind eyes darkened towards her words.

That's all?

Her reaction was clearly not what he had reasonably expected from a seven-year-old girl.

Then again she was no ordinary seven-year-old girl.

"Did you kill those men all by yourself?" He asked bluntly.

"Was I the only one in the tent?"


"Then I most likely killed them," Rin instantly flashed a crooked smile although it contained a possible hint of loneliness.

The Commander gazed wonderingly at Rin with immense eyes. Now he started feeling dizzy from all of this.

He hadn't known how to properly handle a situation as such. He didn't know if it was terrifying that a tiny child killed three adult men all by herself, or ground-breaking.

However, the girl's next words established a knowing feeling in his chest...
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