24 Adopt You

Once minutes passed of Rin crying pitifully, the little girl finally stopped - ending with a few faint sniffles and her small arms intentionally concealing her dewy eyes.

As Rin gently wiped the countless tears from her eyes and prompt herself upright on the bed, Commander Bai simply watched with complicated eyes.

He was hesitant about what to do when he encountered a small child crying.

After all, he traditionally devoted most of his time training adult men soldiers how to kill and fiercely protect.

After Rin managed to compose herself together, she stared at the old Commander who displayed an unusual expression on his face.

A visible expression that clearly showed how confused and helpless he felt at that precise moment.

Stifling a delighted giggle, Rin coughs lightly before staring at the Commander with flushed cheeks.

"I humbly apologize for my sudden actions," Rin bows her lovely head shyly.

Knocking out of his confused trance, Commander Bai stares at the petite girl.


"Ouch!" Rin yelps while gently rubbing the red mark on her forehead.

Eh? How come he flicked her forehead just now! And why so hard!

"That's what you naturally get for apologizing for something so stupid!" The old Commander huffed.

Flashing her eyes at the Commander with her hands on her forehead, Rin tilts her head. Commander Bai sighs helplessly at her innocent expression.

"Silly girl, why would you apologize for something that's completely human. Especially for children. It's ordinary to cry." He explained with crossed arms. she understood.

Gently lowering her arms Rin stares at the Commander as if carefully searching for something. Instantly seeing her intent gaze, the old man arches a brow.

"Have something to say?" He grunted.

"Does the Commander cry often?" The girl's tender voice spoke.


Choking towards her words, the Commander practically fell off his stool. Aiya, he should really deliver this child a fierce beating of common sense!

"You little brat! I never cry, how dare you imply I do!" He argued intensely.

Properly containing the laughter forming to burst, Rin merely nods her youthful head with a hidden smile.

"Yes, Rin understands. The Commander is a distinct individual who doesn't shed a tear," Rin spoke powerfully with a veiled teasing tone.

"Are you mocking this old Commander?" He narrowed his brilliant eyes dangerously low.

"Rin wouldn't dare." She grinned with a tilted head.


Soon the two both burst into fits of laughter. The air in the tent returning harmoniously once more. The Commander smiled tenderly upon seeing Rin's pure laugh.

He was assured, no matter what he would be sure to protect this little girl from the dangers in the outside world.

"Say, girl, how about you provide this old man some company for a while?" He smiled serenely.

Rin stared blankly for a few possible seconds before a distinctive look of what could be described as evident disgust and disappointment appeared on her face.

The old Commander felt his upper lip twitch witnessing her expression.

She even had the nerve to shift away from him!

"Aiya! What vile thoughts do you have in your head you little brat!" Commander Bai snapped. "I meant as in living in my Bai household."

Her previous look of disgust instantly transformed into one of apparent confusion.

"What is Commander Bai trying to say?" Rin spoke cautiously.

Grinning broadly, the old Commander puffs out his chest proudly.

"I would like to adopt you into my Bai household."
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