27 List Of Unwanted Pests

Eight years later…

In the Northern Empire of the Tang Dynasty, large extravagant mountains stood tall and strong.

The buzzing sound of cicadas rang throughout the forest trees as the luminant sun cast down against the strong wood.

It was like any peaceful day; the cities markets were buzzing with people all around.

Merchants from foreign lands sold their goods out to the people of Huushin - advertising their merchandise with pride.

The state Huushin was known for their well-stocked goods in the nation, out of the four Empires they were the best - of course besides the mightiest Empire where the mighty Emperor Li Chang ruled.

Many trades were sought out by them making their states of the Northern Empire Emperor Kang Ryu in favor with the Eastern Empire's Emperor.

Emperor Li Chang, a well known and favored Emperor of the Eastern Empire was precisely on the top of the chain. He was known to have united all four Empires together as one.

There are traditionally four Empires, the Northern Empire ruled by Emperor Kang Ryu, the Southern Empire ruled by Emperor Hu Liang, the Eastern Empire ruled by Emperor Li Chang, and lastly, the Western Empire ruled by Emperor Guan Hong.

Emperor Li Chang, who comfortably held most reliable authority was reasonably considered the King of all Empires and their prosperous nation - with a few state Emperors in other parts of the nation.

He who fought the most battles, and protected his nation was favored greatly.

Many had known of his favored brother the beloved Crown Prince, Li Jian's unfortunate death.

It was said he was fiercely attacked by a large number of highly skilled assassins during the night, which had also resulted in the death of his wife Liu Ai and their lovely daughter - Princess of the nation, Liu Rin.

The story goes Emperor Li Chang was so crushed over his favorite brother's death along with his family, he had placed their graves in a special temple at the top of Fa Mountain where their souls could fly freely and be at peace.

Little did they know the evil and dark truth of what had occurred that night...


Farther into the state of Huushin's center rested a large structured residence.

Written in gold bright letters on the top read "Bai".

The towering building was brilliantly colored an indistinct crimson red outlined with pure glistening gold - standing boldly amongst the surrounding buildings.

Outside the Bai's grand residence firmly stood two tall built Bai soldiers as they heavily guarded their territory.

That usual serene and peaceful day was soon ruined by a local group of soldiers surrounding a gold and purple carriage stealthily approaching the front of their luxurious Bai residence.

Voluntarily stopping in front of the entrance, the carriage door gradually opens to reveal a young man. His notable features were one considered heavenly and awestruck.

His sharp thin eyebrows and dark flowing black hair were elegantly placed in a tight proper bun. His average height and size would be thought of as 'not overly muscled' but still firm.

The young man's purple and gold robes fluttered behind him as he calmly steps out of the carriage.

His keen light bright eyes taking in the scenery before him.

His glistening milky skin could merely be described as soft and touchable.

Fluttering his long dark silky lashes, he stares at the Bai soldiers with a hidden arrogance.

"This young master, Mo Rong wishes to request for Miss Bai. Please inform your young Miss Bai, that I request her presence." The young man spoke with a haughty tone.

The young man before the Bai residence was Mo Rong, the second son of a well-known imperial Prime Minister in the Emperor's palace of the Huushin state.

It was known all around of the young man's sudden infatuation for the young Miss of the Bai household.

Although many hadn't witnessed her appearance, rumors went she represented a beauty upon the gods.

She was even labeled to be undoubtedly the regions most beautiful woman.

However, she was frequently placed inside the Bai residence and rarely showed herself, including not tending many banquets or social events.

Even with being the adopted granddaughter of the Bai household, she was treasured with love and care and was favored among the other members.

It was understandable of the recognized value she naturally possessed in the Bai residence - despite being an adopted member of their family.

Because of this, many high authority men would eagerly seek for her hand in marriage fondly hoping to connect with the influential Bai family.

Many typically assumed the Bai household was intentionally concealing her youthful beauty from the world to fend off wealthy men seeking marriage.

However, in the ultimate end, it was useless as most still came after the young girl.

Just like now...

The Bai soldiers upon perceiving the youthful arrogant man requesting for their young miss sneered inwardly.

"Unfortunately, Miss Bai isn't here at the moment," One of the Bai soldiers spoke bluntly without a hint of expression.

They weren't ignorant, it was clear on what his specific intentions were. To say this was the first time this happened would be a full on lie.

Through the considered months, ever since their young Miss had comfortably reached the marriageable age, many prime ministers, high favored merchants, and store owners sought out their Miss Bai.

The flowery arrogant young man before them was naturally nothing but another number added to their extensive list of unwanted pests.
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